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  1. Are women on dating apps broken? Or am I doing something wrong? I began utilizing dating apps for the first time over a year ago and have since had successful sexual encounters with 11 women out of 40+ dates. However, I have recently observed a trend where despite showing interest in me and engaging in sexual activities, women are ending the relationship abruptly and often quite swiftly. Further research revealed that this is a common occurrence in modern dating, driven by the "grass is greener" mentality. I have even had open conversations with women about these issues, and whilst they agree with me, they still exhibit the "grass is greener" syndrome later. Prior to using dating apps, I had long-term relationships with three women consecutively, spanning a period of 14 years. However, since transitioning to online dating, I have lost respect for women and may have to start seeing them as "free hookers" to protect my emotions. Each breakup leaves me feeling hurt and depressed, but I cannot fathom why I am so sensitive to these emotions, especially since other men seem to handle breakups better than me. I have been contemplating if my financial status is a contributing factor. I live in a well-located and comfortable house-share, my inability to rent privately, particularly in one of the world's most expensive cities, may be a turn-off for some women. Despite earning enough to cover my rent, bills, food, and a few weekly dates, it may not be enough to appeal to certain women. To summarize my lastest four relationships: The first girl wanted to become my girlfriend after just two dates, but I preferred to take things slow. I later discovered that she was dating other men, which was fine, but I found out she brought one of them back to her place even though she did not admit to sex, and that I could message the guy, I decided to end things as she was lying too much. The second woman was beautiful and very successful, and we dated for four months. However, our relationship was toxic, as she was a narcissist who constantly criticized and argued with me. At one point, she forced me into an open relationship, but when I started seeing other women, she became aggressive and even physically violent. I ended things by sending her a message, and she has since blocked me since then, this dramatic reaction is nothing new, but she's kept me blocked this time as I didn't chase after her via other platforms. I met the third girl, and we spent an entire day together, which went well. We went on a second date, and I managed to seduce her into having sex with me, despite her initial reservations. She messaged me the next day, thanking me for the experience, but did not respond to my message. I followed up a week later, and she agreed to meet for another date. However, she later canceled, stating that she had a good time but did not see us lasting long together. My most recent relationship lasted for three weeks, during which we went on six dates. On our fifth date, she spent the day with me and the night at my place for my birthday, we had a great time and even had sex three times. However, three days later, she came over, and when I asked why she did not want to have sex that day, she revealed that she was unsure about her feelings towards me and that they were not as strong as those for her past dates/exes. she was being very different in just three days, I even felt like she didn't want to kiss me properly. She ended things by saying she could not date other people while still seeing me, so she wanted to stop. She also mentioned that I was very nice (I was average at best) but she has a low standard because her exes treated her bad and cheated on her, she said she was into the bad boy types before and she did mention she is "broken" when she was ending things with me. All these women were aged between 27-32 and looking for a serious relationship. I am aware that I may be too forthcoming with my dating life, answering questions about the number of people I have dated, had sex with, and past relationships. Although it has worked for me in the past, helping me progress to the sexual stage faster, it may also be giving off negative vibes for something more serious? For what its worth, I did say I am up for a serious relationship.
  2. Yeah can you clarify that Leo hahaha, now you got me thinking I lost out on all these girls because I wasn't brutally honest and critical of them, I'll show them next time!!
  3. Still gotta take out them on a date and do all the usual stuff, dating app is just an introducer, but you might be right about the quality of women on there. As I mentioned earlier, most of the girls I've come across on the dating app say they're looking for a serious relationship, and they aren't interested in casual hookups. I agree with what you said in your dating video, some women claim they won't have sex but end up doing it anyway during the date, although from my experience that is a personality trait. Out of everyone I've talked to, there was only one girl who was upfront about not looking for anything serious and was interested in a casual hookup. I have to admit that her honesty really turned me on, and I respected her the most for being straightforward. It allowed me to have a good time without getting emotionally hurt, and when things eventually ended, there were no hard feelings between us. I think this is how these situations should be handled. It seems like I have a recurring problem where I bring up my exes and past dates too often. Several girls have mentioned this to me in the past, and even my last girl told me after we broke up that she felt like she couldn't measure up to my past best girlfriend. I'm wondering if this habit of mine is repelling women away or does it actually make them jealous, what do you think? They have never explicitly said this a reason for ending things though.
