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  1. I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON THOUGH: (oh great, here come the confessionals) 1) I was 15 when I started practicing remote viewing and influencing, already setting in place a rudimentary set of protocols and ethics I would abide by, which became the foundation for how I would approach these matters for the rest of my life. This has been an essential part of what I deemed “the terrible job that doesn’t pay” (which I must do, for some deep sense of responsibility to this planet (and humanity by extension). At the time, I relied on nothing but a strong sense of knowing the business of how these things should be done, and adapted it for my current lifetime and context. In this life, I chose to do everything that I could do manually rather than automatically (which has resulted in an inordinate amount of time and energy focusing on the ugly and the harmful for the sake of closely examining all of the aspects possible, as if studying it under a microscope, and causing myself great suffering as a result). I have taken this up and put it down more times than I can count, while asking myself why someone else hasn't done this work yet. I took it up at that age, quickly noticing that I was doing a job that others seemed not to be capable of doing. It certainly had not been done so far. I mean: look at it. Look at the state not just of the collective consciousness, but the collective unconsciousness. All the things which people hide that they think have no direct impact on things. I have been scanning for YEARS since then. There really have not been many takers for this particular variety of insane work, lol. (It wasn't until later that I became aware that I’ve also had a whole ton of unintentional direct influence simply by virtue of being myself and being open, though it seems the opposite is also true and has its own set of issues. I had no concept in my early-mid teens of my absence mattering to anyone beyond my little IRL bubble.) 2) In direct consciousness, I have both aided and maimed. At times, I have made a conscious choice to both take lives (snapping the proverbial silver cord) and to trigger irreparable insanity (as in: the time of mental states and disorganization that perhaps I can only find my way out of unaided and uninfluenced... and I have, repeatedly), and to be honest,... I have done much "worse" than this, at least by my own standards. Death... is temporary. And often much easier in the process than realized, it's just that fear convinces us otherwise, and many are not apt to choose to let go of all which must be let go of anyway, if you are to leave your body. In the case of who and what is unsalvagable, as in corrupted beyond measure, I sometimes instigate "soul disintegration" or "soul death". An absolute snuffing of a subjective consciousness which is ceased from being allowed to continue. Or at the very minimum, I seek to make it impossible for certain expressions to ever return to Earth, whether the ID in them wants it or not. I have, at times, agonized on these decisions, knowing full well the superfluousness of my own agonizing. (Like: what difference does it make if you're going to try to do it anyway?) That I would torture myself to make myself morally consistent and justifiable in my own eyes: that is my doing. My golden rule is "I would not subject any other being to anything I would not also directly subject myself to" (and from here I avoid a whole host of future sins and problems). So I made sure to subject myself to the worst of the worst first, damned if there is anything left of me, to the fullest extent possible within a limited time frame (because we all must move on sooner or later). And still... I torture myself about it all. Once... I was a 12 year old girl who daydreamed only in idealism. I would have cried if people stepped on a spider instead of taking it outside, upset by people's callous and reckless unseeing and unfeeling, and disrespect for life. And I was deeply upset by all of the soulless violence in this world. (And still, I am this way. I deeply do not care for people who extinguish “unimportant lives” just because it’s not even worth another second thought.) And now? In psychic, collective space: there are people who are the ants that I step on. However precisely I do it, there are casualties as a result of my stepping, as chosen as the lesser of multiple necessary evils. And so I cannot allow my perception cannot be allowed to be anything less than correct as possible or else I will not be able to justify it to myself. (I mean... I can barely justify it as it is.) On this level: I have no intrinsic respect for people’s traditions, people’s borders of countries, their entitlements, their identities, simply because they exist. I must disregard them, and only consider the fastest and safest route to the new world. When I deliberately and conscientiously regulate people to “unsentient” status, I feel like I’m fucking 14 years old again. Not a great feeling. And yet I feel myself going here and doing this in my IRL life too. Not to harm, but simply to unburden myself from being concerned about the sentience which does not exist in a number of people. Like... we are the same species. That is mostly it. So I..... I judge. I take away. I deny. I have misdirected. Quite a lot, actually. I have caused people to proudly confess things that they would not normally otherwise choose to do, in the light of day, so that others will turn against them. WHO ARE YOU TO BE THE ARBITRATOR OF TRUTH? Well it is what it is: it keeps showing up on my doorstep. Whether I am likeable or lovable or not, whether I am believable or not, whether I am morally justifiable or not. Something must be done of it, or else