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  1. 2 years? You're basically a cow now 😂 Just kidding. Keep going and do some sex.
  2. @Cocolove Cool, keep going
  3. Consistency, Authenticity & Integrity
  4. Meditation & Hand Writing
  5. @The Renaissance Man Be patient.
  6. He's doing good work, improving each day more and more.
  7. @The Renaissance Man I have a routine with habits like gym, running, meditation, cooking, reading, writing, thinking, contemplation, coding, pickup.
  8. @The Renaissance Man You'll see that if you don't have a smartphone, you'll instantly feel better/productive.
  9. I appreciate your views on that. Are you into pickup or romantic relationships? @Razard86
  10. @The Renaissance Man First, writing and walking like a mofo. The whole idea is to become a creator not a consumer.
  11. Thanks for that @Ima Freeman
  12. @Thought Art It's tough dude, I understand yourself. We are so lucky to find self actualization content but sometimes it is a burden and confuses ourselves. What really helped myself is getting offline for some months. No social media, forums, YouTube or whatever. You'll feel better because nowdays we are always looking outside to compare ourselves. Keep going on your pace, developing step by step. We are on the journey and everyone is own their path with their own doubts.
  13. @Phil King Wow, great storytelling. Thanks for sharing.
  14. If you want to understand how robots potentially can evolve with humanity... Just see this anime on Netflix:
  15. @Leo Gura Thanks Leo 🤝
  16. Great share. I'll get that with myself: letting go and recontextualization.
  17. We can fall into a trap of hating ourselves because we don't check all the habits that we set for ourselves. We use habits and routines as a way to punish ourselves if we don't do them.
  18. @UnbornTao They have a second term that is similar called Moloch (Devilsh God)
  19. Analogy: How to fix a car that is going to explode without stopping it?
  20. @UnbornTao Meta-crisis is a term to conglomerate different existential risks to humanity. From politics to technology, environmental issues, behavior incentives, climate changes, AI, semiconductors, energy, 3rd world war, social media.
  21. Awesome video about Meta-Crisis