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  1. I click "block", and I go back to playing a video game, fap, wasting my time on actualized, working, or whatever. Very effective.
  2. Why did you choose these two sentences in particular? Why this reaction ?
  3. White privilege does not exist, it is normal for whites to be richer in countries where they have been in the majority for literally thousands of years. And it's normal for people in a professional environment to have racial preferences. Try to fit in anywhere outside of the West, and you'll see who the most racist are.
  4. Why would you expect a asperger capitalist who works (supposedly, maybe he has shrunk) at least 72 hours a week to be politically correct or just plain leftist ?
  5. Listen Heavy Metal This thing matches perfectly with my soul and relieves all my words. Just this : Pure auditory enjoyment and catharsis
  6. Sounds like the obvious ah ah. Can you give a more specific expression of the energy of what you like in a partner? I like an "expansive" partner, tending towards hypomania, but gentle, non-confliectual, even submissive.
  7. How can you waste time? The brain is rational, if you don't want to work for money/love or whatever, you're probably wrong somewhere in your "desires". Unless you are severely neurotic, you are disciplined for things that you consider important for your enjoyment in the future.
  8. Maybe you're not really interested in all this. There are people with inferiority complexes who procrastinate because they think they have to do x route that they consider "worthy" rather than another that they consider "unworthy" but which would be really good for them, where they would be successful and happy. Even if it's a random job.
  9. I had three trips: 1 (150ug) : I "danced" with my plants watching me, that was probably the best/funniest. 2 (300ug) : I "passed out" and found myself in a delusion that I had (well I think) when I was an infant, it was like a 2D game where I could click on buttons that supposedly do things that I understood but which in fact made no sense on a real day-to-day basis. When I woke up I circled the dining table on repeat thinking of weird things like an obese black gem with a giant, dirty foot that gestures pretentiously. I also had a sound of harmonica in decrescendo (which comes back to each of my trips), or a feeling of having sniffed a steel rail, tons of weirds stuff like that. 3 (300ug) Not very mental, big sexual urges with visions of black and white stripes, weird shemale voice, with a "brass" aura, explained to me to be my sexual energy. A little later, I found myself shaking again and still to the fullest, it was as if they had a supernova and that I was a small comet far away and on the periphery but still struck down, subjugated, to the power of the mess. It wasn't a negative or positive energy, it was very neutral but incredibly powerful and letting go of that force gave me relief. Have you managed to have a meaningful experience with this substance?
  10. Why wouldn't it just be because certain serotonin receptor signaling causes you to monitor/analyze all sorts of internal tensions? SSRIs are known to tend to make people paranoid, paranoia is a mild form of hallucinations/beliefs. I don't like Cyproheptadine but it can make people calmer and safer, it's an anti-serotonergic and that's one of the reasons Ray Peat doesn't like serotonin.
  11. My visions are generally brutal and snarky, neutral at best but weird (especially on lsd).
  12. Probably God is infinitely beyond the notion of "good and evil" of an infinitely lower part of his consciousness that we call "human". As if a group of bacteria deep in your large intestine wondering what you think of them and their actions.
  13. Do you suffer from loneliness or any kind of stress (sleep, malnutrition...)? When I'm alone for too long and/or undernourished, I can feel my vagus nerve go into freeze mode and my brain causing me to ruminate as a result. Sometimes you just have to raise your blood sugar again (by doing push-ups for example) to go from “I suck, I could never be loved, blah blah” to a “confident” mode.
  14. Do you have any concrete proof of what you claim? How ?
  15. No way. Everything is arranged in a particularly precise way to allow this "holistic" energetic entity that we call human to survive, by giving the most precise information possible on the outside world.
  16. Lol Yeah, the only people I saw making that correlation were vegans saying "oh look how meat eaters think you have to eat meat to be manly". I have never seen serious anti-vegans explain this, it is rather intestinal health problems that are cited, sometimes orthorexia (fear of gaining weight). Even Bart Kay who seems quite hostile and in his "meat militia" delusions etc never mentioned this.
  17. Almost the only people I've read linking animal products to masculinity are vegans.
  18. I see a lot of people in the "perched" circles of my country talking about it. Like what it would be even more precise than numerology, astral charts etc. Example of my theme:
  19. It's just the downregulation of serotonergic signaling, and probably glutamate. Also, any stressful event for the brain will make you more stupid for a few days.