people and circumstances will be allowed to run their course, and as a species, we do not have time for this. We have NEVER had time for this in this particular lifetime to live as if we are boomers, environmentally speaking especially. We have less and less time for such huge margins of error in perception and action the more time moves forward. Everything must converge. I have seen through people’s eyes: praying desperately whatever god or spirit in their dying moments, knowing full well what this feels like to be subject to that level of fear, and laughed at them. Pray to whatever god or guru you want, do you think they can hear you, and if they can, do you think they can do anything? I take the images and imprints of their lives, including their last moments, and I absorb it, in my way. And yet...that they “deserved it” is not something I find right to be justified away thoughtlessly by default. My perspective: mostly all the perpetual “sins” of this world come from just doing this. All of this: this must end here. I watch the news: one day, two days, a week, or a month. I see how immediately something can materialize beforehand, give or take. It is routine. It doesn't make me feel powerful. Or special. Or important. There is no surprise, increasing I have a sense of the exact time span something will happen. It's a job that I sometimes wish I could give away, that I can't, but that I don't really want to give away because I guess don't actually think anyone else can handle it. Not on a moral level, not psychically, and especially the sheer impact of handling a massive amount of what I call "psychic entropy" in the body, which causes both body and psyche to deteriorate if not handled swiftly and appropriately. I would certainly not want anyone that I truly loved or cared about to be burdened with dealing with any of the things I have dealt with directly in the collective consciousness. And I've been frustrated that I still haven't fully moved on from this all:... like, WTH does any of this have to do with me living a happy and healthy life??? It has been one of the many things which has been deeply, profoundly isolating. And a secret I was prepared to die with, if only I had died sooner though. 3) Very rarely I have told people these things in plain language to their face, and sometimes they think I just foresee the future. A small part of me has sometimes been offended, as if seeing future paths is something to snuff at (it's not). Almost always I have gone along with that, because not only do I not have to bother with anyone’s skepticism (as if it makes any difference in what I choose do and the actual results of it most of the time), and I don’t have to deal with any potential moral judgment. Because all of this takes up enough of my time and energy as it is, even though at this point: it's at the effort level of a snap of the fingers a release. (If there is an "open space" for something to happen: it is effortless. Waiting is only really just for that.) Plausible deniability has been my ally this whole time, but especially when I was younger. And I have been evasive wherever I have been the most serious, because the last thing I've needed is people’s eyeballs and opinions placing energy and thought intention, potentially obstructing, particularly the less "together" and more conflicted I've been, and the more I've been weighed down in other ways. RVing and remote influence have obeyed the principle of shadow influence as the dominating force in this world, at least in a modern era. Likewise, you are stronger in the shadows where you have more maneuverability. Most of the most powerful puppetering figures of this world are not on the world news. For what it's worth, things were actually different in antiquity though. More than ever, most of what structures this human world is the hidden part of the iceberg, and anyway, it’s only been quite recently that I focused on what would become directly visible in the news (circa about 2015).... as things finally started to shift. In the collective consciousness: what what sealed inside started to turn inside out. 4) Only my husband gets to hear who and what is on my "hit list" and gets to hear me complain about having one. And then he tells me I'm not the monster I feel like I am at times, that I have felt like this whole time. He encourages me to think of my choices as an extension of self-defence. (And I'm like... why, they're not attacking me directly? He says: they're attacking the world at large. Just thinking of how many women, men, and children this one person (very recent) have maimed and killed? And then I tell him: the people I target have no remorse: I know that they cannot be said to be sentient. And yet... I agonize over what I do, often for years. Why do these people get to do whatever TF they do without remorse, and I still have to have DAMN FEELINGS about say... targeting a serial child rapist who uses god, tradition, and the government to claim his choices as holy? Last previous time I dealt with "Iran" because it showed itself on my doorstep in this form...) I’m doing this STILL. And I hate it. Why can’t humanity just get its shit together already? Oh, because we’re tribal and we have to defend and justify the stuff, our past actions, our identities to ourselves, like our lives depend on it. Not only that, we have to call it moral and defend that too. Great. Well I have no issue using the full extent of whatever power I have to maim those who would ultimately kill us all if left to it, or who would make this planet uninhabitable, all while "getting theirs". In this way, I always serve the planet first, and humanity second. Some people think these people deserve to be called "human", apparently, because they serve one cause on their agenda or another.
