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  1. @roopepa Thank you so much for advice! I try to love my ego more… it helps me to forget it lolz. Yup, hating and resisting it is worse. I try to love it and accept it. I resisted it for so long but it’s impossible to forget the past without accepting it and I think I realized that better. But I still know nothing.. idk:))
  2. @SamC ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. @WelcometoReality Yes, That’s right! But social anxiety isn’t only problem I have unfortunately. I don’t think socially anxious people are worse than anyone else. It’s just.. I feel too much pressure right now. I feel better rn but I don’t know? I force myself so much and feel much more energetic and happy. I am scared I am bipolar too because my mood changes so quickly lately. Thank you so much for advice and I am so so happy to meet someone with the same issue I have!!💛
  4. @Yimpa Self-compassion🙏🙏 So important❤️
  5. @Hojo yes I agree with you. I just want it super hard to make choices in life right now. I still want to forget life and my ego and run in India lolz but I don’t know I feel like it will irresponsible to leave everyone and everything so easily.
  6. I think you should tell police even though 2months have passed because I am 99% percent sure he will r*pe someone again. sorry for saying this but I do think so.
  7. I want to add that I still feel so anxious of course but it’s like.. I sometimes get free from it. I feel like I can do it one day. I hope soon but it will be hard since it suffers me all day and night, when I am asleep too.
  8. I am really grateful that people like you exist. Thank you so much for supporting me!!💛 I feel better now because I literally forced myself SO SO SOO HARD to go out and be social and normal. I was so bullied in school that I lost all faith in me. Also my dad used to physically hurt me but I don’t really want to blame anyone for my difficult situation… anyways, I forced myself going out. I left house and went to university after a long time. I got on a faculty which is the hardest one to be accepted on in Georgia but I stopped studying after anxiety made me go “insane”. Today I told myself that no matter how embarrassing my past situations were, no matter how badly I was bullied, no matter how much pain was I feeling I just needed to go. I did it cause I have done that in past when I felt more awakened. This experience made me gain so much friends even though I didn’t care about friends and life generally lolz. So when entered the room, I felt so much fear but again I forced myself to stay positive and it was so uncomfortable but I did it!! And everyone in my university were so loving to me, suddenly my anxiety left me and I thought that it was a miracle. I wanted to cry honestly because I haven’t felt so calm for a decade. It was a bliss. We had a great time!! Few times I embarrassed myself because I don’t remember social skills so well right now but still we got closer. I posted something on Instagram and so many of them liked it lolzz. I also met my neighbor and she told me oh you look so great and different today!! I saw my university lecturer too and was a little bit scared to talk to him but I still said hi and had a conversation with him. Turned out he was a shy person too. I am so happy and grateful Thank you for always being there for me when I post and thanks God! I will never forget this day because it gave me so much faith. I can’t believe!! All the way back home I was crying I did something I thought I could not do anymore (Btw for those of you who are interested I am 18years old)
  9. @nhoktinvt Ughh, thank you so much. I really want to throw my ego but thanks. For universe it doesn’t matter in what condition I live right? I really want to think about higher self. What if I awaken and then become strong enough to love my ego? I really want to forget about my life and don’t worry about my future. I just want someone experienced to tell me that it’s fine if I let go my ego because I also hurt my family members. I am indifferent to them and don’t care about them as much as I did in past. I lost friends because of my shyness and hurt on of my friend so badly because I was angry and toxic. I want to let go of my ego so badly and I don’t understand what’s bad about it? I am a human right but I think it’s completely normal to forget about it until you are ready to function as a person again.
  10. @AndylizedAAY I am so sorry😅 I don’t understand what you mean but yeah I feel bad about myself and so guilty. I have a terrible social anxiety and I feel like I am a failure in everyone’s eyes. I wasn’t like this always, for sometime I got so much better that I was giving others advices but now everyone left me because I am a loser and I don’t even want to leave house. I think I have agoraphobia because sometimes I am scared that everyone is looking at me at transport and they think I am crazy because I look so anxious. Yup I am stupid and paranoid but seriously, I want to become a monk lolz. I am really tired of caring about my place in society. sorry I am not a native English speaker. I hope you understood well.
  11. Hi everyone💛 I feel very bad today. I don’t want to tell my story and share my feelings, I don’t think it’s necessary. I just want to say that I discovered how much I hate myself. It’s what makes me unavailable to live lately. I was much more productive and loving. So long story short, should I forget about myself as much as I can? Maybe almost completely if it’s possible? Will it be right to meditate all day and night and just forget about my responsibilities as an ego for sometime? I really don’t know what to decide because I can’t love myself as a human being no matter how hard I try. Sometimes I think Judas didn’t hate himself as much as I hate myself. I know that’s stupid, I am neither a serial killer nor I r*pe people but I r*pe myself lol. Yup, there’s no way I can function as a human being right now. I just want to escape my ego completely. Should I try it? I know ego is still necessary for survival but please tell me that I should let it go as much as I can if it suffers me that much. thank you for reading.
  12. Thank you so so much!! How can I not try my best after these words?💫 I wish you the best really!
  13. Okay. I read. Thank you so much to all of you for expressing your opinions!❤️