  20. You did not answer the question. With so few calories (why, by the way?) but a diet that would allow him to have a functional endocrine system, he would at least be lean and muscular (that's what you say later in your message ). Now I ask my question again: Why is his body composition disastrous, and why does he have so little energy? Don't try to spin things your way, he's not "calm and contented", he has a slow mental flow and basically looks like he has low iq. That said, it is not frugivorous. You're literally explaining in a twisted way (so that it goes your way lol) that you can't afford to be too inactive on your fruit super diet or you'll look like crap. I also don't know why you dwell on his weight, I also mentioned his white hair, and it is not related to exercise. Besides, John Rose, whom you quote just after, also has white hair... Everyone is exposed to these stresses and more, yet not everyone has gray hair and looks like crap. Otherwise, John rose is very very active, he says it several times in his videos, so yes he manages to have a correct body composition. But it's not a sign that a diet is good if it reduces your anabolism so much that you have to be very athletic to have a decent man's physique. No, it just means that you are getting older and your ability to matebolize melanin is becoming impaired. It's not just white hair, it's also, for example, eyes that turn gray (especially in white people). Women have less white hair I have no idea who this person is so I wouldn't say anything about him. Source : Evian It's just a random region in Pakistan where people, like elsewhere in the country, eat wheat "pancakes", meatloaf, vegetables and yoghurt. But you are going to tell me that according to an obscure source, there was a tribe of the type who lived there before and lived 500 years by eating fruits (which ones by the way?), all "argued" by Hindu delusions of yuga etc That's it ? You sound like someone with schizophrenia. All the people you mentioned are behaving, at best, in a more or less normal way. Well yes, of course... Looks like pure projection This is completely stupid. You can inject yourself with monstrous doses of non-esterified trenbolone (or even just testosterone) daily which will remain in the blood for much less than even a single day, and therefore appear "naty" for a blood test the next day. Same with HCG, HGH/Ibutamoren, etc. Since you're so smart and knowledgeable you must know that, right? I watched the first video of the first links you posted : When you tell me about people who are more energetic and happy than the "ordinary zombies" (???), I don't really expect a guy who stares at the camera like an autistic, searches for his words and moves in an unsmooth way. Sounds like me when I was insomnia and trying to pretend to be energetic. He has the same slow and unenthusiastic way of speaking as Doug Graham, John Rose etc. I take the liberty of posting a video of my colleague from this topic to show you what someone really dopaminergic and with an efficient nervous system looks like. (Follows a diet similar to Saladino) And again, do you know how these people live, if they are under trt etc.? I lost strength and muscle on a vegan diet, I can't imagine on a fruit diet and that's what happens to a lot of people. I find you very arrogant and aggressive for someone who never takes the trouble to bring rational and at least deep explanations to his ideas, and who in addition makes false modesty based on "yes I'm nice, so I still post in case a seed germinates, it's not at all to boost my ego by explaining life to others in an unpleasant way no lol" If the relationship between muscle and protein is nonsense, you can explain why the vast majority of bodybuilders consume large amounts of protein, including in the form of supplements ? Why literally all the athletes I know lose performance (including mental) by decreasing protein? My friend who is an athlete in bodybuilding and who is a cyclist explained to me that he lost a lot in performance if he went below 100g per day of (animal) protein, is he a fool? But you are smarter than everyone else? Why don't you become a millionaire by becoming a sports coach and explaining to athletes of different disciplines that it is enough to eat "positively pranic food"? begging the question Again, where did you get this information? If you are in good health, your hormonal cascade will be strong and you will not need to be very active or do weight training to have at least a decent physique. A healthy man will be strong Oh yes ? Let's play a game Among these two people, (Dr Nun Amen Ra / a French fitness lambda youtuber) which one looks the most like a "inflamed monkey injecting nandrolone in the ass"?
  21. -FODMAPs free diet, then try each to reintegrate the categories one by one. + Try antibiotics like doxycycline Also try increasing the fats, I don't know what that's worth but I saw someone get rid of ADHD on a high saturated fat diet. Dave fit (croissant diet) on YouTube.