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  1. I like how in the first minute of his first video, he used the word consciousness (even though in a bit of a different context :D). As if already here everything was somehow planned
  2. @LoneWonderer well, quite a tough thing to find a healthy stance in the whole politics thing. It seems to me, that most of us either don't even wanna look there, as it is 'too messy'; or we look and get very sucked in, involved emotionally, offended etc. Right here is a Key to getting our politics straight, as a society. To approach them, yes - without avoidance and with a certain understanding of the seriousness of the situation; but once there, being deeply compassionate towards the human nature, and really... in love with every expression of it, whatever it is.
  3. Yeah, your expression is beautiful. Thank you for showing us YOU Enjoy the day!
  4. @actually HEY MAN!!! Get off your ASS! Please, look around you. Your very Life is running past. What are you afraid of? Why not engage and take responsibility? Why not stand the fuck up? It's totally up to YOU and you know it. You have to rise, as Love. As Consciousness, which mercilessly burns through all the bullshit. Stop taking it, my man. Go and Live.
  5. @bmcnicho hey! Who knows, man. But what is for sure, is this Beauty of Now. Of just feeling myself, Being. Have a good one, bmcnicho
  6. Hey Jake ? It's quite natural to care for your body. Actually, it's beautiful. About Leo's claims on the body's inability to die... It doesn't have to be a mental thing- like a belief or something. Approaching death, doesn't have to be 'approaching death'. By that I mean, you might be able to tell that you are, as if going to die, by what others tell you, by your mind agreeing etc... but you yourself, your very experience can simply be of that constant, moment to moment Care for what Is. Sending Love ❤️