  4. Based on my observation, the main difference between online dating and meeting people in person is that an average girl can receive around 50 likes and messages on each dating app, with a few high-value matches. However, in the real world, even an attractive girl who is not on dating apps is unlikely to receive that many approaches, and the level of engagement is not as easily accessible. Although I know I should approach girls in person, I find online dating more convenient and popular than ever before, and it requires less effort, and seeing as I get results unlike some guys, I don't want to drop it. Interestingly, during my holiday in Thailand last year, the tables turned, and I was receiving a lot of attention from local girls due to being a foreign tourist, which made me appear high value, and I was able to date multiple girls who did not leave me. Yeah, unfortunately, even when a girl becomes your girlfriend, she could still betray you by seeking other options. In my experience, some girls have even gone on dates with other people behind my back. The narcissistic girl I dated would download the dating app every time we had an argument, which was frustrating. It seems that the grass is always greener on the other side, especially when it comes to online dating. Girls can become addicted to the attention and options that online dating provides. I guess to protect myself from heartbreak, I need to change my perspective and approach online dating differently. Perhaps I should treat dates as "free hookers" and keep it casual, preferably ghosting them after sex. It's unfortunate that some girls are so entitled and spoiled, but the truth is, girls want the most attractive and high-value partners. But then often complain about being cheated on, or men not wanting commitment, but they fail to realize that they're all going for the same shiny fish in the sea, hence the obvious results. It's interesting how life balances things out. I'm glad that older women lose appeal and attention, and they're not as desirable as they once were. I remember how my mother used to look like a typical Russian hot babe with tall, blonde hair, green eyes, and a busty figure. When I was a child, I remember she received a lot of attention, but now that she's in her 50s and has anger issues (also a victim narcissist), she complains that no one pays attention to her anymore. I just laughed and said yeah, you lost your youth and beauty, and your personality was always shit to begin with, you got what you deserved, that got her yelling and throwing a slipper or two at me
  5. Interesting, why do you consider this to be a huge red flag? Personally I think it’s quite common for women to cry and get emotional, especially a difficult conversation such as a breakup, I’ve made women cry many times. I’d like to point out she wasn’t sure about the breakup, actually she didn’t want to bring it up, she only brought it when I started to question her because she didn’t want to have sex, initially she was using the excuse of “she didn’t shave down there” but I knew this was an excuse so I open her up where she admitted she was unsure about her feelings for me. Don’t you think it’s possible that maybe these girls weren’t that into me but my game or ability got them to sleep with me, but they didn’t want something long term with me? I’ve never had a girl beg for me, besides a few relationships where I tried to break up with them. I’d also like to point out, whenever I have tried to play it cool, or uninterested, or went quiet for days/weeks the girls just lost interest without a care in the world. You have to understand that its extremely hard to keep a girl consistently swept off her feet for weeks or months hoping she will be ready to be your girlfriend when she is getting 50 messages a day on dating apps, with some of those guys being really handsome and/or wealthy too. Don’t you think most girls would still choose to entertain these guys, (like just for fun / to meet new people) even if she was moderately happy with her current guy? I mean why the hell not right? Guys would do it too. Like I said I don’t feel like I was extremely nice to this girl, her standard was very low as she used to be into bad boys who treated her bad, but she aware of her bad decision making. For example, the narcissist girl I dated for four months, would say I’m a terrible boyfriend who doesn’t support and care for her etc. Sigh, sometimes this can all be so much bullshit. Yeah I’m trying to work out why I’m repelling these women, I can’t figure it out logically which is the frustrating thing with these women as they more emotional, I don’t understand how a woman goes from having a fun day, having sex with me three times to three day later where she doesn’t want to be with me anymore, with nothing happening in-between within that time. Leo, in your 3 part dating series you said you don’t do online dating right, because it’s all about looks? Maybe you haven’t experienced what it’s like to date girls who exclusively use dating apps to meet guys? Do you have any advice how to deal with these breakups better? They seem to be shattering my heart, especially the ones where I like the girl and feel the lost immensely.
