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  1. The January 6th "insurrection" is only that in the minds of very sheltered, privileged people who don't know what real insurrections look like. Either that or it's a cynical ploy to try to gain political capital. The recent violence in Kazakhstan (almost certainly assisted by the American Deep State) was an insurrection; there were scores of deaths, beheaded policemen and burned out government buildings. People in other parts of the world must cringe when they hear these Deep State media types trying to make Jan. 6 into something it clearly was not. What it was was an uprising against Deep State hostility, hence the difference in media spin from other, much more destructive uprisings (e.g. the Deep State-backed BLM riots, Ukraine coup and the coup attempt in Kazakhstan). As always, we have to ask "who benefits?" when analyzing these events and their media coverage.
  2. I've probably had covid many times already and didn't notice. As someone who keeps my immune system strong with a healthy lifestyle, I'm not worried about this virus and see no reason to get tested. If anything, the stress of testing positive would probably just make things worse. So much of health is in the mind; the modern medical industry, by spreading fear and a mentality of dependency on drugs and vaccines, is actively harming public health on a global scale, imo. Notice that places where the modern medical industry hasn't fully penetrated, like African countries where almost no one is getting vaccinated or tested, have almost no covid deaths. Interesting how that works, isn't it?
  3. You should find a place for John Michael Greer, one of the most brilliant systems thinkers around, imo. Not sure where he fits in your scheme; he combines many ecological/historical/occult schools of thought, influenced by people like Nietzsche, Spengler, Manley P. Hall and Joseph Tainter. Greer is a genius at shooting down the narratives of fashionable modern intellectuals, while showing how ideas rejected by the "Religion of Progress" are highly relevant to our times. It's brilliant stuff, imo; real high level, worldview-changing, timeless thinking. See The Next Ten Billion Years or a recent piece, Tomorrowland Has Fallen, for examples of his thinking.
  4. Why is there no middle ground? We've never been united and never had universal peace, but there's more humans alive than ever. Your statement is pure binary thinking, with no basis in reality that I can see.
  5. I suspect that if Ukraine actually understood what joining the EU and the liberal West means for their society in the long run, they would forget all about the EU and quickly make an alliance with Russia. At least Russia and Ukraine share a deep history and culture, which Russians are interested in preserving. The Western liberal empire has no interest in your culture or traditions; you will be assimilated, your culture re-engineered and your people turned into emasculated vassals of the empire; it's what they do.
  6. Yes, that's a great way to put it. The Religion of Becoming/Progress is all about projecting one's ego into imaginary futures, rather than living in the here and now. Its basic values are Egotism and Hubris--we can be whatever we want to be, and bend the world to our wills to please our egos without limits; we are gods. I think this age of hubris ends when we encounter the limits of this worldview--huge environmental problems, natural disasters, resources shortages, technological apocalypse, societal breakdown or other catastrophes that demonstrate how unlike gods we actually are. Hard to say when this will happen, but I see signs of it already.
  7. You can create your own purpose, unless your purpose is to find an external, objective purpose and source of meaning to follow, in which case you are out of luck. When we speak of “purpose”, we generally mean “what something was created for”. The purpose of a screwdriver is to turn screws, because that’s what its creator made it for. To find the purpose of human beings, ask what their creator made them for. If you don’t believe humans have a creator, then they don’t have a purpose. So there’s no point in looking for a purpose if you don’t believe in an external creator (e.g. God), and any purpose you try to create is going to be subjective and not your actual purpose, just an arbitrary thing you decide to do. The only way out if you’re an atheist, imo, is to stop looking for a purpose and just accept that life is its own purpose.
