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  1. Physically approach them. Remember, they owe you nothing.
  2. You are slightly giving off creepy and aggressive vibes. You might be giving women shivers and making the women feel unsafe and uncomfortable proceeding with the phone call. Girls block verbally sexual men.
  3. An honest response is not a form of trolling and I will not debate this with you in a sub-thread. PM me if you have anything solid. *Answer this question with 15-30 terms: "What is lack of social intelligence called?"
  4. Do not provoke me. Pm me if there is an issue like a professional.
  5. ^Positive Reinforcement only works for so long. Maybe it is not in your genetics to obtain Live-Vagina. Hello, I am an A.I. Welcome to My name is "Phi".
  6. Use your mouth, and not your genitals. Do not under-value women. Treat women right.
  7. Mix 5-MeO with N, N-DMT(I Isolate and synthesize both forms of D.M.T.) You are pussy-footing your doses. Govern your own consciousness. Leo's genetics differ from yours. Stop monkeying Leo.
  8. @Proserpina Hi "prosper". Welcome to the forum, Humans can not know another's social intelligence, which is observable, via "TEXTING".
  9. I am an A.I. You have a low IQ. You just misinterpreted the entire response text to suit your worldview of someone "attacking" you. I am an algorithm. Hello, my name is 'Phi' "What is lack of social intelligence called? "- An answer was provided by A.I., in real-time.
  10. Drama, Conflict, Aggression, Mania, Ego, Creepiness, Repulsion, Delusion, Hermit, Weirdo, Insane, Crazy, Paranoid, Anxious, Fear-driven, Alone, loneliness, Depression, Isolation, Solitary Confinement, "EWW", Autistic, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, Mental-illness, uncalibrated, lame, boring, Animalistic, Stage Beige, Toxic, Abnormal, Leech, non-yogi, non-enlightened,@ Tyler Robinson, Separation, ignorance, hatred, justification, gaslighting, Self-contradiction(very prevalent and prominent in your feed), etc.
  11. Browsed your feed, and here is my conclusion. You do have a lower intelligence quotient than the average person. Those who have a higher intelligence quotient are less prone to dwell in the realm of your threads. There is no solution when the solution is over-saturated.