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  1. @Jez the grass is always greener but I feel you've made the right choice. It's a conscious decision that's looking to solve the greater problems of the world. You're following your ethical side and instincts which is important to have a rewarding life. Being part of the industry is being part of the problem as mining has a bad rep for the environment and it's feeding the greater corporate greed system. Hardly conscious. I feel a lot of people ignore the environmental side - even if their gut tells them otherwise, or justify it to themselves that the impact is not as bad as other industries. Eg. Underground gold mining vs. coal mining. After all, having a good income is (arguably) part of survival.
  2. i'd like to get some opinions on FIFO work. FIFO being an Australian term for "fly-in/fly-out". Essentially it's based on mining and allows one to live in a city or whatever you want and fly to work a remote mine site for a period of time. I've been doing this for a long time now and love it due to the lifestyle it gives. Eg. 8 days on, 6 days off. I'm in a good position but wouldn't say this is my passion as it's going against some of my values (eg. corporate greed etc.). I have the opportunity to do a roster of 16 days on, 12 days off. With the plan to spend a bulk of this time off (and whilst at work) doing conciousness work and living freely. The days are long (12 hours) but the pay is really good and will allow myself at 30 to set myself up for an early retirement - currently not in a finanacially good position, but not in debt) So doing 192 hour months (averages to a normal 40 hour week really) but allows bulk time away from work. So the predicament is this, which I think is the same for anyone my age who has come across life purpose material: 1) Go for this new job, earn a heap of money to allow for financial freedom (one of my values) and in the time off integrate life purpose and conciousness work 2) Stick with current job - Over it and need a change but doing a 8days on, 6 days off roster - Save up some money to take time off and persue life purpose I guess where i'm going with this is that i've put in the hard work to get into the position i'm in now but it's not a life purpose. I love mining due to the lifestyle but a lot of time is being sacrificed for work aswell - but the time off is very attractive. I'm leaning towards the first option. No it's not my life purpose, but it gives me the lifestyle I want, will allow financial freedom and will allow me to grow spiritually - moreso than doing a dead-end 9-5 job and with 12 days off there's time to work on life purpose too - or being distracted by entertainment because "i've earnt it". I've never done 5 day work weeks and it's no very attractive to me. 2 days off a week doesn't seem like enough time to achieve anything away from work. The downfall is the potential for burn-out or being so exhausted from working 16 days of 12 hour shifts that the time off is partially just recovering and resting. Anyway, Let me know what you think. Anyone else do this kind of lifestyle?
  3. I hope I understand what you're saying here Leo but I struggle with this a lot. People close to me are like "what's you're opinion on this?" when my opinion is generally "there's two sides to every story, everyone feels just as justified in their own argument as the person with the counter argument. Let them have their opinion and try not to let it affect you". I don't know what's true or false because there's two sides to every story and to weed out what's ego driven or emotionally driven is hard to separate from something that's been ingrained from culture. To find what's authentic vs. inauthentic has opened my eyes, once you find what your authentic opinion or view is then it doesn't matter what others say. As I read this I was scouring the internet for a book on discovering your authentic self. Is there any suggestions from anyone or if there's one on the book list, what category is this under?
  4. I forget the exact statistics but around 90% of people who try self help get a little to nothing out of it. The 1-9% get a decent amount of growth out of it, and there's the 1% who get a whollllleee lot of life changing information and growth. The other 90% are too lazy, do not have enough discipline, don't take it seriously enough and end up wasting their money and their lives by not grabbing the little bits of wisdom along the way, implementing them for a sufficient amount of time and taking fucking action. I am one of those 90% of people. The life purpose course was purchased in December 2016, I have made it through maybe a third of it. - Imagine where I could be 3 years later by listening to this strange personal intuition from the universe. A common place was created in December 2016 to try and create some direction and growth in my life. Very little entries have been made, the books read and audio books listened to have gone in one ear and out the other. Meditation and self discovery - This is something that I feel incredibly interested in and once again, have fallen off the bandwagon with laziness, mundane distractions and external entertainment which personally, I don't find all that interesting anyway. Then there's this nagging, impulsive feeling and thought in the back of my head; you're wasting your precious time, you don't know anything about yourself, you're being a slave to the system and not taking any fucking action, not creating the life you want to live and just coasting away like everyone else. But have you seen everyone else? They are miserable, stressed out, controlled by irrational thoughts and emotions and constantly looking for external gratification. I am Doobz and I am the other 90%. But things have to and will change now. I will not continue on like this. I will create some direction in life, I will be meditating frequently and I will create a life that I am proud of.
  5. I don’t understand the whole suction thingy. Anyone else have this problem or is google the go?
  6. Here's my ramblings. So currently i'm working in the Mining Industry as an Engineer. I chose this path because of money and the life style. "Working 60% of the year is awesome" I said to myself. But there's no loving, no passion. I feel surrounded by non-compassionate people, striving to make as much money as possible and somewhere deep down this feels immoral. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Then I look to the future, do I want to be doing 12 hour shifts being a monkey for the rest of my career and maybe end up having a house paid off? There has to be more. So that lead me on this adventure down Now, I am only at the begining stages of this course but the question of "what can I do for society" is constantly playing on my mind. I have a tremendous amount of admiration for those who put other people first. Doctors, nurses, volunteers... they're all very noble career paths and it helps create some beautiful selfless people. So i'm looking for a life purpose that can help people. Something that gives one a feeling of accomplishment without money. Post uni, I always craved to study maths again. Looking inside myself, I can feel maths just feels right which inturn leads to Engineering. A different path of Engineering that i'm currently at. Civil Engineering or Water Engineering. Somewhere where I can use maths and problem solving and relate it to poverty and come up with innovative solutions to water problems in 3rd world countries. Whether or not this is my life calling, who knows, but currently at video #28 through the series, this is a path that seems to be standing out to me.