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  1. @Swarnim Yes.
  2. @Swarnim You really cherry-picked the problem I'm facing
  3. @Razard86 Thank you. I am really amazed how you could share your knowledge so articulately (I have read your other answers too previously)
  4. Not really, I am a very curious guy since childhood but I feel like you're right - if I think about the past 4-5 years of my life.
  5. @Sabth I'm 26. Healthy? not sure about that, but I am a skinny guy and just a little over 55 Kg, mostly bone weight haha.
  6. And most importantly you've to remember that you're not losing any thing by giving up porn. You're not sacrificing anything.
  7. Very motivational! I love this line "SPARTAN LIKE DISCIPLINE"
  8. @effortlesslumen Thank you! Will check it.
  9. I was at a gathering today. I spoke to a person who I know. He asked me what I was doing (related to work), and he's almost working in the same field as I do - in the field of cloud. He's especially a web developer, and a manager as well so he's acquainted with the DevOps things as well. I know him, I used to admire him for the sort of mindset he has. However, the way he talked to me today, I felt like he had the attitude - the attitude senior experienced guys have towards someone who's not. I didn't feel offended as I noticed some changes in his body language. The assertive tone he had while he is speaking with a group of people, and my father was in the group. Whether or not to read a book on body language, that indecision has been on my mind for a while. After today's incident, I was a bit interested to take a look into it. So are there any good books? I see there are books but they explicitly concentrate on how one person places their legs or hands while sitting or something. I want to read some book that's good - good in the sense that it's a good starting point, which pushes me in the right direction.
  10. @Charlotte The kind of feeling that I had in my childhood to do something just because I liked doing it. Often I remember that I wanted to do something but since it's already time for bed I used to force myself not to get off the bed but to sleep and do it after I woke up in the morning - just some remote control car things. I used to be interested in electronics those days. To put it simply: I lack that curiosity now. Two days ago I pulled off my affirmation that I wrote by myself a long time ago after reading Murphy's books, plus I'm trying visualization - visualizing that I have what I feel that I lack now. I feel that helps.
  11. I am a person who in the past have commited suicide multiple times. Now I am not depressed or something but I simply do not have the desire to do anything. If you could take away the pain involved in dying, I would even accept being killed. I know that this is not a good place to ask, but let’s say you are in my situation. What would you do? I am now a normal person, but I just lack the desire. Maybe the only desire I have right now is to have a desire.
  12. @something_else Using imagination for masturbation is healthy? I thought the first one is less bad. Wouldn't imagining won't hit hard? I mean like if imagination is not so powerful why would athletes extensively use imagination for rehearsals?
  13. Which has more effort on the mind? I mean in the negative sense. I know both of these shouldn't be done extremely, but generally speaking.... Ejaculating while watching porn or ejaculating by imagining having sexual intercourse with an actress during masturbation?
  14. Happy birthday Leo!
  15. I learn several things just like we all do. My work gives me the opportunity to study more, basically, I have ample time to study. So I spend my time studying things that will help me at work - to do more at work (of course I am not clear as to what to learn, and I am a bit confused about it). Let's say there are two different concepts. One is related to web development (the one I am also interested in learning, nothing to do with work and a noob in this area) and the other is related to the cloud (servers and all that, no programming here). Now how do I learn these - like split my time? Splitting time equally doesn't make sense to me as I may be switching to the second topic when I shouldn't - to maintain the flow. And so here I feel that splitting time has to be done in some other way. Not sure how I go about this. Any ideas? And do you think I'm multitasking if I am learning two different concepts on the same day? Or do I spend a few days, let's say on web development, then when I feel like I have learned a few chapters and switch to the other concept (cloud things) when I don't feel like I've sort of switched out abruptly from the first concept (web development things) In case you feel like I'm having trouble sticking to one thing, yes. That's right, but I'm trying not to poke my nose into too many things. I still didn't find what to master, and at the same time, I need to learn work-related things to make a living (still a non-committed guy) in the hope that I can use the time to find out what I wanted to master. Then this will be a single path, no diversions, how twisted the path may be. So how do I go about this? How can I split the time so that I can effectively learn instead of multitasking (if I'm doing it)?