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  1. You suggested that the benefits of chemotherapy are due to the young. I contradicted
  2. Psychedelics are the most dangerous drugs to handle. Lawmakers don't think like autistic people, just because lsd is technically non-lethal doesn't mean taking LSD is any safer than smoking a few cigarettes
  3. How does God choose which new life he will embody? is there a logical sequence? like incarnation in ever more complex forms? If God works like that then there is a moment when he "incarnates" me and the other "you", which one would he have played first and why? Why couldn't God just stay in god mode? I have a lot of questions
  4. There's something in a 3 dimensional universe that thinks it's human and posts on as "Schizophonia". What will happen to him when what he thinks is his "heart" stops?
  5. Already done. I just want to return to a more basic state of consciousness for now. edit : To be more specific I want to return to a state of consciousness that allows me to observe my own character, my own tricks, mental patterns, jux of mind etc.
  6. Depends on the domain. Military leaders are very androgenic Political leaders are often more mannered and feminine. Spiritual leaders even more so. In all coaches they have high energy and/or intelligence.
  7. Why not change your diet rather than taking and promoting a drug that will drastically impair your recovery abilities.
  8. I read the first pages and it was written haphazardly, very indigestible
  9. Can you listen to music under LSD? There is always a moment when I feel a kind of sensory "saturation" which pushes me, and even obliges me, to stop all forms of external stimulation, starting with music, and I want to lie down in bed.
  10. The only person I saw with terminal cancer who said he was on alternative treatment died barely three months after his diagnosis. In the meantime my uncle is ok and has gone back to work
  11. Every time I take a high dose of any kind of tryptamine I experience this incredibly weird, brutal, alien feeling during the climb. But I never remember, is it possible to remember and rediscover/"handle" this substanceless state? Perhaps with meditation? Always been too lazy to practice that so I don't know what it's worth.
  12. It just doesn't resonate with me
  13. Not at all, it will just accelerate the cachexia. Cancer patients need to eat well and sometimes even take nandrolone because of this. (testosterone could worsen the growth of a prostate tumor). My uncle is in remission from terminal cancer (which started in the lungs). He ate very well including meat and processed products like Coca Cola. All that did was to trust a group of world-class oncologists in the Paris region, rather than pseudo-scientific bs.
  14. I changed lol. But I still cheated a bit by taking a good image in a video. My eyes are scarred with sleep debt and it's terrible. Fortunately, sleep is starting to return.
  15. Why are you so mean and pretentious. I thought that your super frugivorous diet was going to turn you into a superman who will live 4000 years like krishna or whatever Hindu deity, not that he was going to eat away at your pituitary gland. Unless you are already accustomed to the notion of the caste system of the country from which you draw your pseudo science, considering yourself of course as the pure frugivorous braham who can insult and beat the "untouchable morons". ? Reminds me of when I went HCLF vegan for a few weeks and couldn't stop myself from insulting/talking down/verbally humiliating the people in my head. A kind of compulsive wickedness.
  16. It is enough to push more and more requests that indirectly suggest the possibility of a sexual relationship. Unless your target has a low qi or has a strange mindset she will sense this possible intention and let you know if she is interested or not. I think asking "have a drink at my place" is pretty self-explanatory while still getting the benefit of the doubt.
  17. That's like saying I'm progressive because I installed the latest intel cpu on my computer.
  18. I think it's another false debate, where we agree on the substance but we slap each other anyway because our respective egos are hurt by the way the other processes information. Unnecessary waste of energy.
  19. Sorry but that is not an answer. Can you give me a position on any but important subject that makes you say you are conservative?
  20. I just changed it ah ah. I could smile more but I'm too tired today and every take is bad. This will be it for now. I don't know who this guy is.