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  1. Just wanted to share something. I just came out of meditation. There exists now an infinite silent emptiness. I look at the total forum and it's almost painful by compairison. So many ideas and perceptions and thoughts happening at one time. It's a traffic jam with 10000's of horns blowing in contrast to this vast emptiness. I'm not saying this in a negative way. Just bringing that to light while the experience is still fresh. It's starting to wear off now. Wow, what a contrast that was.
  2. Thanks Ayla for posting "Christ Conscionsceness". That's a beautiful satsang. I'm sitting here now listening to George Harrisons "Isn't it a pity" "Some things take so long, but how do I explain? When not too many people can see we're all the same. And because of all there tears, there eyes can't hope to see, the beauty that surrounds them-oh isn't it a pity" George Harrison
  3. My first experience watching Mooji was "Christ Consciousness". Very powerful and moving. He opens the door to total oneness and presence, where separation and distance are an illusion.
  4. His transcendence will come in his own time. EVERYTHING is exactly as it should be at this very moment.
  5. Enlightenment is realizing your not only the island, but the deep ocean too.
  6. Breaks certainly are needed for progress. Breath some in, breath some out. Breath some in, breath some out.
  7. During orgasm we disassociate from our self identity. Consciousness comes to a point of focus and a union is experienced through letting go. Creation is happening from that and a new baby consciousness is born completing the cycle. Nature is amazing.
  8. EVERYTHING is exactly as it should be at this very moment.
  9. Thanks Henri for posting that. It refers to what was on my mind today. Sometimes in meditation, consciousness vanishes for a moment or so, and i'm not sure what is happening with that. It's only realized after awareness returns. I want to ask, "where did consciousness go ?". I probably became unconscious or dozed off ? It's a total blank space for what seems like just a flash of a second.
  10. The reason I am asking is because sometimes in deep meditation, I let myself dissolve completely and I disappear for a moment or so. I don't know where I went. I stopped existing.
  11. So nothingness is perfectly empty consciousness. Pure self, or true self beyond all associations?
  12. I have a question, Can nothingness be directly experienced within consciousness? Or do we at best indirectly experience nothingness. It seems to me that if it were true nothingness, it could not because than it would be something. Or maybe advanced spiritual beings can directly experience nothingness? But there would be nothing to be experienced. See my confusion?
  13. Yes, often ppl look to fill a gap within themselves. Than they realize that gap is part of a larger illusion.
  14. That vid reminds me of when I was young. A bird was caught up in some fishing string way up in the top of a tree There was nothing I could do about it. I felt so badly.
  15. Yea, be all you can be! lol I guess it's as good a place as any to start. Than the true work begins-(or thins the heard).