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  1. The best thing would be practicing what would it would look like to be lying on your deathbeat.
  2. What Freud said is true. I wanted to have a penis so I rebirthed as a male.
  3. He exxagerated. Never have I seen my dick leak precum as much as a woman's pussy can get wet. And I had edging sessions for hours. Of course you precum, but it's not even nearly comparable. I don't know why he said that.
  4. I have nothing to add. Great post.
  5. Interesting. I thought the efficiency was about 100%, since you inhale everything that is vaporized.
  6. I love my crack pipe. Isn't this just the best way to take DMT? Also, what is boofing?
  7. I also tried out VR for "human anatomy"
  8. Aren't soy products a major factor in lowering testosterone? I'm staying away from anything soyish.
  9. The funny thing here is you know what you would love to be doing, but you don't pursue it. So there is at least ONE thing (and I'm betting there are more, but you just haven't discovered them yet) you could try do, but you don't want to, because it is hard. It might not even work out in the end, who knows, but at least for that time that you were trying you were alive. You had a purpose. You were doing what you were supposed to be doing as a human being. The thing is you don't want to because you've found an excuse why not to try. And guess what the chances of people making it without even trying are? About 0%. I came across a nice quote somewhere: "There are no losers. There are only winners and people who have quit."
  10. Checking this out, looks interesting.
  11. Ok, but what if you compare him to somone actually good, not Trump.
  12. But everyone has to work something to stay alive. By your definition even some indigenous tribe are slaves, because they have to hunt for food and a roof over their head. They have to work to keep the wheels in motion. So I guess to live is to be a slave to something. What would you be doing with your time if you were completely free?
  13. Number 1: To experience itself. Close 2nd: Opening topics on internet forums.
  14. Watched a few of his videos already. It really is a great channel, I agree. Fun fact 1: He had his camera custom made for taking portraits of the whole person that happen somewhere in the middle of the interviews. But Youtube can't show the whole picture as it was intended, so it has to be scrolled down slowly. Fun fact 2: He said he never wanted to make videos of these people. He only cares about the portrait. For all he cares there could just be a portrait and audio. But I am happy that it's in video form. I like watching these people when they speak.
  15. Thank you
  16. When someone says psychedelics don't hold medicinal value, show them this post. It's a bit of a longer read, but worth it: It's from a 50 year old man who finally decided to take them and it has been a life changing experience for him. He did it in a controlled setting and he did his research well before deciding to do it. It's really great to read stories like these. So much is undiscovered if people don't search for it.