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  1. @Judy2 What would happen if you dropped your sense of location for even a moment?
  2. @softlyblossoming It's not enough just to believe there is no self. That's just more self. There has to be an actual, deep surrendering of the self with no expectations. You may from time to time experience a momentary shift in consciousness then possibly withdrawal b-c the self falling away is quite threatening to the self (and that is perfectly natural). But that is a good indicator that your heading in the right direction. This is where the surrendering comes in. By "surrendering" I mean letting go. A total letting go of absolutely everything.
  3. I'll do you a favor by not telling you what I found so that that you may discover it for yourself. But I can point you in the right direction. The practice of no-self is like a key that opens the door to Absolute Truth.
  4. The lyrics to Alanis Morissette's Thank U says it best...... The moment that I let go of it, was the moment that I got more then I could handle. The moment that I jumped off of it, was the moment that I touched down.
  5. So how does a being come to be? What spark causes that fire to burn?
  6. Could be a heightened sensitivity to gravitational waves passing through space-time.
  7. The precious immortality-giving nectar is said to flow from the pituitary gland into the back of the throat during very deep states of meditation. In order to help the release of amrita from the pituitary gland, a mudra know as Kechari (tongue lock) is practiced. Basically, the tongue rolls into the back of the mouth behind the uvula, and there presses against the soft roof of the throat. This helps to stimulate the release of amrita, because that soft tissue is connected to the bone (sella turcica) that protects the pituitary gland.
  8. You are the empty space in which the self and the coffee table arise.
  9. @Ethan Marnewick Interesting question. Why does one choose to play the part of the human but not of the coffee table?
  10. Consciousness returns to it's source and becomes whole again. All partitions collapse.
  11. Don't get caught up in time and space.
  12. Dying while alive is a strange thing to behold.
  13. You are enlightenment happening. This post is enlightenment.
  14. There are no determined variables. Each awakens on their own terms. At best you can only provide a catalyst for awakening.
  15. @Tyler Durden We hide from our true self for the thrill of it all. What fun would a roller coaster ride be if you knew you were infinite?
  16. Instead of trying an hour of meditation someday better to have a glimpse today. Place awareness- on awareness and see what happens. Then expand from there.
  17. @Carl-Richard That's how the term "bhagwan" started. -Little known fact.
  18. Acknowledging and overcoming your limitations is all part of the unfolding process to a higher state of consciousness. Rest assured nothing is going to to waste.