  2. .... >insert something later<
  3. ZIPPED MOUTH: It sure is difficult to convince myself to REALLY open up and say what's actually on my mind, and what I'm actually feeling these days. It's like I still keep vacillating between two extremes, though I've told myself it'd be long over by now already. But the only one who can properly end it is myself, and that's whether I choose to talk or not. It really is all about presence, staying open, and prioritizing unity and resolution (finishing up one's business) before everything else. But... I struggle to say what's really on my mind, what I've really been experiencing. There is this urge to sanitize my own experience, and to only talk about the most pleasant and "view worthy" aspets of it. I struggle with the meaning of my own presence in this world still, specifically in relation to other people, including all the things that I kept 100% hidden in the past. Anyway, this is usually where I go straight to the heart of it and focus on the most difficult and unpleasant things to say, as it's usually quicker and more direct....
  4. I thought I'd give this public self-expression thing another go, though mostly I've given up on it at this point in time. I have no explicit expectations of it going anywhere for personal benefit, nor do I have any hopes about people understanding me (whether specific people or just generally). At least in my past, this has been a decent foundation for actually expressing myself coherent, conclusive way. So... why not? All I have to lose is more of my own time and energy.
  5. This definitely seems like it would be an inevitable issue if all of your poly relationships are compartmentalized and mostly separated from each other because you and your partners' lives don't overlap, or else one or more partners end up seriously deprioritized. Even if you had the energy, there's that limited time factor. How do these people have any time for a career, hobbies, other non-romantic relationships, other aspirations, personal development... or even just alone time? Source of this? TBH one trope I keep hearing over and over again is that men "need" sex to bond, if not partially because they tend to deprioritize other types of non-romantic, non-sexual touch and interaction. For someone who started off with an avoidant attachment style, "sex only" style nonmonogamy definitely doesn't seem healthy for me. As in, it would be encouraging even more avoidant attachments. I had a handful of good girl friends growing up (let's just say between the ages of 12 to 16) who did the whole serial monogamy thing: a new boyfriend every 2-3 months, like clockwork. It was so obviously about the rush of new attraction, attention, and sexual experimentation, while maintaining some veneer of respectability. Some of them got older and continued that pattern, some did not. I don't think "sex only" relationships, monogamous or not, are great for people with avoidant attachment tendencies either.
  6. Does no one here remember this happening?? A member committed suicide here a handful of years ago.... Taking direct responsibility for people is not something which should be done automatically nor lightly. Having and developing general empathy, within your means as best as humanly possible... that is a separate issue.
  7. Oh, people definitely were toxic to her too. There was no doubt. And I'm sorry, but your opinion about this doesn't matter. You weren't there, you don't know what happened, you're projecting onto me, and your judgement of character based on your emotions and biases is rather questionable. I think I'm being quite generous considering some of the things that happened. I helped her and supported her as best as I could in good faith, with whatever limited means I had at the time. It was all I could do.
