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  1. if you are serious about water fasting I'd go to True North Healing Center in Santa Rosa CA. They are legends at supervised long water fasting and can help you with all kinds of health issues,not just weight. You could also do a fasting mimicking diet and eat under 600 calories for 5-7 days. I do that once or twice a month. So many benefits. When you do it this way, day 2 is somewhat difficult but after that it actually is easy and you DONT want to eat again because you're so high, even spiritually high in a sense. If you fill your day with bone broths, vegetable juices, and other awsome supplement drinks you constantly feel full and its super easy.
  2. take 1 of these pills every 3 hours for 2 years and you'll get rid of all the mercury and metals.
  3. I did like 5 liver gall bladder flushes without much of a detox reaction. Then years later I did the same flush on day 6 of a 10 day water fast and got sick for 2 days. If you really want to cleanse and do it deep, do it in the middle of a water fast. Fasting is everything; it's the key to longevity