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  1. @Leo Gura Where do you find them? They seem to be nowhere, I don't know where to look...
  2. I've seen somewhere that you can put the tip of your tongue ONLY behind your front teeth. Then, as you're inhaling, you will feel the cold air in your mouth/throat and that can aid in the sensation of the "cold stream rising". I've given it a try and it works! ONLY the tip though, the rest of the tongue should be resting on the floor of your mouth. Took this from Ryan Kurczak, a great Kriya Yoga YTber.
  3. Start gaming single and available women. Where are your morals?
  4. What do you mean by this exactly?
  5. What do you mean by "I have seen how you structure you episod in Quote"?
  6. @Spiritual Warrior Let him send his links, he responds like this to every topic almost. It's cool af and gets to the point. @Raze you're a legend!
  7. @Leo Gura As a substitute to sunscreen (which inevitably has toxins)...what would you recommend? Preventing skin cancer is very important.
  8. Merry Christmas to everyone. Thank God this community exists!
  9. @Leo Gura Were you going out alone every Fri/Sat solely to do pick-up? Asking cause, doing the cold approach aside, this requires a lot of courage in and of itself (people that have known you from the past may see you alone, criticism from others etc.)
  10. How do you even shut it down? @Leo Gura Involuntary anxious thoughts are inevitable and cannot be controlled. Just don't react to them. How can we 'shut them down'?
  11. And how can we learn to use our mind 'properly'? @Leo Gura
  12. I am a huge fan of Zen Buddhism and have been meditating for a few years on and off, usually stopping my meditation practice after 1-2 weeks of doing it and then taking a break for a few months before re-starting it again. Main reason this was happening was because of a phenomenon called "The Dark night of the Soul", which describes a phase that many meditators experience, whereby the meditation causes rise to lots of unpleasant emotions and feelings. Personally, I have been anxious since childhood and many years ago I had severe OCD (still have it lurking in my current adult years but in different, less severe forms I'd say). I am also socially anxious around women to the degree where I have constant 7/10 anxiety in any place I go to that has females around that could potentially be looking at me (even while working out at the gym). Point is, I believe that whenever I started introducing meditation into my daily routine it sort of caused all these feelings of intense anxiety to surface and amplified them to an unbearable degree - causing me to eventually abandon the practice altogether because I couldn't handle it. Just to clarify, the reason I say all this is not because of the fact that these negative emotions were existing AS I WAS DOING the meditation itself in real-time (as that's natural to happen), but because all this anxiety and stress were present throughout most of my day as well, even when I wasn't meditating. Sometimes it has gotten so bad that even my sleep was affected. It's a shame because Zen, and Eastern philosophy in general, has taught me the importance of things like psychological flexibility, acceptance and "letting go". It taught me how we self-sabotage by being reactive to our internal mental events, by always being judgmental and trying to change them. It has shifted my entire worldview and was the reason I got into spirituality and consciousness work and eventually...finding Actualized.org! I really want to continue treading on this path, I want to explore the possibilities but I feel this problem I have with my meditation practice is limiting me as it affects my daily life. What should I do? Is there anything I can do to make this "phase" go by any smoother? Any tips to handle the overwhelming anxiety happening throughout the day caused by the meditation? Should I just accept that it's a natural part of the whole process? Should I stop the meditation altogether and first try treating my mental disorders by going to a therapist? Is it recommended for people who are mentally ill to meditate or is it a bad idea? I am very confused and wanted you guys' opinions, hopefully Leo you can see this thread and give me your input too. Thanks in advance everyone!
  13. @Leo Gura Would you say it'd be better if we spend some time getting involved with the paths of human spirituality before moving on to psychedelics and explore 'the Alien thing beyond' (if it exists and it's not your mind playing tricks on you - sorry, gotta remain skeptical)?
  14. @Water by the River Any advice for beginners in Kriya? I'm hearing all the times that many teachings have been ''distilled'' and I wanna avoid that. What books do you recommend?
  15. @Sidra khan What's the problem with her making a post about this lmao. His behavior is unacceptable. What are you trying to say?
  16. @Leo Gura is your 'baseline' constantly different compared to how you were before you tried psychedelics? Like, are you almost constantly aware of how you fabricate reality as 'God'? Also, can meditation/Yoga raise baseline?
  17. Go to the gym, practice self-compassion (there is a very famous book on it by Neff) and realize that your ex are not 'they'. Bulking is indeed hard in the beginning, but you have to push through and then eating gets easier. I can personally help you out in regards to training/nutrition for muscle hypertrophy, feel free to DM
  18. @WonderSeeker I assume many of the approaches went just fine and you got the number etc. and you met up with the girl too, it's just that you didn't get laid. That's VASTLY different from whether or not an approach is considered a 'success'. Getting laid from the girl you approached when on a date with her is on a different ballpark. Taking this into account your post is not too nihilistically discouraging, but us that wanna begin this journey should see this post as a stern message to start taking this SERIOUSLY. Please never give up and keep trying, I wish you the best my friend.
  19. @Leo Gura As a person who went through a lot of trial-and-error in pick-up yourself, how do you explain this? 0/400 seems rare or are we having too high-hopes for pick-up success?
  20. What exactly do you mean by 'first principles'?
  21. @Leo Gura I've read a few pages in this mega-thread and I've seen that you talked about you never following a specific order for the techniques, about just doing what felt like it worked the most for you, building your own toolkit etc. This is different to the opinion you've expressed a few years ago in a blog video named "Don't Half-Ass Yoga!", where you talked about how the guys who constructed the lessons are spiritual geniuses and that we should respect them by following the order of everything as it's been illustrated to us - they knew what they were doing! Both opinions sound reasonable, I wanted to ask you...what are your thoughts now? What's your opinion about doing other yogic techniques along with Kriya, and also more generally (beyond just Yoga) what is your input regarding the concept of mixing different spiritual techniques in one's journey to Awakening? Does there always have to be a specific order to things that needs to be respected? Is it okay to spread a couple of spiritual techniques throughout the day/week/whatever (eg. do Kriya in the morning, then a few hours later do Self-inquiry, then do Vipassana etc.)? Will this 'mix' produce undesirable effects? Will one technique affect another and make it less potent? Is this ‘mixing’ more ideal/effective when it’s done with specific spiritual techniques from specific philosophies/systems? Or the mentality of "just doing what feels intuitively right and has produced results for you" suffices? Thank you for your enlightening content.
  22. The thing with self-help is, how can one be constantly aware of all the information they've learned so that they can 'pull the appropriate tool out of their toolbox' at the time of need? How can you remember everything at once? @Leo Gura
  23. What were the most powerful and technical techniques you feel helped you?
  24. @Leo Gura You still agree with what that video says? After so many years?