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  1. @Leo Gura what’s the best way to trip on mushrooms if it’s toxic to eat them whole?!
  2. Only a gullible person would believe that Leo! Did you know that Leo in another life would be Cleopatra, if he were both a woman? (just kidding!) I couldn’t resist the temptation to say that the names are eerily similar ?
  3. I also resonate with being a Heyoka. I hope you are well. You’ll get through this, too, & hopefully it’ll make you stronger and wiser someday.
  4. This is my FAV comedian line from you Leo yet! You’ve got a WICKED sense of humour!!! Ahahahaaaaaa Someone needs to narrate these in a calm feminine voice ?, like now, seriously
  5. could you post more of your conversation together
  6. I wouldn’t mind reading the entire conversation! This AI is so damn intelligent & wise, I already prefer speaking with it over speaking with actual people
  7. Definitely not condoning the relationship! But suicidal people can be redeemed. I’m not sure about this specific one — we’re only hearing about him in third person, none of us have direct experience with him so it’s impossible to know his psychological profile. Also, simple psychedelics like mushrooms have a profound impact on suicial & depressive symptoms — they’re even great for treating PTSD, as you know! Even with microdosing. So it’s a reversible mental health problem, given access to the right resources (the lack of which leaves this person with nothing to fend for himself, & no one in his corner). Staying friends is probably the ideal option in OP’s case. I’m NOT saying she should date him. That isn’t the wisest option here — nor is cutting him out of her life completely. But it’s OP’s choice to call the shots on that, & her choice alone is sovereign here.
  8. Dating someone who’s suicidal would be frustrating as hell cause they’re not able to give & receive love in the way a healthy mind would — & hence could lead to boundary transgressions, for sure. but calling all suicidal folks “noobs” is a bit cruel! You’ve got audience members who’ve experienced suicidality, too, Leo, & it’s not something to label or ostracize, but for sure it’s extremely difficult to treat and care for such people without professional training & support & time investment people with a hard work ethic could experience suicidality due to unforeseen life events, trauma or PTSD, so calling someone suicidal an unprofessional noob was what I was highlighting was upsetting, coming from you! Hope you get it now
  9. truly one of the more assholish things you’ve said. I’m disappointed in you, Leo — no one who’s suicidal decides to be voluntarily, you of all people would understand if you chose compassion over judgement in this case