  8. Funky ideas? I have my own set of self-protective boundaries, as does this community. It's basically built into the forum rules; you ought to read it if you haven't. You do too, or else there would be nothing to get defensive about. Have you ever met or interacted with the person in question? In her own way, she did not want to be helped, or she wanted it only on her very specific, often changing terms, which I empathize with... but it was exhausting. (Someone else also mentioned her refusing to get professional help at the time.) She regularly picked fights (or vice versa) with people publically and privately and then would make up with them (or not). Like I said, she set many people on edge, including other people with various diagnosed conditions on here, including people who also suffered from suicidal ideation. Those people matter too, you know. I also tried to "help" as much as I could at times as I had talked to her quite a bit in PM, even when she was.... not so nice to me... though I don't know what good it did in the long term. She and everyone else either got kicked out or moved on. I am not saying that she deserved to suffer, or that she actively wanted to suffer. There is a difference. But I know that multiple people already did their best with her, within their means.
  9. REALITY: I’m getting pickier: why would I settle for subpar interactions with the opposite sex, whether it’s flirting or sex, when I already have it amazingly good? Plus my intuition takes the mystery out of all of it these days. I look into people's eyes, really pay attention to their vibe and what they say, even if just for a moment's notice; I know what I need to know about them and what they have to offer, but also what they COULD offer me if I also offered everything I could offer to them freely. Sure, I could hypothetically find a way to facilitate and find better connections, by why sift through all the trash when things could be peaceful instead? Why is this worth the extra time and energy? cautiousness about rocking the boat. Both my husband and I are fairly physically inexperienced, and I know if we change this, obviously we cannot go back. actually enjoying being someone’s full, first priority in all ways, and I enjoy knowing that I can fulfill someone in this way. To become more fully this with someone. (This is a purely selfish thing. So what? The only thing that’s really wrong with selfishness is if you’re not capable of also being “selfish” on other people’s behalf in return, whether it’s one person or many, or if it’s in romantic and sexual relationships or friendships. Selfish/ selfless, it’s all the same thing at the beginning and the very end of it all...) If I’m being honest, not being at the centre of a poly man’s focus (assuming he was also non-single) doesn’t turn me on. At all. And by not being a turn on, I don't just mean that I would get jealous, though I might. (Jealousy isn't a "bad" emotion, by the way.) I mean that it's an utter, blinding bore... and because I don't hate myself, I like people who are completely certain about being into me, showing it, and making it their priority. If he’s only focused on me when he’s with me because he has his own other partners to focus on later, then I will respond in turn. It's a purely selfish thing for sure and not a game worth playing. I have nothing to gain from this. having trust. This matters more to me than it otherwise might, because my own family and most of my connections were deeply, highly untrustworthy in the past. I spent so long dealing with a lack of variety (in personalities and bodies) that I do actually feel like I probably am not missing out that much. Interacting with the opposite sex tends to confirm that, unfortunately. the thought of excessive complications isn’t that appealing, like the risk/ reward ratio seems far less worthwhile. For example: not wanting to have someone get between us and poison our well, but also not wanting to exclude people and make them feel like an outsider either, or like a 3rd or 4th wheel. (Everyone ought to pick what focus matters most in their lives, depending on what they wish to experience and accomplish, based on your most important values.)
  10. Here is an issue; it’s a categorical one: people want to fit the entire value of human connection into this box: monogamous relationships people want to fit the entire value of human connection into this box: polyamorous relationships Good relationships are good relationships, the form can vary. Harmony can occur in various containers and structures. I've spent over half my life considering myself poly by sexual orientation, both sexually and emotionally, but have veered sharply towards monogamy in practice. It's a choice I made. But the thing is, even a bunch of “good” partners would not take the place of my husband, especially now more than ever. IDEAL POLY: everyone is truly mindful and advocating for everyone else’s best interests and desires everyone has the space to be fully seen and heard, and people allow themselves to be truly seen and heard people honour each other as human beings first and foremost, without prioritizing “getting theirs” first (which can be difficult if you’re part of a LTR/ marriage unit as you tend to prioritize that person by default) everyone has the chance to have their desires realized in a mutually agreed upon, open, and self-aware way you have ways of processing your emotions as a group and disentangling from each other when necessary (again, for everyone's mutual benefit) there are more opportunities to grow and explore than there would be if you were just restricted to monogamous relationships, an opportunity for a different sort of complexity and richness than there would be otherwise (like a soup with many different ingredients, lol) more opportunities for actual emotional commitment and development in your life (for those of us who were never just interested in keeping people in our lives, having deeper connections, not just a rotation of sex “friends” and flings) more emotional support from different people with shared values (like a built-in community or "village"), more variety of emotional support with people who have different strengths and energies... if it works well, arguably this can be more balanced than just relying on one person to fulfill all your needs and desires. I think of it a bit like having a large extended, involved family instead of a nuclear family (the latter which is pretty "unnatural" because the structure is most often a result of societal conditioning first and not two people spontaneously being in love with each other and making that choice out of pure desire rather than in the spirit of restriction).
