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  1. Through out my life time, especially during high school, I have experienced very humiliating situations which took a huge toll on my mind to the point where I have frequent moments of low self-esteem and high levels of anxiety. I won't go into too much detail about them but one of them involved sexual references (on-stage performance), so whenever I have sexual thoughts, the humiliating feeling of moment keeps coming up and its unbearable. Because of these situations, I have a problem with people thinking of judging me all the time. I am now well out of high school but still have panic attacks if I see the people I know from high school as I associate them with the humiliating experiences, even though I hardly see them nowadays. Do you people know how to overcome the feeling of humiliation for good and adopt mindsets which help me let go of these experiences? Thanks so much.
  2. I have recently left school where I had a terrible reputation for doing something bad which I won’t mention but it’s left me with bad social anxiety. I am college but I still have this problem. I feel like reputation is the most important thing in life and mine is broken which I feel terrible about, and I still feel like people are spreading rumours about me. Any way to combat this?
  3. Hi there, I feel like looks are important in dating, and by significant amount. I feel like also men get sexually judged on appearance as well. I just feel a little depressed because I know I am not and never will look like a model in my whole life, as say I don’t have desired looks such as chiselled jawline and ripped body and great hair, like Brad Pitt or Jeff Seid. I have been using tinder for a wjhile and the only girls I match tend to be ugly. How is it even possible for an ordinary guy like me to become more attractive among 8-10 range? It’s annoying because I’m an engineering student and I have little time to work on dating life.
  4. Will it happen if I do 30 mins of normal meditation a day, I will become enlightened and lose the ego? Because this is something that I don’t want as I don’t think I’ll ever want to accept true nature of reality.
  5. I recently wanted to buy the life purpose course from this website which costs a lot. I realised I didn’t have enough money so I asked my dad if it was possible if I worked hard enough, then I’m allowed to get it. I told him more about it and he was very skeptical to the point where he completely disapproves of me buying it. I told him more about this webpage and Leo in general and he said he is a very big scam. He then went to websites and researched reviews on and found one which was criticising Leo and life purpose course saying that Leo doesn’t have much background knowledge to say the things he does in videos. Also, the reviewer talks about how it’s hard to measure the success from life purpose course. To some extent I feel like this is true because how do we know the material Leo is giving us is going to work in our lives. Me personally, I feel like some aspects of my life are better such not having any depression due to my mediation habit. But at the same time I feel other things aren’t working such as visualisations which have had no effect in my progress, no matter how consistent I do them. So basically I want answers to these questions: Does the life purpose course work? Does anyone here have any LIFE CHANGING effects from it? Does anyone have any reviews on it, and if so are they successful? Also, in general, with no offence to Leo and everyone in this thread, is just a massive scam? Where Leo tries to come up with marketing ideas where he says things that seem out of the ordinary and profound just to grab your attention and money and in the end get no results just like other markets out there that “promise” something. How can we trust this website? To find the review I was talking about, just type ‘is Leo Gura a scam?’ On Quora.
  6. When I do visualisation, should I do it in 1st person or third person, which one is better to get best results. I read physco cybernetics, and it mentions that you should visualise like you are watching a movie, which I guess means third person. But still which one is better in your opinion?
  7. It seems that every time I try to form a relationship with a girl, I can’t really seem to talk to her. If I see a girl I know and she knows me, I get super anxious where I can even feel my heart pounding, I get all red and sweaty and my words don’t come out right. My anxiety paralyses me to the point where I can’t speak to girls at all or can’t break through the barrier, how can I ever overcome this and will I ever overcome it? I don’t want to be a loser who can’t talk to girls for rest of my life. from student at college
  8. One more thing I noted is that in the book, it mentions a scenario about basketball players improving their shooting aim just by visualizing aiming the shot at the basket and they improved just as much as players who did proper practice, why is this? And also, is this applicable to other areas of life such as overcoming shyness, being better with women, being better at career etc?
