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  1. I agree. Counting calories gets to tedious over time and Keto is just disgusting. Its just too much fat and protein over time. These days i just eat between 12-8pm and try to keep my meals as healthy as possible. I just avoid carbs on day time if i need to keep my energy high through out the day. i hope you report back with your result
  2. I struggeled before with the afternoon low as you describe. After i tested the keto diet and intermediate fasting i understood how to avoid it. its extremely easy. Dont eat carbohydrates while you are working. Just stay to proteins and fat. A little bit of carbs can be fine, like a small salad, but avoid bread, pasta, rice, potatos. Anything with alot of carbs. When you get home and are finished with the day, you can eat carbs again. My buddies experience the same as me. I would say give it a try for 3-4 days and see how you feel.
  3. Im currently using it to rephrase my english for documentation i do at work. (I’m norwegian) Software documentation is boring af, but with the chatbot its a breeze. Now i just write what i want to document without worrying about grammar and spelling. Afterwards, i just paste it in the chatbot and ask it to rewrite it for me. I also use it for questions i got regarding technical subjects. As long as the question is straight forward i usually get a reply which is valid. Soon i want to use it to build a small app for ios. from what i can see it should be quite easy since the chatbot is able to work in increments. One can add one user case at a time and the app/code will develop accordingly. Fun times ahead