  11. Not just drama on the public forum, but in private messages and getting directly between people who otherwise would not have so many issues with each other, or would at least be able to sort things out in a more straightforward way. Source: I was there. A lot of the people she dealt with in PM were dealing with issues themselves, including myself, as I had a lot that I needed to sort out at the time. I don't think... ultimately she was good for any of us. I mean this respectfully... I think her heart was in the right place. She's on another forum now anyway.
  12. This is a terrible idea... Even if you're not held legally responsible for someone killing themselves (are you? can you be?), people in a community will hold you morally responsible if that person ends up doing it, whether you could feasibly have done anything to prevent it or not. It follows people who are considered to be in "role model"/ leader type positions around like a black stain, at least until the original people leave or memories fade. This happened at least once on this forum already while Preety was still here. Personally, I would only ever be directly responsible for someone in this way if 1) we had a long-standing, otherwise stable relationship (friends, partner) 2) they're my relatives, or if we lived in a world without any other social resources or infrastructure. Unfortunately, I have a finite amount of time and energy to direct toward certain causes, even if I did happen to be competent with dealing with distressed people. Feasibly, someone could be helped/ supported if they had more of an outside support system and if they could manage mutually beneficial boundaries (or at least, manage their own boundaries). People who come to spiritual communities are often severely lacking in both. I'm not blaming them; it is what it is.
  13. Added Thought: To make it too much harder than it already is... is patronizing, since it's most often based on the assumption that people can't or don't deserve to make their own fundamental decisions about the quality and meaning of their own life and experience. If you truly care about the well-being of suicidal people (as opposed to obsessing about them being able to do it in a more "convenient" and painless way rather than killing themselves), then forbidding this is likely to backfire and cause those people to suffer more because of the sheer amount of invalidation already existing in their subjective experience. It is unlikely to stop someone from either wanting to kill themselves or actually doing it when it gets bad enough and they get desperate. IMO this is a bit different than the government not providing assisted suicide facilities because they've decided that making decisions about death isn't their jurisdiction, just because it is not within their scope of responsibilities as a government. Intentions and reasons matter, especially when people don't live in social vacuums. Often it is actually INVALIDATION, ISOLATION, and self-negation at the heart of suicidal ideation, not just "pain" alone, whether psychological or physical, even if the pain seems massive and unending in scope. It's believing that you are fundamentally alone, incurable, unreachable, not understandable, unlovable, not worthy... whether by humanity, God, Life itself, etc. Or believing that it is legitimately all for nothing.
