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  1. These are false questions, delusions, which hide the real socio-economic problems, the class struggle. Perhaps there would be more blacks underrepresented in Western culture if liberals focused on equal opportunity, rather than beating themselves up to feed their pathological narcissism.
  2. I may know "the story" better than you. It is a right that is granted to a person or a group of people but not to others. It is a term used in the feudal system. These are not privileges. But that doesn't matter, but you can designate that privilege, that won't change a thing. These are just ways to complain. So what ? So what x2 ? There are countries which, for geographical and historical reasons, have economically dominated the world and the population of these countries is white. So yes the intelligentsia of these countries is white. Does this change anything about the social condition of the white proletariat in these countries? And ? blablabla Blacks are associated with lower qi and lower economic status, again for historical reasons. It is not a question of race but of communitarianism. that's to say ? Ditto, can you give some exemples ? It's almost boring to explain elementary logic. Yes, if the West dominates the art market and the West is predominantly white populated, then you will see mostly white actors, especially in the West. If it bothers you so much, nothing prevents you from going to India and watching all the Bollywood series. I don't know why you're all so aggressive and hysterically cocky about this. Fortunately, you are safe behind your computer. Yes, and if Qing China had colonized the United States instead of Europeans they would think that humans look like Han. And so ? Ditto+ complaining about not being able to be black on a random video game sounds like madness. If it bothers you that much you can uninstall it and play another lol.
  3. blablabla Yes when you are qualified and experienced enough you can work anywhere So it's basically not racism, it's at worst a question of class struggle, and of the economic balance of power between nationals of different countries. Good question, I'm just waiting for someone to explain it to me. It's a digression so what is your concervatism based on? Agree
  4. Why would that be weird? We are so used to it, but our own self is fundamentally, infinitely, a mystery. Sex, for example, is a weird thing. If you take away all of the conditioning and all of the concepts that we're used to that lock in our way of understanding this thing, it's a mystery. If it's in another dimension, they imagine human beings, 3d things with euclinian geometry, having the irresistible urge to rub and make weird noises. And they laugh/find it very weird like these videos. And I don't know why, but seeing these videos I feel an "alien" feeling. Maybe a memory of ancestors in weird dimensions like that. lol
  5. You just inherit how your consciousness will behave through its avatar.
  6. I don't know why you say that. It was not my assertion. I asserted that Musk's personality is consistent with his ideas It's just a fallacy, I don't need to make up my mind about any place based on my strict experience if I have a number of testimonials. And you lie. I did not say "these countries are racist", I said that in these countries employers prefer to have friendly and professional relations with people of their ethnicity. It's not racial hatred, it's just normal and it's a few things that we find between the different relogions in the same ethnic groups, different cities / countries etc. The "white privilege" of course refers to the pseudo-priority to whites in the search for employment. If the employer is white, that's just normal. If he's non-white, then he's assuming that white people will be more successful/better qualified, then that's a sociological problem and it's not delusional, masochistic leftists writing bogus books that's going to change that. What you wrote has nothing to do with "white privilege". This is at worst a problem of conspiracy.
  7. Not me directly but friends who are better off financially. I specify that it is a question of developed countries like the United Arab Emirates, South Korea or even Israel. Just because sub-Saharans see white tourists/workers (I have family who have worked in sub-Saharan Africa) as people with money and are nice to them as a result doesn't mean they are not rascists. I would also rather that we dwell on the first part of my post.
  8. @Razard86 @Jowblob Are you sure ? This face looks fake (exaggerated) and therefore inspires malevolence in one way or another. Or even irony. There is a large French forum where the smillet is constructed in the same way and everyone agrees on that. The following smiley doesn't seem more benevolent, don't you think?
  9. I click "block", and I go back to playing a video game, fap, wasting my time on actualized, working, or whatever. Very effective.
  10. Why did you choose these two sentences in particular? Why this reaction ?
  11. White privilege does not exist, it is normal for whites to be richer in countries where they have been in the majority for literally thousands of years. And it's normal for people in a professional environment to have racial preferences. Try to fit in anywhere outside of the West, and you'll see who the most racist are.
  12. Why would you expect a asperger capitalist who works (supposedly, maybe he has shrunk) at least 72 hours a week to be politically correct or just plain leftist ?
  13. Listen Heavy Metal This thing matches perfectly with my soul and relieves all my words. Just this : Pure auditory enjoyment and catharsis
  14. Sounds like the obvious ah ah. Can you give a more specific expression of the energy of what you like in a partner? I like an "expansive" partner, tending towards hypomania, but gentle, non-confliectual, even submissive.
  15. How can you waste time? The brain is rational, if you don't want to work for money/love or whatever, you're probably wrong somewhere in your "desires". Unless you are severely neurotic, you are disciplined for things that you consider important for your enjoyment in the future.
  16. Maybe you're not really interested in all this. There are people with inferiority complexes who procrastinate because they think they have to do x route that they consider "worthy" rather than another that they consider "unworthy" but which would be really good for them, where they would be successful and happy. Even if it's a random job.
  17. I had three trips: 1 (150ug) : I "danced" with my plants watching me, that was probably the best/funniest. 2 (300ug) : I "passed out" and found myself in a delusion that I had (well I think) when I was an infant, it was like a 2D game where I could click on buttons that supposedly do things that I understood but which in fact made no sense on a real day-to-day basis. When I woke up I circled the dining table on repeat thinking of weird things like an obese black gem with a giant, dirty foot that gestures pretentiously. I also had a sound of harmonica in decrescendo (which comes back to each of my trips), or a feeling of having sniffed a steel rail, tons of weirds stuff like that. 3 (300ug) Not very mental, big sexual urges with visions of black and white stripes, weird shemale voice, with a "brass" aura, explained to me to be my sexual energy. A little later, I found myself shaking again and still to the fullest, it was as if they had a supernova and that I was a small comet far away and on the periphery but still struck down, subjugated, to the power of the mess. It wasn't a negative or positive energy, it was very neutral but incredibly powerful and letting go of that force gave me relief. Have you managed to have a meaningful experience with this substance?
  18. Why wouldn't it just be because certain serotonin receptor signaling causes you to monitor/analyze all sorts of internal tensions? SSRIs are known to tend to make people paranoid, paranoia is a mild form of hallucinations/beliefs. I don't like Cyproheptadine but it can make people calmer and safer, it's an anti-serotonergic and that's one of the reasons Ray Peat doesn't like serotonin.
  19. My visions are generally brutal and snarky, neutral at best but weird (especially on lsd).
  20. Probably God is infinitely beyond the notion of "good and evil" of an infinitely lower part of his consciousness that we call "human". As if a group of bacteria deep in your large intestine wondering what you think of them and their actions.
  21. Do you suffer from loneliness or any kind of stress (sleep, malnutrition...)? When I'm alone for too long and/or undernourished, I can feel my vagus nerve go into freeze mode and my brain causing me to ruminate as a result. Sometimes you just have to raise your blood sugar again (by doing push-ups for example) to go from “I suck, I could never be loved, blah blah” to a “confident” mode.