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  1. @Someone here Neuralink + Nano-Robots + AGI + Data-Driven Health + Biohacking + Bio-Engineering. 2030 will be fucking awesome and scary at the same time. I'm thinking about how this forum will be in 2030. Robots getting enlightened, meditating and arguing with their Gods (Humans).
  2. @Swarnim Interesting history
  3. @StarStruck Maximize your value. Gym, Clothes, Fighting, Social Skills, Money. That's the beauty of self-development, you actually don't have a limit to growth.
  4. @Moksha Can you make a list of teachers and books that shaped your spiritual path? I'm curious
  5. Quotes that I love about the podcast: "My main source of inspiration is having read hundreds of biographies. I love learning about people in their time and place that were able to work on impossibly hard things so talent is the ability to hit the target no one else can, GENIUS hits the target no one else can SEE and the majority of us in life, we play the games that society gives us so that's hitting the target. So currently social media followers. People like to play games where points can be kept and you can be compared to people and ranked. GENIUS is a different GAME, it's trying to find things that DON'T EXIST and you need to have stamina and fortitude to go out and pave your own path and do things that are not recognized, appreciated or valued even in your LIFETIME. So to me reading biographies is about people who do that. They really try to survey all of existence, they are somehow IMMUNE to their time and place and are able to see these things." "So I like working with the concept of GEN ZERO of this idea that a group of humans walking into the future that is willing to divorce themselves from all human norms and customs."
  6. @StarStruck Tate is a controversial figure but there’s certain things that he talks about that I agree 100%. You don’t need to fuck instagram models to be happy but I get his point. Thanks for sharing ?
  7. @Israfil There’s a lot of knowledge available in Portuguese these days. But when you learn English a whole infinite amount of universes open to yourself. I’m grateful for Mairo Vergara and A J Hoge ❤️
  8. After some time, I realized that the universe will not let you grow if you use piracy products. E-books, Courses, Tapes and whatever you think of that you have not paid. If you see, people that use piracy products don't grow, they just consume, consume and consume and actually becomes the same. What's your thoughts on that?
  9. @StarStruck
  10. @Michael569 Yes, He’s testing his protocol with a vegan bias. He’s vegan but he also said that wants people to test the protocol with meat ?
  11. @Yimpa
  12. @Michael569 It’s Texas Barbecue that makes him shine ?
  13. @integral I agree. It can happen to him. Car accident, Heart Attack and even more random events.
  14. @Moksha The Pickup Path (Solo Sober Daygame) is the most underrated. You should try it guys, just saying ?
  15. If this is not pushing the boundaries…
  16. You’re smart brother but don’t do it. It’s too soon to talk about “Alien Love” or how to “achieve” that level of Consciousness. It’s obscure, we don’t know if it really exists (I don’t have a direct experience to say it exists). Also this name “Alien” is a bit fantastical. We are aliens to remote uncontacted natives in the Amazon Jungle. So, a name is a name, nothing more than that.
  17. @integral Ok, He’s not pushing the boundaries being a 45 year old man with a biological age of a 18. Ok bro, super normal these days people like that. I see Bryan’s everyday on Starbucks and Burger King.
  18. Bryan is a risk taker non-conformist man. That should be enough for ourselves listen to what he's saying and try for ourselves his protocol. Imagine that we have a lot of people doing what he's doing but in different areas of knowledge. He's really pushing what we think we know about health. I cannot stress that we need more people like him. We have to become an alien-human in this society
  19. Peter Ralston - All Books Vadim Zeland - Reality Transurfing I-V and Tufti. Frederick Dodson - All Books Tom Campbell - My Big Toe Trilogy + Tom’s Park Jed McKenna - All Books David R Hawkins - All Books Harry Palmer - All Books Ken Wilber - All Books
  20. @aurum It’s amazing to see data-driven methods being applied to health. I really want to have an AI that gives proper feedback about personal health. What really catches me in the interview is his boldness talking about geniuses, doing what no one ever did, going beyond humanity, being unique, going balls to the walls and following your obsession. We need more people like that who are bold, think different and push humanity beyond. We need more alien-humans, unique, rebellious, insane. (Musk, Tesla, Da Vinci, Johnson, Franklin, Ralston).
  21. Silence is the closest thing to the TRUTH, as hard as we can fight with that fact. I will not be surprised if one day Leo makes a 4h silent video looking to the camera ?