  14. IMO, a bottleneck-type effect is more than enough to deter people who might be doing it more "impulsively", which comes in the form of whatever series of passes and checks that people have to go through to reach their objective. For whatever already exists for countries that allow assisted suicide, this is likely a process that involves multiple years, I imagine at least 2-3 years at the bare minimum on top of a longer waitlist, and likely multiple psychiatric and/or medical assessments. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...) That automatically weeds out the impulsive and those without determination, leaving a very small fraction of people who were actually serious about the outcome, have likely already thought about the outcome extensively, and have had more than enough time to come to terms with what they desire. Much like anything else which is difficult in life that involves going directly against the grain. Though I don't think we collectively have much to worry about when it comes to this issue of influencing impressionable minds to commit suicide. I wouldn't say that it's making suicide more glamourous or accessible, since people who really want to do it, even if the motives are highly emotional and impulsive, will just do it anyway. Which by the way, was already a known thing with certain cults and even literary works, which triggered clusters of suicides. For example, Goethe's "Sorrows of Young Werther" triggered many suicides when it came out in the late 1700s. Ironically, the book was written because the author himself was trying to process his own suicidal feelings, and his art came from figuring out how to make something positive and constructive despite it all. Art is probably always going to be more glamourous (and therefore influential) than mainstream science and the government, and therefore more influential with impressionable and young minds. Should we just go back to banning art and media? (This is actually what happened with the Sorrows of Young Werther; I believe it got banned in 3 countries.) The primary influencing factor is a fundamental shift in the emotional and moral fabric of the society first and foremost, and not the government permitting people to do something that most people fundamentally DO NOT want to do anyway. Correct. I was more thinking about this in terms of citizen involvement, people like you and I, discussing these issues on the internet. Though perhaps we should also take a look at what politicians DO first, and then measure that against what they say. Talk is cheap... Decision-making without empathy usually leads to decisions that end up harming the people they are meant to protect though. I think of it as Essential Step 1... Without a deep empathy and comprehensive perspective, there is no foundation for anything good and lasting.
  15. There are ways to encourage people to live and re-evaluate their lives, their narratives about life, to continue trying, without wishing to COERCE them into living. And if you can't release your iron grip on your attachment to "life", can you truly love life at all?
  16. 1) How is anyone supposed to prove that things get better after you die without supernatural or paranormal means? Or did you mean something else? 2) In any case, what justification does anyone have for the sheer selfishness of telling other people to be in pain... basically for your own benefit and moral code/ belief system? So that your reality is kept safe and intact, so that your idea of a fair/ just worldview is preserved? Look. It's not like any of us are going to be taking on anyone's else pains directly, living out their life for them. Very, very few people are doing whatever is possible to see things and empathizing with people directly from their perspective (as much as humanly possible anyway) rather than pushing their own agenda first and foremost. IMO it's not so different in attitude with people who are pro everyone having kids, but when it comes to doing something themselves about creating a better social support system for mothers and families, let alone actually being the person to help these people directly.... pretty much all of these people who tell others what to do with their life are conveniently absent and absolved of responsibility. Nope, it's just a bunch of people who want to tell people what to do. It very much has the effect of condemning people to life. Ironically, it's very hostile to the human spirit and life itself. Trivializing the subjective quality of life tends to do that.
  17. I had some version of the same anxiety when I was younger, though I tried not to ruminate on it too much. I simply could not trust anyone at a deeper level, which I think was the root of it all. I also got some anxiety from my mom, not about my dad, but her bio dad was a deadbeat. I'm 35; I met my husband when I was 16. He's only grown so much more into me over time, his interest in me has never wavered, and TBH I get even more other attention now than I did when I was younger as well. If there's anything that will "save" you IMO, it's: 1) Are you capable of truly trusting and leaning into that trust? 2) Is the man you're with worthy of your trust, character-wise? And are you capable of seeing him for what he is and what he does with open eyes, rather than through the eyes of your fears, anxieties, and idealistic hopes (or lack thereof), regardless of your feelings for him? With 2), you'll see and sense disinterest and dishonesty miles ahead before anything like cheating would occur, IMO. People usually leave their tells everywhere through their actions, or they will literally tell you who and what they are to your face. So even if you can't trust other people, not yet, you can at least reasonably trust in yourself.
  18. @LambChop If all goes well, you will hopefully age out of feeling this way without needing to do much. Don't let the societal narrative brainwash you! Well, let's be real. Was your dad ever a great partner to your mom before she got "old and conventionally unattractive"? I seriously doubt it. TBH, being this pliant and accommodating rarely works out well for the woman, despite men often saying this is what they want.... look at their actions, they tend to get bored and take them for granted. On some level, the lack of self-respect is repelling to people regardless of gender, age, or background unless they're a leech. Being a doormat is for being used, not being loved, unfortunately.
