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  1. @amanen I've seen plenty of cars with ukrainian registration plates in my town. It really makes you believe that they are refugees from the war. Illusion is very well made.
  2. But lets say you travel to Ukraine, are you going to witness the war in your direct experience?
  3. Thanks for the link. But I'm pretty sure if Leo had read the book and not just watched this interview, he would agree with author's conclusions in the last chapter. There he talks about pantheism, Oneness and non-duality as being the best descriptions of God.
  4. I've recently read a book "God" by Reza Aslan. In it he describes the history of human religiosity - from animism to monotheism but in the last chapter he endorses pantheism and finishes the book with the phrase "You are God". I didn't expect to read something so explicit in a book that is primarily written for the mainstream audience. Have you read the book? Do you consider its author to be awake?
  5. I think, therefore I am. Isn't that enough to rule out that possibility? Shouldn't everyone know because we're all interconnected?
  6. That's something I assumed based on Leo's teachings. But if reality is a dream, then they don't have their thoughts because they're just dream characters. I would be the only thinker in existence.
  7. If other people are just a projection of my mind, does that mean that they know my inner thoughts? And by "know" I mean to behave as if they are aware of them so I get the impression that they can somehow "read" my mind.
  8. What do you wake up to when you die in this dream that we call "real life"? Some higher level dream? The void?
  9. But if you go "insane", there will be consequences. "Others" are going to call you crazy and you will be put in a mental hospital. I guess you created that institution in order to keep yourself inside an illusion without questioning it too much. Even the waking dream has its rules.
  10. If that's the case, then there are no other languages. Even if they are being spoken by somebody else, nobody is actually understanding what they're saying. I'm giving them meaning when I start to learn them. Before that happens, those are just empty words.
  11. So I have to slowly learn the language that I created in the first place?
  12. If I'm creating everything, that would mean I'm also creating all the languages, and yet I only know just a few of them. Shouldn't I understand all of them without the need for translation if they are products of my mind? How does omniscience work in that case?
  13. Charles Manson talked about that https://youtu.be/O99KPOO0JuA
  14. @Javfly33 What about the sounds that are apparently coming from the outside? Where are they being produced?