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  1. another great explanation to this topic!
  2. Than shine the light of your awareness on the matter while you pursue the sex. don't get into inner conflict with it, you only suffer that way! share the pleasant moments when you have sex with those girls, don't feel guilty! just act it all out, it'll transform in time! accept your feelings and behavior, don't get into inner conflict! "nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so" marcus aurelius
  3. Stop needing that hot girl for your own inner growth, why do you think those "hot girls" look so hot in the first place? They think they need to Look sexy to get more value, pobably because the have a weak ego and low esteem. they also should work on their inner world instead of outer..... you have have plenty of time ahead! go do the work! and you'll get the hottest girl in a "decent package" who knows herself and don't need those short dresses, ......Only maybe in the bedroom with you?