  9. Hey guys, Im just asking for a technique for not missing my meditation and visualisation practice. I am a busy uni student and sometimes I’m physiologically kind of left to do my practices late at night but I usually fall asleep half way through. Any suggestions how to not miss a single day of doing these practices. Thanks
  10. Hey guys I am looking to get a diagnosis for mental issues because I feel like I need to. Looking at my past till now I have struggled to make friends throughout school years. When I reached my final year of school I had only one friend, due to me being sort of an outcast. Starting from primary school I didn’t think that I was mean or cold to peers, I knew how to play with them but I did display socially unacceptable habits which would put people off me I think, like public nose picking. I was also a late talker from birth only started speaking at about 4 I believe. Also in primary school I had odd interest such as astronomy and nuclear power stations, it wasn’t like I was obsessed with it but they were just different interests to typical peers but they eventually faded away. I would also say weird things to peers, like not offend them but just say things that were strange. When I got to high school, I began to pick up some social awareness but at that stage that’s when I got bullied, but mainly because I was so short and wore glasses. I wasn’t very good at sports as well. The more I got bullied, the more anxiety would build up in me, and then found it hard to socialise in group conversations, such as saying somethings irrelevant to group conversation, one on one interaction I was ok with though. The more years passed by the more lonely I became, failing to make close friendships. People started making false rumours about me and it really hurt my reputation, further isolating me from everyone. Now another reason why I feel like I need a diagnosis because in the past, I think I would stim a little, like make ‘bivvv’ noise and twist my arms to myself when I was alone but sometimes I would make weird stares at the wall and people would notice. People say I look awkward when I walk or look confused, but that’s because I’m day dreaming most likely. So yea, to summarise what I said, my odd behaviour and not knowing how to act appropriate and stimming is the reason why I might have autism. I dont think I need routine or need to do same things everyday, and I do understand people’s feelings but it’s just that I feel like these symptoms alone that I have mentioned above are red flags. Any suggestions?
  11. Hey guys, just want to ask what your opinion of this book is. I’m already half way through this book and have came across interesting stuff, but I want to know if this book has changed your life because I’m not entirely sure if the stories in the book are completely valid because I feel like there’s not enough success stories in it or much evidence. Please let me know in what ways it has changed your life.
  12. As the title says this, I don’t know why I am like this. I have been in situations where my friends trick me into thinking otherwise and then they say it’s not true. Like for example, I was at a party and it was pretty normal and then I bumped into this guy and he said that he saw a 70 year old junkie walk into the party and get his cock out in front of everyone. Mind you this party was massive and loads of random people came in. Annoyingly I bought into it, until one of my other friends came and they guy said said the same thing to my other friend, but my friend just said that’s bullshit automatically and then we walked away realising that it was bullshit, but I was slow about it. Another example is when me and my friends were watching a video of girls flashing their privates as a joke, and one of my friends said that it was from our university girls hockey team, originally again I bought into that but then I saw a clip of a girl which I had seen on a porn site before and said that was fake, but if I didn’t see it, I would have believed him the whole way through. Last example, a friend of mine asked me through text if had passed my exams, and I had said yes, and then I asked him if he did and he said that he didn’t and that he was never going to come to university again, and then I said that’s bad, only to then say he was joking. Again I bought into that fact that he left uni, even though he is quite smart. So, how can I be more wiser when understanding people’s words? Does that mean I am slightly retarded or autistic?
  13. I finally decided to be honest about this and I have decided to say that I just suck with women. In my last two years of school I was bullied and never talked to or even texted to a single girl due to my anxiety. Then when I hit college I really tried to come out of my shell but it failed badly I just get abnormally anxious around them and it’s so painful to socialise. I am now currently doing 3rd year Engineering which means I am always going to be studying and never going out and I hate it. I really want to get over this problem and I don’t know how. How do my friends get all the attention and pussy and I barely get any. I feel like I’ll be a loser forever.
  14. Hey guys, just need some tips on how to be productive at studying while not getting distracted. Thanks.