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  1. oh dear god! I was writing this on my phone and accidentally posted this in the completely wrong thread. I didnt think I had posted this in the politics section………. That’s embarrassing. how do you move this?
  2. In the last couple of months since having my baby I have had a problem I do not know how to deal with and that is suffering. Not my own suffering but other peoples suffering. Sry if this is a wierd post or if I’m posting this in the wrong thread. I was in great suffering in my teen years. This was in combination of all sorts of things. I had a few spiritual experiences as a teen that led me into a massive existential crisis, which I think played a huge part in this. But I could list multiple things that led me to feel like ass at the time but I won’t since this isn’t my intention with this post. When I met my partner 3 years ago at 19 I was a complete mess and I had nothing ( he was as well otherwise he would never agree to be with me and vice versa) and something happend. I died, literally died. Not physically, but my identity collapsed and it was the most horrific thing I have ever experienced in my life. I was in a wierd paralysing state of mind for MONTHS, I was a walking shell. I was in a constant state of panic wanting it all to just go away and I tried everything possible to snap myself out of it. It took me a long time to recover from this and after 2-3 months I slowly started coming back from it and I mean SLOWLY. It took me a year until I felt alright with with. Then I got pregnant, at the worst possible time ofc. I was still trying to build myself back up from this and understand what the hell had happend to me during that time. Nonetheless I gave birth and things suddenly became very real to me. It wasn’t until I gave birth when I feel like I finally completely came out of it, like I could understand what this whole thing was about. The chock of the birth, being so close with life and being forced to surrender to life, enlightened me, spiritually and the dread I had been feeling in my soul came to an end. Having a kid changes everything for everyone but for me It is like my spirit woke up and I saw the world and people around me with a new set of eyes. Everything that I had suppressed came to the surface. As a kid I saw auras around other people for example which faded a bit with time. I also had bursts of overwhelming joy as a child that would happen if I was present in the moment with the universe. Everything became so beautiful and I would cry. This all came back to me after giving birth but so much more intensely, which is absolutely wonderful! However suffering also became very real to me. I am not stuck in suffering as I was years ago, I’m very happy where I am and I have a very clear direction in life, but it pains me to see the world in pain. I am so painfully aware of suffering that I see it everywhere I go. Many people who are “happy” working 9 to 5 seem dead to me. I see suffering in the most cruel people and have emphathy for them, even if they have committed the most heinous acts. The entire world seems so immature to me and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to navigate myself through this.
  3. @Hibahere Trust me they exist but they don't get space in media becuase they are to controversial, LOL! Germaine Greer is a great feminist in my opinion(who has been controversial ), I don't fully agree with her but she makes many valid points and I respect the shit out of her. Modern feminsts today have no clue about the history of feminism which is embarissing and have not read or done any real research. They just think that screaming equality is feminism, but actually many feminists have been critiscising the idea of equality as being conservetive, particuraly feminists who also lable themsleves anarhcists and/or libetarians. Even if you are not an anarchist at all, I think looking up the perspective of these feminsists (Emma Goldman is one example) is a good idea becuase anarchists really ask the question what means to be human in a different way. I generally think everybody should read some anarchist litterature becasue you will get a completey different understanding of society, even if you don't agree. Things like free education is an anarchist idea from the beginning, for example. Anyways, there are many types of feminsts out there and saying that onlyfans is feminism is kind of wrong. Many feminists are "Anti sexwork" and there are many opinions on the topic. Radical feministst for example sees sexwork as a result of unfortunate situations. A woman who is a sexwoker is so becuse she is poor, an addict, have mentalhealth issues etc. Basicly the idea here is that a woman would not willingly be a sexworker and that a woman cannot do sexwork and be happy with it. While a sexpositive feminist on the other hand might say that a woman actually can choose sexwork from free will and even if she does it out of poverty for example it does not mean she is suffering from doing sexwork. Sexposivie feminists are usally more on the liberal/libetarian side, while radical feminists tend to be more marxist and/or communist. Some feminsits belive that we are androgynous and that we are socialised into male and female, while some feminsts seperate men and women and think that biology plays a part. Some feminsts topics include: * Sexwork ( as mentioned) * Child Birth/ Pregnancy/Breasfeeding * Domestic violence * Abortion * Female mutilation * Education * relationships * Body image *Sexuality
  4. @StarStruck This is something women do partly to boost their ego, the explanations that women are attracted to status is not the whole picture to this phenomenon. Many times this has nothing to with the guy per se, (That she finds you attractive etc) but it is a competition thing between women. Women who do this wants you to notice her because this will hopefully get the other woman that you are showing interest in upset, jealous etc…. Maybe even get her to embarrass herself. If the woman you show interest in reacts she “Won the competition” so to speak, which then boosts her ego. The guy will also get his ego boosted, thinking he is a chick magnet. (which she also knows) But in reality she was never interested in you, she just wanna shove it in the other womans face “that she is more attractive”, of higher status or whatever. If she was interested in you genuinely and found you attractive she would have shown interest from the start. This is what women in their masculine act like, they love drama and will start drama with other women and try to make eachother jealous. Feminine women don’t involve themselves in this bs, they simply chose to walk away. If a woman flirts with my man I don’t react, it is up to him to put his foot down and say no.
