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  1. It is above all proof that you can be rich and have no taste.
  2. Let’s imagine after Napoleon’s defeat, UK has stolen a random french region where the most famous dish is fried potatoes and the beefy equivalent of surimi to turn it into a whole country with monarchy laid from nowhere ahah
  3. Not really. That said, what I saw the most was to avoid exogenous sources of exorphins (so gluten and casein), endotoxins (so anything that excessively feeds gram-negative becteria, like certain types of fiber, sulfur compounds, etc.) and allergenic foods in general. I've also heard about products like O3 or inulin improving autism, but I don't know what it's worth. It's true that there is a lot of information on the subject lol, on all subjects in fact. But you have to make an effort. Any psychedelic can help change certain psychological patterns related to social relationships, and make them more "neurotypical" in the long term. Then, for some reason, stimulants like LSD or cannabis make me very autistic and weird, but a purely serotonergic and sedative product like psylocybin will instead make me more "neurotypical". As a general rule, anything that reduces stress/is sedative makes you more neurotypical and vice versa. Hmm, honestly I don't know what you're talking about. Belgium is at the top right, look.
  4. I don't really see why this would be the case, I am liberal, not religious, not even particularly patriotic/nationalist. I want children because I am aware that it is more valuable than most materialistic stuff, and because I have no problem with the responsibilities and efforts to be made. Ditto, SD Green is especially relativistic. It’s not just being left wing, naive and lazy. But i’m not a SD expert at all lol, so maybe i’m not on point somewhere 🤷‍♂️
  5. @Clarence Why did you put a French region in the “location” category of your profile? Probably an another autist thing 🤷
  6. A good diet has largely suppressed certain autistic traits that I had when I was younger, as well as other symptoms (nasal congestion, mucus, headaches, brain fog, poor spatial intelligence...). This includes stopping cow's/sheep's milk and dairy products in general, bread (because of exorphins), and legumes. A lifestyle that dilutes attention (like listening to a lot of music to daydream/ruminate, listening/watching bullshit on YouTube...) aggravates autism. On the contrary, working a lot and doing concrete/productive things reduces it. Meditation decreases autism. Oddly enough, psychedelics made me more sociable and socially “neurotypical.” There must be plenty of books with practical advice for reversing autism, but it takes being a little forward-thinking.
  7. Why SD Blue? I'm at least orange/green and I want lots of kids. A certain proportion of modern Westerners are hypogonadal and/or excessively immersed in comfort and idleness, no longer willing to take responsibility, make efforts, or resonate according to super naive patterns. It's that simple.
  8. Islam has no importance, , there are very conscious, intelligent Muslims. The problem is mass immigration of Arab and black populations. It's ethnic and civilizational, Islam is just a possible casus belli. Today, again... : Mathis, 15, was stabbed to death several times in the chest and back in Châteauroux by an Afghan of the same age
  9. Do you have evidence I'm not pretty India who create a pseudo "male" account with ghostVPN ?
  10. I have no idea how I ended up here and what is going to happen. I am “aware” that the question of control is just an illusion. There's no point worrying about this sort of thing. Yes, but you want to live. And it's going to happen, it's going to be fantastic. I'm not just saying that because "I" like to exude hope, that's really what's going to happen, God, if you want, speak through me, have faith. Be confident, again.
  11. That said, it's also thanks to TikTok and this type of thing that you and others made the decision to develop to get rid of it. It is the pact of the West, of freedom. Let people “degenerate” to generate lessons and evolutions of consciousness. Perhaps the Chinese have a youth that is very protected from Western vices and more disciplined on average, but the West remains by far the supplier of the most creative people whatever the age. By trying to screw the West with this kind of horse of three, China boost in fact accelerates the reaction processes and the development including cultural personal development. We win.
  12. Yes, of course. Be as significant, but in another context. For example, chronic stress can push someone to develop habits to “dilute” attention, burying their heads in the sand. There are also bugs, like exposure to modern technology when we are adapted to an environment with much less stimulation.
  13. If so, in a few months or even weeks you will be sipping pina coladas while dancing, "while" she went into another nightmare to pay for her karma.
  14. Yes, of course.
  15. He's not wrong, the manufactured products that I bought with the best quality presented little marketing effort or at least had a particularly sober presentation, generally artisanal, local products. This is especially true for food.
  16. It is a kind a fancy protein powder brand ? I've never heard of this. It is whey from pregnant cows fed GMOs heated until it is reduced to powder lol. Why ?
  17. I read somewhere there are synchronicities between certain parts of the brain whose speed can only be explained by quantum mechanics. I don't remember the context anymore.
  18. Leo is a big boy now, he can stand criticisms here and there.
  19. I love Markus Rothkranz.
  20. Lol. Why not take normal brands like Prozis or Myproteins.
  21. It has litteraly 0 interest, except perhaps for high level athletes.
  22. If you heard the discussions from me or my mother, you would put things into perspective. More seriously, everything will be better soon, you'll see.
  23. Also, @undeather proposed a debate several times, before revising himself each time for whatever reason. So it’s also a little snub. Whatever.