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  1. Hi, Admin. Please delete all my posts. Please delete my account too. Edit - Sorry for posting it as a thread moderator. I couldn't create a private message to communicate this. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks
  2. Okay. Thanks. Edit - To "you know who" So, understood what I'm pointing at, and so took the necessary step? It's okay. As I said in another thread, "Don't fool Yourself". Take care.
  3. Sorry. I couldn't understand this. Can you please explain more about this? What will teach them well?
  4. I am compassionately saying one thing. Please take it to your heart. "Don't fool yourself in case of this spirituality/enlightenment". Take Care.
  5. Oh...Is it? Do you think Putin/Joe Biden was not awake? Joe Biden/Putin is quite fearful and might be fearful/worries only for daily affairs, but not in "Crazy experiences, Inner,etc.". Fine? This is how you want to have conversation about spirituality by showing the behaviour of desirous men? I know you want to just play with escape, but not look into life/behaviour of enlightened ones. Those Sadam Hussain and Unconscious People, may be fearless at one aspect, but be fearful of another. Like Sadam Hussain fear of America's threat. The Unconscious People fear of their Leader or Family or etc. Do you really wish to speak like this 'taking one incident and speak about that, but not look into whole'? You know, I will never mind what's your characterization (or any desirous person's expectation) shall be, as I look only to Enlightened one's sayings regarding this. But, Just let me know what are the characteristics you have/imagine of how realization should be, and how realized beings behave. Then by comparing that, I will let you know whether I come under such characteristics or not.
  6. Leaving Illusions is different from Fearing Illusions. Even a situation happens that I have no money,etc., okay to face it. Death, okay to face it. No worries/fear whatever happens in illusion. Even if arises of physical threats, subsides soon of knowledge.
  7. Is it, then let you expose yourself (atleast through a private message), I will try to hurt you psychologically with all your past,etc., and let's see whether your knowledge remains as it is. If you fear to not expose those 'privacy'(not bank accounts/wealth but the truth about your name,past,desires,aim,life,etc. like sharing with friend/God/etc.), then that itself shows that one sees 'two', but not ONE everywhere, and be lost from the knowledge earned from psychedelic experience out of such fear/etc..
  8. When you said to experience "individual as the world", and when I replied it that "present experience itself is enough to show that", what I meant is this world is made up of 5 elements. And so, this body too is made up of 5 elements. If one has the experience of "I am the body", then this itself is enough to show that "I am the world", as both world-body is same 5 elements, and it's not necessary to experience ALL permutations and combinations to show that, but "I am the body" itself is enough. So, then that's it. Never have to seek anything in world (or any experience - within or out of body or etc.), but just understand things/limitations, and so "Love-->Bliss-->Peace".
  9. Sorry to hear that. You hadn't had me around you on those times. "One" is like Sleep, and reflections are like Dream. Can you say "Sleep is reflected as Dreams"? Nope. Sleep is totally calm and quiet (even timeless), whereas Dream is full movement. If One says "I am reflected as world and oneself", it's like saying "Sleep is reflected as Dream and Dreamer". But, it's not that. The difference between Sleep, and reflection as Dream, is just Ignorance. You are like that Sleep, but ignorantly imagine yourself as "Dreamer and Dream and identify 'I am the world/Dream'". But, truly, these are just ignorant imaginative reflections, and the true nature of oneself is like Sleep, where no Dream/imaginary illusionary reflection of 'Dreamer'.
  10. Have you ever thought about the way you perceive the 'reflection'? What if told you that every reflection of yours is itself an Illusion? That there is no reflection of you actually, that the concept of "reflection" is just Illusion, and only You alone and truly no reflection but only imaginary illusionary reflection?
  11. Whatever shocking experience one gets, whatever understanding one gets about oneself, by Psychedelics,etc., never remain stable and again ignorance gonna grab on by desires arising in mind. But, Spirituality, it's not just about understanding who one is, but remaining peaceful always by that understanding and never seeking anything. It's never crazy, but Wise, you know. Peace is the core of any spiritual/religious teaching, and Experience-Knowledge are just paths and never important and memory of Experience-knowledge fades away while Peace there.
  12. Nope. No world and No yourself, just God Alone. Even, the word God not suitable here, just ONE Alone and never that ONE changed/appear as any world/etc willfully. Like Rope Alone, and never Snake(world,yourself) and movement of Snake. Never Rope appear itself as Snake, but ignorance-imagination, just Rope Alone. Just Water Alone, and No waves or Whirlpool or etc., (they just ignorance-imagination), and only Water Alone.
  13. I have questions about psychedelics, which can show you the difference between psychedelics and spirituality. Does psychedelics, put an end to sufferings and anger? Does psychedelics help one be patient and love everyone as oneself even if other kicks/beats oneself? Does psychedelics make one be content/satisfied with whatever one have/have not? See, spirituality, is not just about Experience and Knowledge. It's about True Peace and Love everyone boundless (inspite of any action by anyone). ??