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  1. I now know that anyone on this forum that claims they are dreaming besides me is definitively wrong. If you real you are not dreaming because I am living in your world. If you are not real then you aren’t dreaming because you aren’t even alive to have a dream. Now how do I find out if you are real or not to know if I am dreaming or not?
  2. @Inliytened1 Before you decided to create yourself what were you doing?
  3. @thisintegrated Didn't I claim what you are claiming?
  4. @Cykaaaa So you think you are giving birth to yourself right now or are you already alive?
  5. @Breakingthewall In your experience you aren't creating yourself right? You simply exist without any effort.
  6. @Inliytened1 It doesn't have to create itself if its uncreated.
  7. Some say God created itself. Logically this is false. The source didn't choose to give birth to itself. Giving birth is only possible for those who are alive. To give birth to oneself means to be dead and then to become alive by choice. But if one is dead then one can't give birth so there is no option to give birth to itself. So God must be uncreated. Meaning it has no choice but to exist unless it can commit suicide. It can give birth to stuff. That is called "God's creation". Thoughts?
  8. What is your definition of conscious? When you claim that you are conscious what do you mean? What are you trying to communicate when you claim that you are conscious?
  9. Or are you going to prove to me that you are actually imaginary and unconscious and wake me up from "my dream" as Leo puts it?
  10. There can be no creation without a source of creation. My post can't be made without its source which just so happens to be me.
  11. "conscious" is a name for my condition. The condition of knowing that I and other phenomenon exist.
  12. I claim I am. What am I? To put it into words: I am the author of this post. It should be noted that there is an author of this post otherwise this post would not exist. Thus the author of this post must be you or another being. 2 possibilities arise: 1. I am actually conscious and go to the effort of typing this post to you. I could still be you or another being. 2. I am not conscious (leaving you as the only possible author left). Thus this post is created by you subconsciously just like dream characters at night. In other words no one consciously typed this. This is just a message to you from yourself that your whole life truly is a dream. I claim option 2 is false. I am consciously typing this. Perhaps you think I am lying. In that case you must be deceiving yourself with this post. Understand this: The claim I am conscious is actually true since you are conscious and you would be the author of this post in this scenario. Even if you are not conscious I know subjectively that I am conscious. In other words if you are not conscious then only I can deny that I am conscious and I won't do such a thing because it opposes my direct experience. Thus, my claim that I am conscious is true. So either way the author of this post is conscious. There is no debate. The question then is whether I am you or whether I am another being. And if I am you just understand that unless you are deceiving yourself you actually make my body and type this post by yourself. In conclusion please stop calling me imaginary. For I am as conscious as you (either because I am you or because I am another being).
  13. @JuliusCaesar My last comment on this. Can you make my compute levitate and collapse on the floor within the next hour? I'll be watching. If you can't do it then I know you aren't all powerful and simply delusional.
  14. What are you trying to present exactly? That you don't exist?