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  1. Great to see woman perspectives here. Thanks for your contribution.
  2. A digital product that would sell millions: How to connect to your baguette tradition 😎
  3. I was reading Leo's blog post on being a visionary. I want to understand your POV. Can you become a visionary? How can you cultivate your mind in a unique way to be a visionary? What should you practice? read? being? doing? having?
  4. You see that he is a mature person when as a scientist who is managing Stanford School of Medicine talks about Prayer and God on a podcast:
  5. @Javfly33 You don't need to have a role model. Just saying that in today's world we don't have healthy masculine role models. Better following Huberman than Tate.
  6. @Javfly33 The most funny thing is that you're using a model to communicate right now. Maps/models are in your head, no matter how hard you try to resist them. So, why do we even need a model, right? 🤔
  7. @mr_engineer Offline cold-approach & warm-approach. Forget online dating for 6 months. Challenge yourself In the end it's all about love, deep intimacy, great moments and memories. It's not just about getting laid, numbers and metrics.
  8. @mr_engineer Better than your actual level on social skills. I don't know what you want regarding dating but one thing I know: you will need social skills. For dating or professional life, social skills is what gets you the job.
  9. @mr_engineer Approach if you want to be better in general with people and woman. I will not beg you to do it. But it will pay off. I believe that men here on the forum deserve the best.
  10. @mr_engineer Good points. Now, approach.
  11. @Jacob Morres Totally 0. Just approach, approach and approach.
  12. I like gamification and game theory. Can you share resources to learn it?
  13. Menstrual process? Hahahahahaha You got me with that. Girls hate it.
  14. @Emotionalmosquito First approach: introduce yourself, be calm, talk about basic shit, ask for a number. On a date you can go deep with her on different topics.
  15. @The Renaissance Man It is similar to David Hawkins scale. Models/Levels are cool but it can mess with your ego. You'll be self-conscious of your experience trying to figure out at "what stage am I now?" kind of thinking.
  16. @flowboy I wish it to be more simple, easy and logical 😂 But it's not that easy. That's why we have a lot of dark content out there regarding dating. A lot of man just gave it up. Pickup is really cool to make you meet new people but intimacy is something that you'll need to go deep to find. I'm doing all this to find deep intimacy with a girl. Not just sex but deep intimacy. I'm developing intimacy with myself first.
  17. I use pickup not just to get laid but to have fun, meet new people and challenge myself, practice skills and getting out of my head. (I'm Computer Scientist)
  18. @flowboy I want to find the right one but you know, you need to search and expose yourself to different environments. I want to settle down but I didn't find the right one to have a relationship. Deep down we want deep intimacy with one girl but it takes time to find one that really resonates with yourself.
  19. He's working on a game. (Source: Blog Post)
  20. @nhoktinvt Yeah, he's jacked.
  21. I want freedom to talk to any girl on any place of the planet. For this to happen you need to be good with people in general, talking to all of them, building comfort, small talk, humor.
  22. That's a great way to go if you're on a social circle. But if you're on the streets walking and you see a woman that you don't know about, you have to approach her and build some small talk/comfort.
  23. @Consept I like some warrior aspects of Tate. But I don't look up to him. He seems dishonest, criminal with no integrity.
  24. I'm not here to make you join a religion. Just give a shot if you want to figure out your dating life. Depression, avoidance and cynicism will not solve your problems.