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  1. Woop woop come on!! Congratulations Argentina!!!
  2. Damn I really wanted Argentina to win this. Fuck France
  3. If I texted someone, and they didn’t reply for a few days and had a reason or apologised then I’d give another chance. But if it happened again where they took ages to reply then the 2nd time I would just stop responding.
  4. Some girls do this because they don’t wanna look needy. Basically both people are trying not to be needy so then both end up not talking.
  5. Not really unless you wanna be known as the guy trying to pick up girls. Pickup doesn’t work in a community type setting, only in an anonymous setting. why not just make friends and attend parties?
  6. If you’re sexually attracted to children then please get help before you act on any sexual urges
  7. People just don’t talk about it much. At the moment everyone is learning about their traumas and understanding the psyche, which to me is becoming more conscious. this is happening collectively. Also Young people don’t really think about that stuff, it’s happening more with older people, like 25 and up I would say. Meditation and being conscious Is a huge trend, just look at all the apps you can get now.
  8. are you saying this in absolute terms? Sounds like some spiritual bypassing. it was more like a casual experience to you and you were not caused any pain or had fear from it? We don’t know the full story, how long it went on for, what happened. If you drop something like this people will have questions.
  9. Leo: did you have a healthy and close relationship with your parents? You’ve said in the past that you had a great upbringing and received lots of love from your mother. how you fell into the clutches of a child abuser? usually it happens when a child doesn’t have a stable family unit. you said you told no one, which indicates you didn’t have someone who you felt you could trust to talk about it? you say you have no trauma now and you integrated it, which is great. How did this affect you in the past? Did you have a lot of work to do to integrate this?
  10. Sexually abused children are taught that’s how to get love, and brainwashed into thinking that’s what people who love you will do. It becomes normalised even though the child doesn’t want it they think that’s how life is! A child’s mind is open and pure to be fed any dogma. most of the time what you’re calling love is actually just attachment/unhealthy attachment. Children will attach to the adult which is why it causes Stockholm syndrome or appears that the child loves the abuser and won’t against them. They will do anything to keep that attachment.
  11. They are acting unconsciously, repeating what was done to them. They can’t have normal relationships with adults because they themselves are traumatised and feel they can only connect with children because they are frozen as a child In an adults body from the abuse they experienced. It keeps repeating until someone wakes up and stops it.
  12. People justifying why paedos are only molesting children because they “love” them. and they simply just love children and how sexual attraction to children is normal and ok. now I will be told that I am the crazy one who simply doesn’t understand and isn’t conscious enough. Sorry but what bullshit this place is. I’m all for having empathy for said pedo because of his childhood etc, but don’t try and act like this is ok and it’s simply just love.
  13. Sounds like a cope to say your abuser did it because they loved you. Sorry but that’s a coping mechanism to tell yourself imo