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  1. @michaelcycle00 I know that my ego is not the sole thing in existence - God is the only thing that exists and that can feel like solipsism but it's not exactly the same thing. But if I die, everything will also disappear because this universe is my dream.
  2. @BenG Thanks for the recommendation!
  3. @BenG Can you please explain that a little bit more?
  4. If someone kills me, that person who killed me would also cease to exist because I'm creating that person. Basically, I would be creating my own murderer. Does that make my chances of getting murdered almost impossible?
  5. @Twentyfirst Thank you for the video! Great insight!
  6. When you become lucid in a dream, you can still enjoy it and go along with its story while you're fully aware that it's not real. You can do the same here. All of this is your creation in the end, why not make the most out of it. There is nothing else to do for eternity anyway.
  7. @Godishere Is it possible to be conscious of that and keep on living knowing that fact?
  8. I have no control over that. It seems they are acting in accordance with my subconciousness.
  9. I guess it's God's Will. I heard stories about OBE where body wasn't necessary at all but in the end persons return to their regular state. It's something you as God imagine.
  10. Without the body you wouldn't be able to experience the reality. God needs this human form for that purpose.
  11. When you dream at night, all the characters are created at that exact moment. Same thing in this waking life.
  12. @Sempiternity Thanks for the links. I wasn't watching Leo's videos on psychedelics so I was hoping to get some answers here.
  13. Scientific explanation would be that their chemical compounds affect our brain and cause certain effects. But that would be materialistic view. From spiritual perspective, everything is made out of conciousness, so psychedelics are no exception but somehow they manage to give us the God realisation and shatter the illusion in which we live. How is that possible? What makes them so different from other stuff that is made from the same substance?
  14. Maybe I created my Mom because I needed a backstory for my existence.
  15. The Big Bang would imply an event in the past and if there is only now, that seems to be unlikely.