  8. For all its supposed invincibility, the USA hasn't won a real war since the 1940s. Some Afghan tribesmen with rifles and sandals sent them packing, as did some Vietnamese. Where is this mighty military you speak of, whacking all the smaller sticks? The US military is good at large-scale bombing from the air, but that doesn't win wars (the US bombed most North Korean cities to rubble and napalmed the hell out of Vietnam but still couldn't win). Russia has the world's best air defense systems and can impose a no-fly zone over their territory, rendering US air power impotent. They also have hyper-sonic missiles and other weapons against which the USA has no defense. When it comes to on the ground fighting, the US is a paper tiger that cuts and runs when it starts taking casualties (see Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc). The other things the US military is good at are funneling huge amounts of taxpayer dollars into the arms industry and propagandizing the American people to believe the way you do, but that doesn't win wars either. Russians know we're not living in a Hollywood movie and have a track record of defeating aggressive empires. They buried Nazi Germany and Napoleonic France that were similarly delusional, and Pax Americana could be next. So who's living in a fairytale, friend? I suggest you update your information because you sound like you're just parroting Pentagon/Hollywood propaganda and have no clue what you're talking about.
  9. Yes. Becoming vs. Being. Progressivism vs. Traditionalism. It's a profound divide in the human psyche. It has gotten way out of balance in the modern age, with its emphasis on achievement, improving yourself and fixing the world. I think the next age will be much more conservative, as we re-learn how to value being again instead of always being on the hamster wheel of becoming.
  10. I completely agree. It's strange how people here don't see the unbelievable hypocrisy of American foreign policy. Here's a country that's been at war for the entirety of its existence, has been invading, bombing, assassinating and sponsoring coups around the world for decades, has hundreds of military bases across the globe, is constantly meddling in other countries' affairs, ignoring the UN, international law, and acting like a rogue state, but still thinks it's the world's good guys, saviors and freedom-fighters. And they have the nerve to accuse Russia and other countries of aggression when they are the most aggressive nation on the planet and its only real empire. Yet Americans refuse to see or care about all this, because they are so propagandized to believe in American exceptionalism, don't know anything about the rest of the world and can't think any other way. The good news is that the kind of alliance you're talking about, between Russia, China, Iran and other Eurasian nations, is happening. Eurasia will soon be off-limits to Pax Americana, and the empire will be rolled back and defeated like every other empire in history. Realities on the ground will be impossible for even the American propaganda machine to deny. Afghanistan was a big domino to fall; the Kazhakstan failed coup was another; by 2030, I expect Pax Americana to be basically over, like the British Empire in the 1950s.
  11. LOL, again, how do you know this? The Western media makes things up all the time (remember Saddam's WMD's? The Trump/Russia collusion hoax?) Try thinking critically. Also try travelling. You sound very naive. It's an ideology; an abstract model, not to be confused with reality. Is this forum for people who blindly believe in models and media, or people who think critically?
  12. You might want to base your opinions about countries on more than what's reported in Western media or some abstract metaphysical model. You are just talking ideology and propaganda until you have some actual experience to back up your opinions.
  13. I'm not convinced that life is all that great, but I do enjoy nature. The forests, rivers, mountains and animals where I live always recharge me when I'm tired of people and all their crazy BS.
  14. People like you are the solution--young people who refuse to have their youth taken from them by people who fear death more than they love life. You don't defeat terrorism by cowering in fear, and you don't defeat a virus by not living. Demand your life back; go out and live. Tell all the old death-fearing authoritarians to go to hell. They can't stop you from living, and don't have the right to even if they could.
  15. I guess he's talking about where Western ideas about individualism and liberty came from, which aren't shared by most of the world's cultures. John Locke was one of the first philosophers of liberalism, which is what this philosophy is called. Thomas Jefferson established a new nation based on that philosophy. It has been very successful, but it has its problems. I'm reminded of a quote by Ken Wilbur about how the Declaration of Independence was really a declaration of egotism freed from traditional spiritual constraints. The way I see it, the USA was the first Luciferian society, based on glorification of ego, individualism and the overthrow of religious traditions. BTW, Terence McKenna was a bit of a crackpot who probably smoked too much pot. Whatever happened to his "timewave zero" prediction of a "singularity" in 2012?