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  1. Stage 6 - Unitive, Susanna R. Cook Greuter It's a post-post conventional stage, that rests in the 1% transcendent category. Leo has said there are stages beyond this, but they are not the scope of that video series (9 stages of ego development) I am just curious what's past unitive and where its literature may be found.
  2. In Leo's 3 part series on ego development, he ends with the Unitive stage. He then says there are many stages beyond the unitive stage, but that is not the focus of Susannes' work. He says in order to understand those you need to study to most amazing humans on the planet, like one in a million. These are Leo's words. Of course I am paraphrasing. I am just wondering where I might find literature or anything on these more advanced stages? Just for research and curiosity. I am continuing to work on my own path entering construct aware, but I fascinated by these beyond unitive stages that leo touches on. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
  3. @tlowedajuicemayne thanks this is good advice I will try it.
  4. Also forgot to mention as people notice changes in my personality they don't know what to make of it. My boss may think I am depressed or have things going on in my life as he sees i am less reactive, less emotional, less eccentric; more steady, Calm, content. Others see this too and constantly ask me i I am okay. I just feel peaceful. And I dont quite know how to make them feel or understand that, without sounding like a weirdo spouting things they cant understand. Any tips for dealing with this?
  5. As I continue this work, more and more parts of the ego drop away and leave behind a non reactive quiet space of inner stillness and bliss. The nuances of interaction with and between peers in society becomes increasingly clear. I notice the petty games and personalities others play, the subconscious survival driven behaviour that drives anxiety and arguments and bias, the expectations placed on my world view and behaviour, and my non reactivity confuses and irritates people. Sometimes I feel forced to laugh or react in standard ways just to play the game and fit in, then I notice within me that the choice for me to play that game is just another survival driven subtle fear based decision. I feel increasingly different and distant from the norms of society. I feel good. But I don't quite know how to navigate this and still maintain normality in my daily relationships and activities. any advice or guidance here would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Also, what the actual f$&# is going on with academia and science? How is it that I am connecting all these dots, and so are countless others and have been for 10,000 years or more, but academia and science is totally oblivious to what is going on here? Why aren't scientists veraciously studying DMT, spiritual teachings of the world, pyramids and their use in elevating consciousness, and just the plethora of other phenomena that are clearly a part of our reality? Does it really just truly boil down to their materialist paradigm and ego locking them into that? If so, that is f&$@ing embarrassing. Seriously embarrassing. Such a fascinating time to be alive but equally disappointing when I realized the sad state of modern academia. Truly sad. Stuck in the dark ages and tethered here by.... illusory self and tribal survival. Absolutely retarded. This needs to stop. Science needs to evolve. But how?
  7. The more I digged the more I suspected it was indeed used to expand consciousness in the ways meditation does... does it still work to this day, or is it dependent on the equinox/solar system/earths magnetic state? i have read reports of people spending time in the kings chambers and having OBE. if this is true, how might we be able to expand on this technology in modern ways that perhaps aren't so monolithic, or is the sheer massiveness of the technology the core feature?
  8. What would happen to a fully limestoned/marbled pyramid, somebody inside it, and the pyramid is struck by lightning? Surely the electromagnetic relationship within and without the pyramid would be altered, if even for a moment. If somebody were to be inside, would they find alterations in consciousness as the electromagnetic fields within their every cell were also altered or shielded? What would the potential for time speeding up or slowing down be, in relationship to being inside of a field of electricity ? sorry if this is off topic but I feel it relates to consciousness and time.
  9. I agree, imagination is the conscious ability to further extend gods dream. but no amount of intent on my human behalf will allow this human perspective to expand and imagine the deeper dream exogenously, at least not nearly as deep as N,N,DMT would catalyze. i am interested in closing that gap. Put simply, how can I fully bring those aspects of the dream into my human awareness at will. How could I bring your perspective and my perspective simultaneously into one perspective. How can I become conscious of the abundance of information allowed by my omniscience. How can I become directly conscious of my omniscience in my present awareness. i know this is possible. It is clearly possible as catalyzed by DMT, other molecules, and naturally produced psychedelic states. I want to learn how to further broaden the awareness of that dream endogenously and at will. telling me to "just do it" will not be equivalent to tripping on DMT. Bridging this gap IS the point of this inqusiton. Not the why (the dream) but the how (actualizing further parts of the dream exogenously). to say it cant be done is synonymous with saying nothing within the dream can be done; and i know thats wrong, as the dream is infinite.
  10. Sorry, I wasn't as clear as I would have liked to have been. Allow me to clarify: the dream is fundamental and is born from nothing (eternal god) from the dream, the process of the universe comes into being from the universe, the process of chemistry comes into being from chemistry, the process of the animal (perspectival building machines) comes into being from the animal, the false identity process of ego-mind comes into being from ego-mind, the process of multiple personalities, actors, video games and further dreams comes into being. these are all processes nested within processes nested within the dream. now my question is, there is a process of spiritual entities. And it seems that the process of the animal (perspective builder) can INCLUDE further perspectives, of spiritual, higher dimension, higher intelligent quality. i am just curious how this facet of the dream is accessed and through or within which process. It seems to me that the animal process is capable of building these perspectives, but has forgotten or lost that ability due to a narrowing of awareness for survival purposes. the comes dmt, which either a) supercharges this process, or b) uncharges this process (releasing egomind) freeing up further perspectival building resources to access other parts of the dream. i am interested in the precise mechanics and layerings and minutia of detail within these processes within the dream to better our human understanding of how we may access these perspective endogenously, and transcend survival and perhaps ascend astrally, if possible.