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  1. Let's not have any of that. Keep it civil.
  2. By "we" you must mean you and the mouse in your pocket.
  3. @Questioner Now your catching on! What I'm saying is any resemblance of flight would be an illusion. And a temporary one at best.
  4. If I jump out of an airplane and flap my arms prove to me I'm not flying.
  5. There is plenty of bliss in spirituality. It happens in the absence of "me".
  6. @Nilam See Dr. Ramani on Y-T "Narcissistic Abuse".
  7. And so you hold this world in it's place. Dangling by a thin thread.
  8. "This is not a shared space. For it to be 'shared' there would have to be two. For here there is not two." -Sadhguru
  9. Perhaps that explains the "Black Hole" sometimes encountered during deep meditation. If consciousness is afraid of it's own scope how would that be experienced from the POV of the mind.
  10. @Devin "When you finally allow all searching and striving to end, you become able to rest in the peace that is already the true nature of your very being. You only need to forget your self—or rather, the false identity you’ve created for yourself (within your own mind). Forget your imagined self so that you can realize your True Self—the infinite and eternal presence of Awareness that you already are." Excerpt from -Zen Thinking "Your self is an illusion"
  11. That's a daisy chain of illusion occurring within the dream.
  12. Leo has already answered you on this matter. Are you here to learn or not? "There are many degrees of God-realization. You gotta go deeper. You can't answer how long you've been dreaming because time is a dream. How long you've been dreaming is a dream. How many lives have you dreamed? Just this moment right now. Lives aren't really a thing. You are imagining past and future lives. I have no problem answering your questions. But you don't appreciate that your questions are asking about imaginary things."
  13. A mind in motion given an infinite supply of pure potential to work with.
  14. No. It has always been here waiting for the right opportunity for it to come into existence.
  15. But isn't awakening really about undoing all the B.S. you've gathered over the years.
  16. @Michael Jackson Does Love need to know it's Love? Or can it be like a child?
  17. Frank Yang put it well when he said "Reality has become just a blob. This is how a baby must experience reality". That's some true non-duality there. The "spectrum" blends into one. -The absence of all partitions.