  6. Also i would say there is one other major flaw with online dating, i feel like that girls don't actually stop dating others whilst dating me, so I'm always one date away from being replaced.
  7. Fair enough, however, in the case of my last relationship, I went above and beyond to make the girl feel special. For my birthday, I took her to a hidden rooftop terrace for dinner, which she claimed was one of the best places she'd ever been to. We then went to play mini-golf, which she insisted on paying for because it was my special day. Despite attracting attention due to her loud excitement, we had a great time. Later, I took her to a hidden bar at a Hilton hotel where we drank on the terrace before spending the night together. However, just three days later, she came over to break up with me. Despite my efforts to make her happy by cooking for her and buying her favourite dessert, she was in tears, claiming that I was too nice and that she didn't deserve my kindness. She said she was unsure about our relationship and would prefer to see other people. She mentioned multiple times there isn’t anyone else and that’s why she wants to break up before trying something like that. Perhaps one of the reasons for her decision was my stance on her spending alone time with male colleagues. When she mentioned going out drinking alone with a married male colleague, I found it inappropriate and suggested that if she wanted a serious relationship, she shouldn't be spending time with other men. I also mentioned that if she chose to do so, I would continue to date other women too. Although she didn't like it, she agreed that it wasn't appropriate for her to be alone with a male, especially as she wasn’t okay with the opposite. Maybe I came off as too controlling early on, but this should go both ways. Maybe you're right it could be a bad streak, 11 sexual encounters isn't a big sample size, 2-3 of them were my fault as i refused a serious relationship. But its crazy how my first 3 girlsfriends where all longterm as opposed to what im getting off dating apps. So Leo, you don't think the "grass is greener" sydrome is a legitimate thing in online dating? Basically its the idea that girls have indinfinite options online, so they won't settle down or be happy with their choice. unless like the perfect guys comes along, who is basically attractive, rich, has the persoanlity, and is loyal/willing to settle?
  8. Based on my experience visiting a tourist destination in Thailand over a year ago, I must say that I grew tired of the constant attention as a male. In the span of four weeks, I went on dates with ten different girls I met through dating apps. Some dated me consistently throughout my holiday whilst some even wanted money in return for sex. I received an overwhelming amount of attention from bar girls trying to hit on me, people trying to sell me things, and random individuals touching me without my consent. Girls were even hitting on me a the nightclub when I was with my date! In one instance a girl even gave me her phone number whilst my date was standing right next to me in the nightclub. I even experienced sexual assault from a couple of lady boys as well as unwanted touching from regular ladies. Eventually, one of my dates took me to a different town where I was left alone, and it felt like a refreshing break from the constant attention. This experience made me realize that wanting something that we do not have may not always be as appealing as it seems. Although it is unfair that women receive most of the attention, I discovered that I could also grow tired of the opposite. Perhaps taking a trip to a similar location like Thailand can provide some perspective for you, or when you in dire need of such attention?
