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  1. I'm sorry but what are you trying to say? Who is Joe? Joe Rogan? I am talking about Holotropic breathing which was founded by Stanislav Grof.
  2. Anyone here who practice HB? Do you practice it on a regular basis? In your personal experience, what benefits did it provide you? A bit off topic: Any books you've read on HB?
  3. How long do know like sit and think about the problems that are bugging you? Or how long do you contemplate about something and then document it (if necessary) in your journal? I mean do you after sometime feel bored of the daily dose of self-development work? How long after do you feel like that? 30 minutes? 1hr? Though imposing a strict time period may not be necessary for everyone but I just wanted to know if I'm feeling that as a result of continuous tinkering or becoming lazy too fast, haha.
  4. @Butters How often do you relapse?
  5. To be honest, I ejaculate (by watching porn) once a day, and I want to change this. And I read that periodically ejaculating is good for health - the semen regeneration and such. Now if that's the case how do you know that it's time to fap? Let's say you see some hot girl and you get aroused and you may do it. Or you may, after a few days, recall some similar incident and may do it, or it could be after you had a wet dream. I hope you understood what I mean. How do you know it is the right time? Doing it everyday, I do feel the bad effects - mind numb, de-sensitivity to everyday life (so worse that I can't feel now the same affection I had for my pet dog). So it's not an option for me. Not doing it all - I don't know I've tried the nofap way and managed (lot of struggle by the way) to not do it for little over a month. Now I'm thinking "in-between". Others have suggested previously to have sexual intercourse occasionally, but that's also not an option for me. Any input from you guys is wholeheartedly welcomed.
  6. @Keryo Koffa Happy New Year Now that you say that, I feel that's too much to expect from someone
  7. In what way one decides, or how can I or you come to a conclusion that the person I am speaking with, let’s say the other person is my friend, is speaking out of self interest (you know somehow it benefits them monetarily) or really has concern for me? One thing I came up with is, the one who has concern for me will go into details instead of just vaguely suggesting something? How about a person with a self-interest in mind wouldn’t let the other person (the one who needs help) speak? A bit rushing in tone? Frequently touch the other person’s shoulder while speaking? Yeah, body language alone is inaccurate for evaluation, that is something I noticed.
  8. What do you guys think of this? Does this mean geniuses like Tesla or Einstein's sense of purpose is insane? Or is the creation of nuclear weapons caused as a result or a by-product of purpose? Thank you (once more if you watched the video to answer here)
  9. It's quite interesting for me to read this thread. "Should you judge people on appearance?" No. Not if that makes you feel superior; that feeling, most often, kills empathy. And I ask myself first "Should I show/feel empathy?" My answer is Yes.
  10. Thank you all, going for it.
  11. The best strategy I can think of is: Read, and contemplate. Think where in your life can you apply it. Where you shouldn't apply it. When it's appropriate, and when not. As Leo said in one of his videos: If you really absorbed a self-help book you should see a change in your behavior.
  12. What do you think of books written by Miguel Don Ruiz? Are they good? Do you recommend? I’m thinking of going for “The Four Agreements”. Have anyone read that? Thanks.
  13. What do you mean by "pulse"?
  14. Not sure why I shake my legs most of the time. I am well aware that I am not stressed. Then why would I still do it? I tried to consciously shake my legs faster for a few minutes, that is intentionally doing it for a few minutes until my legs start to hurt. Do you think if I do this for a while I would stop shaking my legs at all? My feeling is that since I'd doing it consciously doing it, soon I'd conscious and stop shaking. Not sure what I said makes any sense to you. I just couldn't explain it.
  15. @Swarnim Thank you. This is not the first time you're answering my questions! Thank you, once again.