  5. @Javfly33 Maturity means a lot of things, settling down and being boring is not one of them. You have not transcended “Maturity”, your definition of maturity is that of a 15 year old who is rebelling against their parents and don’t wanna grow up. Maturity is how you respond to aspects of your life, how you deal with situations, your emotions and the people around you. Being mature means:(just to name a few) * having an open mind and not feeling threatened by opinions different than yours. *Having genuine empathy and understanding for other people. Treating them with respect (Don’t be a jerk) * Having true optimism in your abilities, without ego. Arrogance is a sign of immaturity. *admitting your errors and flaws, Not thinking you know everything and not blaming other people for your failures. * Taking responsibility for your emotions. Not blaming other people for your feelings. * Not expecting people or society to cater towards you And/or playing victim. *Being able to apologise *Being honest with yourself and others * Knowing your boundaries and being able to communicate them efficiently.
  6. @meta_male shir, please….. he is an adult and 100% responsible for his own maturity, there is no excuse. I didn’t mature bc of luxury, I matured because I was held accountable and told to grow the fuck up.
  7. Jesus never claimed to be god, even though Christians love to say “Jesus is God” . Christians don’t follow Jesus, if they did they would be reading the Torah because Jesus was a Jew. My boyfriend calls Christians “Dirty Corrupt Jews” lol. they quote Paul and follow his word but they don’t actually give a fuck about Jesus. You can’t convince a Christian that they are going against the bible. The reason why they get upset is probably because they know deep down they are already doing it and are in denial about it. Christians are extremely conservative unlike Jews who are known to be very liberal. The most prominent anarchists, like Emma Goldman have been Jewish for example. Jews are not nearly as conservative and boring. Christians will condem alcohol left to right, but Jews don’t give a fuck, they party HARD, even the most orthodox ones. You will see Orthodox Jew get blackout drunk and then start praying fanatically. Jews tend to be more liberal when it comes to drugs as well so you will probably have better luck convincing a Jew to take some acid and experience the non dual than a Christian.
  8. I 100% agree with you and I seem to be the only one in this thread who does. I used to act this way when I was a teenager and right after I graduated highschool for a year or two, then I matured.
  9. @Alexop You are wrong. The Swedish democrats did not get the most votes. The Social Democrats actually got the most votes (As usual) and did better than in the last election. The Social democrats are also not a liberal party, they are rather conservetive.
  10. @Joel3102 Please tell me where in Europe you will get arrested for speech?
  11. @Leo Gura Oh shit, your reply came right after my post and I was so confused, I thought I had been mistaken for a absolutists, lol.
  12. @Tyler Robinson You clearly did not get the message I was sending out. Nobody said that women don't do these things, what I said was that these things are not feminine and the result of unresolved trauma/Emotions. I provided an explonation towards why women end up in these situations and also gave some pointers to how women can improve, which you obvs missed so I will try again. The first thing I pointed out is to redefine your defintion of femininity becuase your idea of femininity is completley off. You can't improve in this area if you don't even know what femininity is to begin with. Many of these behaviours in women you have pointed out are not feminine,(Even if they are not uncommon in women) it is women stepping into their masculine to protect themselves emotionally. The solution here is to step into your feminine, allowing it and accepting it which is a difficult thing to do for many of these women becuase it means dealing with difficult emotions from the past. A woman who has expereinced emotional trauma will move in her masculine because she is forced to, in order to protect herself and that is why a woman acts like this. You typed: This is EXACTLY how a woman who has been hurt emotionaly and haven't dealt with thoes emotions thinks, I have seen this way to many times. This is not only masculine thinking, but this way of thinking is why you get in trouble. It is very clear in your post that you associate femininity = weakness, I don't know if that is a conscious assosciation or not and you clearly have a strong rejection against your own femininity. You are correct in that you shouldn't submit easily, you need to chose wisley as a woman what man to submit to and have good pussy managment. But don't forget there is a power in submitting and that it should never feel wrong or unsafe to do so. In that case you should leave. The idea that women are just poor judges of male character is untrue. Women know damn well when a man is showing bad character(Im a woman myself, I know how this works I cannot be fooled) women just doesn't admit it in the moment or afterwards and bullshit about "Oh but I didn't know........" Yes you did, you knew. You just thought you could change him so you flat out ignored the red flags, because your self worth is shit and now you feel guilty about it so you say you didn't know to protect yourself from the truth. You wanna keep living in denial and rather play the victim becuase it is less hurtful. Also we can't talk about "Women in toxic relationships". It takes two people to create a toxic relationship in the first place, a toxic relationship goes both ways so there are just as many men in toxic relationships as there are women. A toxic relationship happens when two toxic, immature and self destructive people come together and don't wanna change. Her not leaving the toxic relationship is toxic, becuase the only one stopping her from leaving is herself. The only time a woman can't leave a relationship is when she is abused so badly that she is isolated and/or finacially dependent on the man and her life is in danger, but that is very rare. In most abusive relationships the abuse is actually mutual. Majority of the times when a woman gets hit in the face, she has infact herself abused the man as well. It is just that women are more likley to die or get severly injured in the argument becuase she is not as strong. Very rarley is the abuse one sided, and when it is, it is more common that it is the woman abusing the man. This is just statistics, she doesn't just "fall in love with a scumbag", it is two scumbags falling in love with eachother more often than not. That or she is in severe denial and thinks she can "Fix him". Which is, of in it self extremly manipulative becuase what that really means is that she wants to mold him into what she wants him to be, so she will try to control him. But she doesn't admit this to herself ofc, becuase in her mind she is not being manipulative. In her mind she is being "Empathetic" becuase she is trying to fix him. (By literally attempting to control everything he does bc she "Knows whats best for him")