  9. This is not true dude, didnt the first girl who hit on you at the gym dump your ass because you had weak game , i still remember some bits of your past videos vividly in my memory
  10. When it comes to high value, my financial value may not necessarily fit the bill since I currently share my living space with others. Which gives away my financial circumstances. However, I am not interested in being with someone who values me solely for my financial status. Individuals who prioritize such traits are not my preference and would likely be more suited for casual relationships. On a positive note, I have received compliments on the cleanliness and pleasant scent of my room. In terms of physical appearance, I consider myself to be average, but have been complimented on my height and appearance in person. While I do not compare to these male Instagram models, I have taken time to capture decent photos and made some enhancements in Photoshop, mainly to make the photos look more professional. I do think I am pulling girls with charisma, humour, and personality, however, I have concerns that once a woman has been intimate with me, she may feel that she has learned all there is to know about me. I am typically quite talkative, especially if the other person is more reserved. I wouldn't describe myself as having weak game, I have taken steps to improve my dating skills, such as watching your 3-part series on dating and taking notes for each video, as well as your previous videos on how to attract women from years ago, I am also a fan of Corey Wayne's work. When I had very long-term relationships in the past, I never even read any dating advice. So these advices may have made me more of a f**k boy material or it's just online dating in general. I am not sure about deep rapport; hasn’t deep rapport been established already if a woman is willing to sleep with me? It may be worth noting that I tend to date Asian women, who may have more emphasis on financial status and career. Haha, I must admit that most of my relationships have ended with the other person breaking things off with me, unlike you Leo. Even when I am not particularly invested in the person, I do not initiate breakups and instead express that I am not seeking a serious relationship at the moment. This usually leads to a friend’s-with-benefits arrangement until they eventually leave.
  11. Why would I be butthurt, I have access to midjourney too, I'm not afraid of someone's keyword prompts, or envious about it. Digital artwork is crap now, I can't appreciate it no longer knowing it could have been ai generated in seconds.
  12. its like when people get annoyed when leo doesnt release a video but then they havent seen his 400 or so old and outdated videos. haha
  13. Theres 8 billion people on the planet, there is no shortage of content anywhere, in games, movies, tv or youtube. We have so much content now its paralysis by analysis. People usually complain about there is no good game or movie, actually there are many great, hidden little gems that go unnoticed because people actually play popular games then they moan and b**** about how every game sucks and no one is creating anything new. The hardest part about youtube is not creating an amazing video, it's getting thosuand, millions and billions of organic views on it. just look at the steam library of games, it's a headace.
  14. Fixed that for you Leo, it's a little more respectful towards real artist who actually have some technical and draughtsmanship ability. It's also more specific and accurate. You wouldn't take credit for a human artist's painting even if you comissioned him, why do it with AI art? Obviously the art of KEYWORDS and SELECTING best generated images. lol
  15. I have a computer, but i am not claiming i am an expert, programmer, or an artist or anything for that matter for having a computer. The delusion is the fact you think you're a digital artist or painter now because you have AI doing everything. (This doesn't only apply to you but thousands of people now who will use AI, which does undermine and devalue artist, which was a non issue before). You've literally gone to the f**king gym put a Hydraulic Floor Jack and lifted a bunch of weights now you're walking around thinking you're a weight lifter and a gym goer, and the "Hydraulic Floor Jack" is "JUST A TOOL DUDE". You've completely missed the point in the reason for lifting weights or being an artist for that matter. Because in fact you're not an artist in any field that requires draughtsmanship. I agree you should stop talking about art, it's not your field and none of your videos or past content has indicated you have done any sort of art. Level desiging using ready made assets is also why you're probably into AI art, you dont like creating art, you like directing art. But would Leonardo Da vinci, Van goth, or Picasso be who they are today if they had no draughtsmanship but just told other artist what to paint? Which of these terms do you think in all honesty describes the situation of someone using AI to create art more accurately?: "Artist" or, "AI Art user".
  16. Except when you use a computer and art software the canvas is blank, its just a digital version of a blank canvas. You don't offload EVERYTHING to an AI to create artwork for you. You simply not getting this. Don't bring up strawman ego debates. I don't care if you consider your video's art, it's no different than someone taking a dump in a toilet and calling it art, im not going to debate your loose term of "art". I don't mean contemporary art either where someone sticks a banana to a wall (that goes back to a turd in a bowl being art). When i say ART i mean traditonal art, as in drawings, paintings, sculpture, which can all be done in a digital medium. AI art is mimicking drawings and paintings and doing all the work. It is not some other field of art, like contemporary art. You are not an artist in that sense, If you think you're an artist in that sense for making an AI do all the work for you, whilst you can't sketch to any acceptable professional level, you should really, really stop being disrespectful to real artists. You're also being a hypocrite, I remember you've bashed on people in your previous videos for trying to mimic your videos in the past.