  19. I'm mildly surprised that no one mentioned the autism diagnosis. Why are so many people acting like they know what it's like to be her, and what sort of unseen, intangible subjective experiences she might have gone through? There is so much more to suffering than being born in a first-world country or not... in some ways, it seems like being forced to fend for your own can survival significantly simplify the human experience, and that's not always a subjectively negative experience, even when people go through terrible ordeals. Haven't you noticed that people who go through these type of challenges tend to have some sense that there is at least a point to it all? In my own experience, if you used to live in the simplicity of survival mode, whatever the source or cause of it, living in a reality which is calmer, more open-ended, more peaceful... it can be extremely unpleasant and overwhelming. The past catches up with you, particularly if strife and aversion to your own body and experience is hardcoded into you since childhood, including at the raw sensory level which is something that many, many autistic people have to live and make sense of on a daily basis. For example, I remember reading about this fairly recent study, as well as some related, earlier studies specifically involving autistic women and childhood CSA. : https://www.frontiersin.org/news/2022/04/27/frontiers-behavioral-neuroscience-sexual-abuse-women-with-autism-widespread/ That's just one of many possible issues.
  20. Complete derailment of the topic: I thought the lady on the top left still was Gina Rodriguez (an actress) without the glam, and got hella confused.
  21. It looks like this is not officially available in Canada?
  22. Are people still coming to this type of conclusion based on reading "The Singularly is Near"? (Or something adjacent and well-known that's more recent) IDK, I feel like it takes a special type of human to truly, completely, and unironically commit to the transhuman philosophy and techno-utopianism, to believe that problems of inner self-image and management plus the cure to all our existential woes will be wholly resolved and released from yet another form of externalization. This most often seems to be what's at the heart of the spirit of techno-utopianism... though arguably, -true believers- believe in the spirit of the machine in their own way. It's actually not so far from religious/ spiritual fervour. There is an extreme, childlike naivety to this tendency though. As for everyone else, I get the sense that they grew up watching too much sci-fi and cyberpunk media: whether it's books, movies, tv shows, etc. It's good to think about WHY certain cultural narratives are either chronically dystopian or utopian, and what that says about yourself and your culture, and not to look for the truth of the future in these narratives, when it is near-impossible to focus with eyes-wide-open because you can only see what is projected from the emotional root of said narratives. Though if there was a use, this would be more on par, prob: We've barely explored the capacities of the human mind unaided though, for what it's worth. At times, technology has been a huge, unavoidable distraction. We'll never get the best of our selves through directly via externalization technologies and processes, and therefore are limiting what is possible with technology because of said limitations in our beingness.
  23. Is there actually any major culture where this isn't crammed down young girls' and women's throats? Without even necessarily being super direct about it with words, though some cultures and places are super direct about it, still... the message is read loudly and clearly. It's evident enough through people's actions and what is sexualized most easily and availably in culture and media. Alternative cultures and reactionary cultures are just that. Anyone who has read a book involving history or folklore from the past (including fairy tales) or grew up watching Disney movies surely will have gotten the message on one level or another. Try even younger than 30 or 25 in mainland East Asian culture, though maybe it's shifted somewhat. Like my mom is Chinese, "18" is THE age, and East Asian people look young by a lot of other culture's standards too, lol. Though...whatever women might hypothetically have to gain materially and from """high value men""" from that type of thinking is paid back many times in the form of self-hating brainwashing and displacing yourself from your own sovereignty. Like literally... you have to live with yourself either way, and then be in denial most of the time in order to live somewhat peacefully with yourself. Whether you win materially, or you don't. It's an actual lose-lose situation for women. You still have the rest of your life to live... why bother disowning yourself? What did you expect? Living with the cope sprinkles itself freely across all genders and all cultures... I'm sure some would just agree with you and call it a day though.
  24. Always on the money. Add to that list all the other things a man could use a woman for. I'd also add to that list: men who are not emotionally present or who literally do not show up in other ways. Like if they want to be there, they will be THERE. You will be their priority. Everything else is just excuses. And for myself, as much as my teenaged self was rough around the edges emotionally, I always had deadly accurate instincts about who was serious, and how much, and intuitively, what the conditions were. Violating my own intuition and instincts about men came at my own absolute peril.