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  1. I can be anything imaginable, but i can not be anything different.
  2. Yes, you are right. And you can’t experience my POV or you would no longer exist. But think about it. Do I, as another human, exist somewhere in absolute infinity? Can you still say my POV does not exist? Even though it’s not possible to confirm or deny it.
  3. You are me in another lifetime at the same time. We are both conscious but limited of course.
  4. I may be way off, but just some thoughts that could help… Time/space might be getting in the way. These concepts do not exist at the absolute. Both. You and I are the same dreamer separated by self imposed limits. Think of it like different timelines of the same dreamer. Even though it’s not different timelines it’s occurring all at once for infinity. You and I can exist together. But really we are just talking to ourselves. Also if something were to experience many or all perspectives at once it might be like a void. Imagine looking at an object from 30 different locations and overlapping the frames. The higher levels of consciousness may open up to other senses like feeling or sound. Ever seen where they overlap a sound bite 100000 times? I can’t imagine what overlapping feeling would be like, but I doubt a human would be able to endure high levels of it.
  5. Just a thought. Doing your own investigations and experiments into science will bring you down many interesting paths. It’s fun too. Recently I bought an EMF reader and have learned a lot just walking around with it. Experience science opposed to just conceptualizing it. Cheers.
  6. I personally wouldn’t say don’t do it. IMO I would build up to it and contemplate whether it’s something you want to experience or not. What are you seeking? Have confidence in why you are doing it. If you are unsure then I would wait.
  7. If every perception was experienced at once it might be similar to a void. Maybe you’re both right.
  8. @GreenWoods Yes. In the state I also realized that my life (reality) was perfect, and there was zero desire to change anything. It’s difficult to put into words and honestly I’ve lost quite a bit of the experience it’s hard to bring back.
  9. I had to force myself to be more social as an introvert. For me walking straight into the fear helped the most. It takes practice and daily action. It's not enjoyable, but it helps and gets easier over time. You can be an introvert and have great social skills. My understanding of being an introvert means you draw energy from situations where you are alone. Extroverts draw their energy when around others in social situations. Extroverts typically have an easier time with social skills, but not always. There are many extroverts who are super annoying and even though they can easily talk to others they do not do it well. Be a proud introvert know when you need time alone to recharge, but develop those social skills. Couple things that helped me - lifting weights for energy and confidence. Better diet. I would pretend that I was a social person and would strike up short conversations with strangers as often as I could. Caffeine make talking easier. Watched videos and read books on socializing. Was truly interested in the other person & encouraged them to talk about themselves. Smile more. Awkward situations are not the end of the world, I learned to just laugh at myself. Don't talk down to yourself if you mess up. Be kind to yourself. There is no quick fix it's just a long grind, stick to it and things will change for the better. Improving my social skills changed my life. I am much less anxious and things are easier to deal with. Good luck!
  10. @Adamq8 Good point. Thank you. I will set a daily alarm on my phone to let go and return the non state as best I can. If only there was a system that would send a reminder when slipping back into “sleep.” I will up meditation practice too that seems to help. It’s very difficult to carry this through daily life. At least it is for me. Cheers
  11. Once you have several core awakenings. How do you maintain a path of high consciousness? Does anyone have specific tips? I plan to continue introspection and work towards deeper awakenings. I maintain a good diet and regular exercise. I am developing a high consciousness intuition I can reach out to when making big decisions. However, I am struggling with the in-between. I catch myself in lower consciousness states when tired, working, or distracted. Making higher path decisions can create turmoil when dealing with regular life and low states. I know Leo has hit on this point in recent videos and discusses “riding the wave.” Also I know he mentioned heavy metal cleansing, maybe that will help? Is there any other ways to better maintain a true path when dealing with survival and low energy states? I can understand why some people “live in caves.” Thanks so much!!
  12. Hi

    Thanks so much! Read your leaving post and will keep your words in mind while here on the forums. Sucks you are leaving the forum but understandable. I'm sure you have helped a bunch of people while you were here. Cheers Have a great journey!
  13. To have success you first need hard defined self purpose. If your purpose is being independently wealthy, that's a start. Then, once you have success move to your next purpose. And so on and so forth until you reach your ultimate purpose to which success maybe very different than what you might think. Finding your true purpose above all might redefine your lower goals/purpose and definition of success. So, I would say first try to find your highest purpose then go back and ask yourself what success am I really looking for? Cheers