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  1. I was saying the same shit 3 months ago and I'm still here.Hold on bro
  2. I don’t care what others love and I really don’t think I’ll like it. I haven’t.I don’t even want to think about that possibility.It’s just too horrible.
  3. No way dude.I just want my old self back. If I can't get rid of Mr. Testosterone now why would I be able to do so after getting bulky?
  4. Being truely detached from ANYTHING material is a big fucking challenge.Only very spiritually advanced people can do that, I'm just a normal guy. If you tear out all my teeth and burn my face I don't think I would be happy.Of course that's worse than feeling like Mr. Testosterone but you get my point. Sounded Tom Holland-ish, now I sound more like Justin Timberlake.It got deeper. I sound and look youthful, I feel like a very manly type of dude.It's not hard to understand.
  5. HELL NO! I just wanted my voice to be a little deeper, that’s it.
  6. @Tim R It doesn’t matter what I believe.The fact is that I do FEEL like a manly dude, from first hand experience.An experience is not a belief.
  7. Well I still sound the same and look the same but internally I feel extremely manly because that's what my subconscious mind thinks I am. It's like a transgender person who looks and sounds like a man but feels like a woman within or vice versa.Who/what you feel you are doesn't match your external appearance basically. (I'm not sayin being trangender is a problem it's just an analogy)
  8. I feel like "Mr. Testosterone" in my body too, not just in my mind. Listening to a subliminal that says "I have a really deep voice, my voice is so deep" etc makes you embody that belief.
  9. That's true and I understand that (conceptually). But dude...Imagine if someone putted a spell on you or something and you started to feel that you're, I dunno, Jabba the Hutt let's say.You feel like him, you breathe like him, you're him. Jabba the Hutt is just an image/a concept, not your true self, yes.But I'm pretty much 100% sure that you'd feel pretty bad about being him and would want your old self-image (your current fake self) back if that happened to you, even tho it's just as much of a false self as Jabba the Hutt. We're all Infinity but at the end of the day a woman still feels like a woman, a man like a man, a child like a child etc.
  10. Thanks everybody for your love and support, it means a lot to me ? ❤️
  11. I wanna kill myself for not feeling like "who I am" anymore. There's nothing wrong with being a super manly Mr. Testosterone dude per se, but that's not my thing.Yet I'm stuck with the subonscious belief that I am that and it's horrible af.
  12. (This is about the problem that happened to me 3 months ago after using a subliminal audio.Here's the post I made at the time) : I know some people are gonna say that I'm stupid and weak again or that I'm just trollin but fuck it. So, I tried EVERYTHING I can to fix my problem but NOTHING works.Nothing.I listened to tens of subliminal flushes/reversals, all kinds of mantras/frequencies, tried to overwrite that subliminal programing with a new one and it just doesn't work.I don't know why but it just.Doesn't.Fucking.Work. I'm at the lowest point of my life right now, I've NEVER felt that depressed.I just wanna fucking die. I kept sayin to myself these last 3 months that there MUST be a way to fix this, that a subliminal can't be that powerful etc and I use to think about all the shit that matters to me like the girl that I love, my family and my dreams to motivate me to keep tryin again but now I'm really losing all hope... This is the first time EVER that I really wanna end my life once and for all.
  13. I came here to get some help not to get my ass insulted or to be made fun of, thank you.You have no idea what I’m going through right now so stfu.
  14. In the larger sense yes but we’re still individuals in this physical world.Would you be stoked if all of a sudden you started to feel like you’re literally being an old lady or a toddler?