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  1. I haven't been to this form for a while. Honestly I like how people discuss important topics about life. It's like a more interactive less NPC version of Reddit. Just reading certain topics give me a fresh perspective.
  2. My Answer: Taken from my Buddhist practice: faith practice and study. Set goals, read good books, really digest the knowledge, act to reach those goals, learn the important lessons. Take psychedelics. Practice good habits. You'll progress that way naturally much like a tree grows. What I mentioned above is nourishment that improves the growth of the tree. It's much like fertilizer, sunlight, water, etc.
  3. A lot of people are attacked on this form. Not me. I'm stage turquoise and I'm absolutely perfect. Everyone's stage is inferior to my stage. That's just a fact. Anybody that says otherwise is tier-1.
  4. That's a humble assessment that makes me believe you'll get there.
  5. That's a hard one. Systemic racism does exist. It goes under a different name in particle physics called path dependency. The effect is probably there somewhere. The problem with any science, especially social sciences, is that the data never is that reliable. That's basically what the reproducibility crisis in medicine and the social sciences are. I think it goes both ways. His data was normally not so accurate (like most social studies). He was also caught in a much larger witch hunt. You'll be pressed to find that a lot of social sciences professors are going to get wiped out over the next years.
  6. I can't answer your question, but I think you should talk to your doctor and explain the situation.
  7. How do you know? I would think people that aim to reach higher awareness would be aware of themselves relative to the surrounding systems. Rules of thumb without consideration for how things work can be hurtful many times, dude.
  8. You probably don't have a low IQ, per se. Autism will make people have inappropriate responses to certain kinds of stimuli. If you have Autism, you should spend a bunch of time studying how you work, then actively train your neurochemistry, behaviors, and beliefs to mitigate the negative effects of your natural tendencies.
  9. I have the same mind state for interviews as I do for dealing with the opposite sex. I'm not serious about them and use them for practice until I get a serious offer. Not everyone and every circumstance will work. Just like not every interview for a job will turn into an offer. If you act too serious about every job opportunity and don't apply to more and improve your interviewing skills you'll have a very hard time. The higher the value of job, the more important it is to have this mentality.
  10. Life purpose is an existential argument. There is no fundamental purpose for anything. You need one for yourself. For motivation and a compass to move forward within life.
  11. There are some phases when the right thing for you sucks. I get the idea of an internal compass, but it should be balanced with reason.
  12. Society is more of a power / survival game. People don't want you to pursue your goals because it can take away from theirs. Extremely aggressive people & organizations make this more pronounced. I've been thinking about this. The best first step is to get some independence from people. Don't consume as much media, live by yourself, become financial independent, sit and think for yourself for a long while. If you're around aggressive people that want you to be sheep for their own personal gain, prepare yourself for conflict until you can go off on your own.
  13. Rubber bullets work pretty well, but they bruise enough that the surviving person will sue.
  14. His recent shenanigans with Twitter's real-time flights prove this. He requires survival just like everyone else. Free speech partially demands that you're willing to accept death. Look at Alexander Hamilton. He fully believed in free speech and died because of that belief. Talking shit has consequences that threaten your survival everyone has to face.
  15. You're also not a guy that has to learn the skills guys have to learn. Learning everything requires a lot of exposure, failure, and experimentation. It requires skill to move the needle forward. You can only get that skill through practice. I see no difference between day game PUA bugging women at the store from a programmer hacking away at their keyboard to get good at programming. The difference is how you get error feedback. Women will give their opinion or walk away from you, usually based on personal preference, circumstances, and emotion. Conversely, a computer will tell you how you programmed something that doesn't logically work, usually based on logic.