  13. @Tyler Robinson I see zero evidence that women are less intrested in spirituality, maybe you are hanging around in spiritual communities where men gather. I know plenty of spiritual communies that are predomenently female. The first shamans where women, femininty is creation and wisdom, Women are the first teachers becuase us as women have a direct connection to life becuse we carry it. Also being intrested in science has nothing to do with if you lead with intelligence or not in your life, it is irrelevant. Studies also show that women are more picky with men, that is how natural selection works. So the idea that you have that men asses more is wrong. Men are just as likley to date shitty women as women are dating shitty men. If you wanna improve as a woman you need to start leading with intelligence and realize that femininity is not about being emotional, it is about being intuitive yes, but not emotionaly destructive. What you also need to do is to redefine your definiton of masculine and feminine radicly, becuase you have it all backwards and you are clearly not in touch with your feminine. You have to get rid of the idea that it is unfeminine to lead with intelligence, it is not and you need to go and seriously start studying womanhood and get a proper definiton of masculine and feminine. Look at different cultures and women in history etc. Your feminine power comes from your intelligence, tapping into your uniqe wisdom, as well as your charm and wit, not being an emotional wreck. The reason why my expereince is different, is because I know my self worth, I lead with my intelligence and I don't surround myself with women who are self destructive . I didn't find better people at random, I attracted them to me by being my best self, the people in your life is a reflection of you. When you stop putting up with bullshit the bullshit will leave your life, that does not make me as a woman more masculine. Feminine women don't play the victim, they don't put up with bs, they walk away and set up boundries to conserve their energy to something more productive. Women who end up in abusive relationships do so because they have low self worth, it is her excusing his behaviour and not setting boundries/walking away that allows him to continue. The red flags are always there but she ignores them, it is a self worth problem, not a femininity problem. A woman with self worth don't attract these men in the first place and if she does and start noticing some bullshit, she will simply walk away. If you belive you don't deserve better you won't get anything better, that is a fact. The most feminine women are some of the most intelligent and well articualted people on the planet. What you are describing is called unresolved trauma and actually not real femininity. Feminine women chose their partners carefully, masculine women are the ones who don't do it. Women who act like you are describing are not in touch with their true feminine and let their masculine side take over to protect them from getting hurt, like they have been in the past. Also touching on this point: The sexual meeting between a prostitute is radicly different from having a one night stand. First of all, many prositutes have regulars that she actually forms a bond with, many prostitues have clients that come to her for years on end. Any sexworker knows that the emotinal connection is important, because that is what makes clients coming back and regulars are the ones she makes the most money off. When you have a one night stand you don't disscus with the person before hand what you should do during the sex act. But when you go to an escort you will go into detail about what it is that you want before hand and the escort will either decline you or accept you and set a price. There is a deeper connection in the meeting between the prostitute and a client, than a man and a woman having a one night stand becuase you basicly work as a therapist to these men.
  14. Feminine Women don't end up with abusers, Women with low self worth end up with abusers. There is nothing sexy or feminine about having a shitty confidence and emotional problems. You not knowing what kind of partner is best for you is a problem that has nothing to do with what you have between your legs. Men chose shitty women all the time, it is just that the consequenses are not the same and not as visible. Feminine women lead with intelligence, they have their emotions under control and they don't chose shit guys because they actually have a sense of self worth. Also what is up with this "Women are careless" kinds of bs? Women are the ones saying no to men, not the other way around. Women are by default not as reckless as men are, you got that part completley wrong, it is the total opposite.
  15. @eos_nyxia I 100% feel the same way...... I do not understand this "Men are intelligent and women are emotional" thing either......... The most feminine women out there are super intelligent and articulate in their speaking. Being unable to control your emotions and being unable chose what partner is best for you is not "feminine". That is the result of poor self worth and emotional issues. A healthy human being, man or woman leads with their intelligence. Men are equally as dumb in choosing partners as women, it is just that when women chose the wrong partner the consequences are more visible.