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  1. From the scientific perspective, love is just a chemical reaction in your brain designed to form a long term bond with a certain partner. This seems like a logical explanation if you take materialism to be true. But from the spiritual perspective, things seem to be different. Others are just figments of your imagination, they are basically you. No need to look for someone outside of you to feel complete. Why have such deep emotions and feelings for someone that's the product of your mind? What purpose does it serve?
  2. @iboughtleosbooklist I understand what you're saying but things that are supposedly happening in the world can also impact my direct experience. Corona pandemic affected my life and possible war between Russia and NATO will affect it also. That is something I don't have control over.
  3. @Vibroverse I guess those levels of imagination are unreachable while you're in a human form. God created a backstory for itself and now you have to live according with it. Stable past is essencial for dream to work.
  4. But past seems to be fixed. I can't imagine Hitler winning the WW2 or Hillary Clinton becoming president in 2016. and make it my reality in the present.
  5. Tonight I had a random thought about an earthquake. Just few minutes later it happend. That got me wondering, did my thoughts predicted it or caused it? Was their role passive or active in that process?
  6. @Razard86 Excellent report! Really powerfull stuff. Did you have an insight about death? Is it just change of dream or something else?
  7. Most people would say "my conciousness" and that would be wrong because it doesn't belong to an ego. But I noticed that content of conciousness is determined by where I'm "looking" with my imaginary eyes. It always seems to be in front of me where ever I go. That can easily lead to claiming the ownership of conciousness because it seems to be dependant of my senses. Why is that the case?
  8. This is interesting question because other dream characters behave as if they are sentient. That is why most people have trouble in accepting solipsism. Could it be that God is just talking to itself true different forms while fooling itself at the same time?
  9. @JosephKnecht Yes, good observation. But in Fight Club it was just a person with multiple personality disorder. In The Truman Show it would imply that it was God who has it. I guess it would be too much for many people.
  10. @Kksd74628 I understand what you're saying but I guess this forum and its dream characters have a certain role in helping me awake.
  11. @Kksd74628 Well, there is always a chance to get a deeper understanding of things even from other parts of myself. I guess that is how reality works. That makes it more interesting.
  12. I always enjoyed watching The Truman Show but since I discovered spirituality I began looking it through different eyes. Cristoff (Ed Harris) is the creator of a television show and represents God. Truman (Jim Carrey) is its human avatar unaware that his entire reality is completely imaginary, created and controled by Cristoff. All people in his life, including his parents, wife and friends, are not real and just play their roles and act according with the script. In the end he realises that everything is fake but what film doesn't show is the final realisation that Truman and Cristoff are the same being - God. What do you thing about this explanation?
  13. @Inliytened1 I don't mind the criticism, it's all in good spirit so you can be straightforward with me. I understand what you're trying to say but it's very hard to keep on living the same way I did when I was asleep. Sure, I can pretend and act but it just doesn't feel right. I don't know how to behave in this situation.
  14. @Focus It feels different than masturbation. It really seems like you're doing it with another person and not yourself. @Razard86 Great explanation. But illusion is so good that you forget that it's all you while it's happening. @Inliytened1 She is mostly critical of me not wanting to know more about her life and her past. But I know that all the stories that she would tell me about that would be made up. None of that really happend. She only exists when she's with me. That's why I'm a little bit reserved about all of that and she has a problem with it.
  15. I know that the title might sound strange but I want to analyse the process of break up from a spiritual perspective. My girlfriend has been very critical of our relationship lately and I think it will lead to break up really soon. I also understand that she is actually me so that means I'm breaking up with myself. That fact has me thinking. What is the deeper meaning of that? Is that a way in which I send a message to myself to become a better person in the future? Am I trying to improve myself?