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  1. This is frankly a topic beyond most people's "pay grade"... First, the idea of a "creationist" god that makes us to function in a particular way is absolutely ridiculous. It's a fact, that the Universe is a complex Chaotic structure. Chaos doesn't mean "random", it means set of basic rules that produce very complex results. Since the rules have particular idea, the creation also has particular structure. The ego itself is such complex structure that may have multitude of combinations and realizations. Are all of them "good"? Or how one can say which ones are "good". This is expressed via the actual development of this structure through space and time. It's absolutely naïve, that something is either absolutely "good" or absolutely "bad". So your first point is wrong since the ego is not a single things, it's not fixed. You can't even compare the ego of two different people, since while the rules of its creation were the same, they may take completely different direction. Human and animal egos are also very different. Animal and plant egos - again... To your second point, God has not reported to any of us, that it is surprised... what you mean, is that many of its creations turned out to be... quite dysfunctional, delusional, degenerative. This goes against this religious idea, that "god is good". Well, sorry, but this is human interpretations. The source of the creation is beyond any description. It contains everything around us. You can compare it with your own mind, which is not uniform, it contains a lot of stuff, with the potential of even more. Not all of these things can be described as "good". It's up to you, to gain understanding about yourself. Therefore, it's the same for "god". About the selfishness, it has two aspects - one is the experience, the other is perception. Animals have the experience of being selfish, but ultimately, they are all part of the same natural system which works in uniform together. Their perception is the instinct. The conflicts we see in nature, are just on individual level. The bigger picture however, resembles the will\rules of the creation. There is no conflict there, nature as a whole. The human world however is different, since you have the capacity to have mind of your own. Therefore you are not just selfish, you have also self absorbed perception. You don't really have "the big picture" (like an animal) and your strive for ego expression is channeled also through very small capacity of intellectual understanding. People's brains are small, very small compared to nature as whole. Therefore, just because you have the perception that you act selfishly, doesn't mean you actually act in your interest. To put in more simply, any ecosystem acts in a way to preserve it, not rationally, but as part of the natural instincts of all the inhabitants. They developed not individually, not by a choice, but as part of the natural evolution through millions of years of evolution. However, by now trying to use your small human underdeveloped brain, you try to act in self interest, which inevitably contains also the interest of the whole ecosystem, but you fail. New thing is born in this system - it's the seed of self destruction. And this process is inevitable. Didn't "god" saw all this? Well... will ask when I have the chance... but the simple answer is, it's your turn to experience and understand these things. You can't live as a child your whole life. The religions created this false narrative, that you are a child and someone will take care of you, tell you what to do... For what we know, whatever created the Big Bang, left or entered its own creation. Choose whatever you want to believe, the fact is - you are on your own. And resolution of this problem is in your own personal mind, not in even nature. This personal mind, which is your biggest enemy, is also the solution. Our natural state is that we don't know the truth, you are correct - you, almost all of us do not understand what is going on. We play this game of perception and delusion, without knowing why, without knowing even who we are. Who did that to us? Some god, or maybe we? I've spend unhealthy time communicating with people, and now I'm convinced, it's the second one. Therefore I do not believe is a creation sperate from its creator. You don't understand god, since you don't understand yourself. So, in some way... it's really simple.
  2. I'm not trying to enter religious discussion, just answering the author. First, I wouldn't advice you to think too much on such theological question. It's complicated and modern day Christianity is not famous for attracting thinking people... The so called trinity is a canon law. People that call themselves Christians must believe in it. That's it. Many things is Christianity, have ancient numerological meaning. Like 3 (the holy trinity, the 3 kings at the birth) , 4 - the cross, earth, 6 - humanity / the beast, 12 (the apostles, Jewish tribes, the zodiac). The true meaning of many of these symbols is lost for most. Now there is just dogma and repetition. Christian theologists are extremely touchy to call them dualistic, or that they are not monotheistic. And there is reason for that. It's Gnostic Christianity, that is actually the more ancient belief. From their perspective, the trinity makes more sense. Gnostics (note that there are all kinds of Gnostic sects also) believe in a Brahman like transcendental source. This is not a "person" that tell them what to do like in Abrahamic religions, it's really very close to Hinduism. This is the "Father". The "Son" is simple - it's the human being (not just Jesus, any human), the "Holy Spirit" is what animates the body. It's that part of "Brahman" that enters the corporeal realm. In that sense, Gnostic Christianity is actually very close to Hinduism/Buddhism. The "not self" / Maya / Illusion is the Son, the true\spiritual self is the "Holly Spirit", Brahman is the Father. All of these aspects create this reality, but they all come from the same one transcendental reality. Note that modern Christianity will deny this view. Just like Buddhists try to make themselves "unique" and deny that they are rehash of Hinduism, by badly translating their own books, and denying the transcendental self. This is why both modern Christianity and modern Buddhism have really hard time explaining some aspects of their beliefs.
  3. There are no paradoxes in life, just misanalysis... "I'm an introvert(INTP) but also developed my social skills " This by itself is contradiction too. Not that INTPs don't have "social skills", it's that their social behavior is on completely different level then the average. Therefore, INTPs feel unsatisfied and prefer to isolate themselves. This is reflecting back again, by not "learning" accepted social behavior, and therefore - double the dissatisfaction when "socializing" with groups. To be comfortable, but detached is actually very typical/average human behavior. You never had huge goals/believes or expectations in life. Therefore you have nothing to disappoint, nothing to strive for. Your animal needs (food, shelter, socializing) are satisficed, therefore you just drift. Since there is nothing physical, or psychological to drive you. Therefore life becomes nothing. You don't need to be a "nihilist" for that, nihilism is philosophy, it's intellectual. You get the natural experience, that doesn't require anything.
  4. When I was young, my answer was - no. Now, when I know the IQ and morality of the average human entity out there, I would say yes. It's the "lesser evil". God, as a conscious creator fantasized in most religions doesn't exist, and it's elementary to show. Our Universe was created based on Chaos. Actually, religion is anti-Chaos, the Bible is literally a law book, therefore - it's anti-creationist. The thing is, as a society, we need to act in a lawful way, to have common goals, and higher ideals. Alternatively, we have to live like animals, rule of the jungle. As we saw in the recent decades, after getting rid of Christianity, people in the west became highly materialistic, consumer oriented, egocentric, egoistic, mentally and emotionally stupid. But that's really our true nature - basic survivalism, existence with the least effort. In the past, the nature of the brute was very well understood. This is why it was privilege to be born in the Roman Empire and be a Christian for example. It was first and foremost - a status of culture, of being something more then an animal. Today is a different story...
  5. INTP and relationships? Sounds like oxymoron to me. And about the carrier... it's the easiest thing for those INTPs that actually want a carrier...
  6. I've met a lot of people, and while they feel disappointment and even desperation, they still have desire to participate on some level. You can't overcome desire with hate, it's a more complicated process where understanding replaces the emotions...