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  1. If you are lost consuming content like a freak, watch this:
  2. Crazy things here in Brazil
  3. @Squeekytoy Doing pickup picking up girls, that's what I call professionalism.
  4. @Princess Arabia Sigh.
  5. @Princess Arabia No. This is your assumptions. I didn't say any of that. I just said that I would like if woman approach more often, but it's not a reality for most guys and that's ok 😀 That's it.
  6. @Princess Arabia It's sad because I can't approach 2 different woman at the same time. Maybe this one girl that saw me on the streets and I don't saw her could be my future wife. That's why it's sad. Also we as man don't approach all girls that we find interesting because we also have fear sometimes.
  7. @Princess Arabia I agree with yourself. That's why I said it is rare to be approached by woman. I don't expect to be approached, that's why I approach them
  8. @Schizophonia Look at that jawline, you're God It can happen for sure in different places
  9. Being approached (I mean direct approach) by a woman is rare. When it happens, usually it is in clubs when a girl is drunk. Sad but it is true.
  10. Wow, great video, thanks for sharing. I don't doubt they are among us, why not? Do you think you can be an Alien and not know about it? You live like a human but you feel deep inside that something is not right
  11. @Leo Gura But they are all one. Solipsism my ass
  12. @EmotionalmosquitoDo you like blood on your sword, don't you?
  13. Peter Ralston, Eckhart Tolle, Leo, Rupert Spira.
  14. If you want to understand woman, direct experience is king. Go out of the internet for 6 months and just go out 3x/4x a week. Talk to them, hear them and let them reject yourself. You will learn a lot.
  15. Post here your favorite music live performances
  16. I'm contemplating. Thanks for your words and POV, they matter a lot.
  17. Amazing. Looks like an IT technician cleaning/upgrading a computer.
  18. @Parallax Mind Do you know/watch Parallax YT channel?
  19. Rejection is better than success.
  20. Rejection is not entirely personal. You can search for Jia Jiang. This guy is amazing. He did a 100 days challenge to be reject. Look at his YT channel with all challenges day by day.