  17. @Leo Gura PS. I do agree that AI can be used as a tool by established/skilled artist, for generating ideas, colour themes, inspiration. None of that is my concern, or my argument. People like you who have not taken years and training in this sector of digital painting or art, who think they are artist now because they have AI auto completeing artwork with mere words is the problem. I think AI should take 95% of the credit and 5% credit for the word prompts the user has put in, that would be plenty generous enough. If someone makes money from AI art, i personally feel that 95% of the profits should go to the AI and its creators, as they pretty much did most of the work. I think the AI creators are being too generous they should milk those usage policy to show who the real boss is.
  18. Go play with your clip art generator. I'm going to steal your content and rehash it and call myself a self improvement guru. Imagine someone having this amazing portfolio of artwork on their website but then they can't sketch anything with pencil on paper to any decent ability. Imposter syndrome actualized. Tracing is a tool, yet it is frowned upon, did you know most traditional art schools don't allow you to trace? Even the best artist say you should only trace once your have mastered the ability to draw without tracing. Contemplate why the masters say that maybe?
  19. I think legally it will be fine, as the AI is generating something new by mixing and mashing, worse case scenario i think fair use will prevail here. I think it will be very hard to opt out of AI searches, in the same way it will be difficult to avoid all search engines. Personally I think AI is here to stay and digital artist got the biggest shaft in their life time than ever before. The "Push Button to make art" meme has turned into a reality. The Experienced aritst still has a advantage dont get me wrong, but the skill gap has been narrowed a lot more, you could have some like Leo who has no real experience in art and draughtsmanship go head to head with an experience artist and even win some competitions or gain more followers on social media etc. Pretty sure the norm is going to be NOT admitting to using AI art. If AI was more obvious, or people didnt lie about using AI art, then digital art would in a better safer position but that's not going to happen.
  20. We're not talking about what quantifies as "Art" You can take a photo of a turd and label it as art, and it would be debatable. We're talking about AI generated art directly replaces and competes with digital art, to the point that it's becoming indifferentiable. I could literally make an instagram account with AI generated art and do some paint overs get rid of some of the obvious AI evidence and then lie and claim that I masterfully painted all these myself and grow and milk my follower base. Seriously the DOUBLE STANDARDS IS SO F-ING UNREAL, if someone uses an AI bot to own in a mutli-player COD WARZONE instead of being hailed as gaming god or artist he'd be out casted and crucified. But when it comes to art its fine because 99% of the population doesn’t have artistic skill or draughtsmanship.
  21. Art was always accessible and enjoyable for people Leo. You just couldn't create amazing work by offloading 99% of the work to an AI. Your skill level reflected in the work of art. Yes you're heavily bias, i been saying it all along, thanks for admitting it. I hope you're also aware acutely that there is delusion of thinking you are creating artwork but if you were sincerely honest you would admit you're offloading nearly everything to the AI. The hours you're wasting on AI prompts is you're inability to communicate to the AI what you want, or experimenting with different results until you get lucky. A very sad f-ing day for digital artist, they will need to adapt by changing over to traditional means or becoming retouch/editting artist as it will not pay off to spend long hours hand painting things skillfully and masterfully anymore especially when people cannot tell if someone is lying about whether using AI art at all, they could easily claim all credit for it. I hope AI starts to replace everyone. So we no longer watch human's competing in anything but AI robots competing instead, to show how Farce all this **** is.
  22. Tools help you make art. AI actually makes art. lol Then you can use said tools to manipulate the already finished AI artwork further. nuff said. Future of digital artist = AI retouch artist.
  23. Mid journey can make very good art, unique and creative stuff too, and it will only get better. Its not the end for Orthodox artwork, its the end for most digital artist. They will all need to jump onto AI art and become Retouch / editting artist. Sad day for digital artist, this industry was always kind of abusive towards artist, but good luck! future art comissions be like: "Yo man I made this image using AI, i just want you to change X, Y , Z. can you do it? I give you $5"
  24. My point exactly, Leo who spent his entire life doing other things now a full fledged digital artist You win man, you do you!