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  1. A TV antenna mounted inside an attic must meet the same grounding requirements as an antenna mounted above the roof in case of a direct strike.
  2. # 10 of the Ox hearing pictures- Returning to the marketplace "D.T. Suzuki, the foremost interpreter of Zen Buddhism to the West, in commenting on this picture, writes: "And now having moved through the stage of emptiness, and also having seen god in the world of nature, the individual can see God in the world of men. Enlightened mingling in the marketplace with 'wine-bibbers and butchers' (public-cans and sinners), he recognizes the 'inner light' of 'Buddha nature' in everyone. He doesn't need to hold himself aloof nor to be weighted down by a sense of duty or responsibility, nor to follow a set of patterns of other holy men, nor to imitate the past. He is so in harmony with life that he is content to be inconspicuous, to be an instrument, not a leader. He simply does what seems to him natural. But though in the marketplace he seems to be an ordinary man, something happens to the people among whom he mingles. They too become part of the harmony of the universe."
  3. Sounds like you got a taste of what advanced meditators experience- a state of no mind where you reside in your true original state.
  4. @GreenWoods The only difference between you and Ramana Maharshi is what?
  5. Perhaps to say "I will Always be here for you as we are one"
  6. If I wasn't for my mothers love I'm not sure if I would have ever really appreciated how reality has that same love for me. She shown me the way through her Love for me.
  7. It has the same sort of feeling as daja-vu. -The "screen" that is.
  8. Ask Amy Schneider "Jeopardy" champion what her secret is. Her breath of knowledge on all subjects is nothing short of astounding.
  9. There is a level of consciousness where everything and anything already exists in a state of pure potential. Whether or not it becomes manifest is of little concern.
  10. @Raptorsin7 As of now the software program needed to run the equipment can often cost that much. But as with any new technology prices will eventually come down to where neuro feedback will become more accessible to anyone interested. First the equipment must be sensitive enough to detect a given brain wave, Alpha, Theta, Beta ect. then the software needs to isolate and filter that certain wave from the others.
  11. Haven't delved in neuro feedback for quite some time now. That's not to say it doesn't deserve further exploration. Quality equipment is key but is very costly. If only I had a friend that had access to the equipment they use for sleep studies.
  12. When you meet your twin flame there will be no question of trust. That would be like asking does the the left hand trust the right hand.
  13. In a search for a practice which is not dependent on psychedelics but just as effective I've found the practice of letting go. Simply let go of everything. Let go of your history. Let go of your sense of location. Let go of your identity. Surrender everything that is "You". It may not happen at first but with enough practice you will stumble upon something that is totally transformational. But it can only happen when you cease being you.
  14. You have yet to realize your full potential as being primary to all manifestation. Yes- all of it.
  15. If you dreamt monsters were tearing at your flesh then woke and realized it was all a dream, where did the pain go?
  16. You are neither existence or non-existence.
  17. @Judy2 The experience itself may only last a moment but the insights gained are everlasting.
  18. @Judy2 Infinity hides in the strangest places as it is not bound to time.
  19. @Judy2 What would happen if you dropped your sense of location for even a moment?