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  1. I wished to feel like Conan the Barbarian?
  2. I came here to get some help not to get my ass insulted or to be made fun of, thank you.You have no idea what I’m going through right now so stfu.
  3. In the larger sense yes but we’re still individuals in this physical world.Would you be stoked if all of a sudden you started to feel like you’re literally being an old lady or a toddler?
  4. Have you ever experienced something like that in one of your mystical experiences or psychedelic trips?
  5. I feel so depressed man.I wanna shoot myself.Being the old me/the pretty boy kinda guy was my life path and that's what I liked to be.It genuinely felt authentic to me.I HATE what I've become, it doesn't feel right at all and doesn't match with my voice and appearance anyways.Talking about John Rambo in Anakin Skywalker's body.
  6. @TheAlchemist It might have something to do with that.Thanks for sharing this!
  7. That's the thing I wanna remove! The Mr. Testosterone filter. Well, like I've said I created my own subliminal to get back to who I was cause I haven't found one on YT that was precise enough. It doesn't seem to work
  8. @Jakuchu I wasn't less manly I was just manly in a different way.
  9. But my voice is still the same, it only got a little deeper! That's like a minor adjustment not a real change.
  10. Thought the same thing.Have no idea wtf is goin on.
  11. So a week ago I listened to a subliminal audio on YouTube to get a deeper voice.I wanted it to get just a little bit deeper, nothing drastic.After about 2-3 days I got my voice lowered to the tonality I wanted and that was great! ...EXCEPT I started noticing something really weird and fucked up going on within myself a little bit after. What happened is that I started to feel like I had become someone/something else.Like literally.I wasn't feeling I was "me" anymore! Like if I had listened to a personality change subliminal or somethin.I feel like a stereotypical super manly bearded guy with a really deep Morgan Freeman voice.That type of dude.It literally feels like my soul has been removed from my body and replaced with the "Mr. Testostereone" one, it's just horrible (no offense to those who authentically are a Mr. Testosterone type of guy).Imagine that you're feeling normal, like the "normal you", and all of a sudden you're being possessed by the spirit of a 6 year old little girl named Alice and now you feel like you're Alice and you see Life through Alice because you literally became fucking Alice.Well that's what's happening to me except it's with Mr. Testosterone.The subliminal I listened to may have not just contained affirmations for changing my voice but also for feeling "more manly" or whatever. Is there some sort of spiritual practice/technique or anything I can use to fix my problem? Has anyone already experienced somethin similar? I'm listening to a "remove subliminal results" subliminal and I've created my own subliminal for getting my old self back but I haven't seen any results yet...