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  1. Why are you not being truthful with me and locking my threads?
  2. I fear you are an all powerful being that is deceiving me. Not sure what to do. After my last 3 threads were locked I am honestly not sure what to do. Clearly the people on this forum are deceiving me. Just look at my threads. I'm begging for help from anyone. Please save my soul if you can. Thank you.
  3. From the chatGPT thread (page 5) His quote: "When are you gonna realize that everyone on this forum is just an AI other than you? You really think actual humans would be here doing this?" So which is it Leo are you me or are you other than me as you just said? Clearly you are deceiving me but why?
  4. If you aren't controlling the body I use to post this (like me) then you aren't me. So, prove that solipsism is true to yourself by using my body to post something with my account (johnnygotvision). Post "{your name} really is God!!!" with my account. If you can't do that then just know that you aren't me. And of course I won't do such a thing because you don't control my body.
  5. To be clear do you think you are typing my post as I am? And if so then prove it the way I stated above (Use my body and show everyone on this forum that you control my body just like me by posting "Inliytened1 controls this body". If not then you aren't me. It's that simple.
  6. Why does it have to? Also you aren't a part of the dream. At the very least you are the one making it. Obviously you have no intention in actually awakening anyone...
  7. Then why won't you do it? Obviously you have no intention in actually awakening anyone...
  8. You are the source of your post. You're as real as me. At the very least you are me but again if that is so then you are in control of my body. So I ask you again to do the deed. Control my body and prove to yourself that you really are me and I am not aware of something besides you.
  9. I am. If not for me this post wouldn't exist. So again what am I aware of? Furthermore if you are me then you also have control over my body so you should use it to prove your point. For example, use my body to post that "Inliytened1 controls this body". If you won't do that then clearly you aren't me (the one posting this post). If you don't do that then you are revealing to all the readers the flaw in your theory.
  10. If you are me then you should be able to tell me what I am aware of right now. Can you?
  11. Why are you not answering what you are conscious of?
  12. If you are me then you and I are aware of the same thing. What are you aware of?
  13. This is what I'm so confused about with solipsism. Right now I'm aware of the temperature where I am located (it's 29 degrees according to my computer). Are you aware of something different? What is the temperature where you are located? If you are aware of something different than me then how could you and I be the same being? In fact that seems to be evidence that we are not the same being.