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  1. I can't believe that he could come to a conclusion that something like this could ever be possible without being completely deranged, off the rails, insane. And this is the craziest part he didn't look insane to me at all... Luka Magnotta, The bank robbery guys, and the clown guy all seemed visibly insane. Like you could tell that there is something wrong with them from the beginning. This guy, looked 100% normal... *** And those poor girls. They were so sweet and beautiful. How could you ever lay so much as a finger on them? I can't believe he actually had the guts to hurt them.
  2. 100% agree with that, but I also think that different breeds should have a place to exist. Border Collies are amazing for example and are a quite healthy breed. And yeah, the industry could be much more conscious and ethical of course.
  3. I've watched the guy who killed 30+ people, I've watched the bank robbery, I've watched "Don't fuck with cats", but this one is the most insane thing ever: It has shaken me so much. I just can't believe how it's possible to do something like this. When he said that his wife killed the kids I believed him because I just couldn't put it in my head how he could possibly do such an insane thing. I just don't know... And the way how he has acted throughout the whole movie, pretending to be innocent. I just don't understand how the fuck something like this is possible. You would have to be a 100% cold blooded psychopath to pull this shit off. And the crazy thing is that he didn't look like a cold blooded psychopath at all... He looked petty, little, and insincere. But he didn't look like a fucking psychopath. I just don't understand how it is possible. And it's not like he had done it in rage or something. He just woke up and decided to kill her, and then drew the kids, still alive, and dumped them into the oil well... It's like he has gone completely insane over night. There is no logic or reason. Like why would he do that? What did he think was gonna happen? Like literally, it feels like some alien parasite worm got into his brain while he slept, and he turned crazy. WTF... Edit: I ended up calling my sister because I just had to talk with someone about it
  4. So... How do I take ownership of my life and actually make real transformations that stick?
  5. One of my favourite songs ever. Whenever I feel depressed and like shit it helps to lift me up. I wish I could live by this song. I wish I was strong enough to do that. Honestly, I am ashamed of how I am living my life. That's not how I want to live it at all. I am being so pathetic it's honestly shameful. I've always admired Lou (the vocalist). She is so strong and cool. I don't think I would be able to look her in the eyes if I got to meet her rn.
  6. This is an interesting point of view. So you think that in the future (in an ideal world) nobody should be allowed to have pets at all. Also, do you mean the process of breeding and selling / buying a pet is unethical in general or do you mean dogs and cats specifically because they need to eat meat?
  7. I feel like this song is so true Это как бросать постепенно — тот же самый развод Размазывать свои сопли по стенам на ещё один год От гнезда до полёта — только рывок Ты либо бросился навстречу неизвестности, либо не смог Я буду долго запрягать у хлипкого моста Но с прошлым своим распишусь в один удар хлыста Сорву с себя всё напускное, за слоем слой Открою глаза и впервые увижу, кто я такой Во всём себе признаюсь, все пластыри посдираю Где я сужу, не остыв, где надменен до края Где я на самом деле о себе, а не о ком-то С чем я родился и что нацепил для понта Где я себя обманываю — впредь и отныне Пропасть в один шаг между достоинством и гордыней Чтобы научиться парить, на небосклоне мерцать Нужно увидеть в отражении слепого птенца
  8. What stops me from changing my life right now and becoming the person I want to be? The only thing that stops me is my own victim complex. I like to whine about how lost, depressed, hopeless I am. I've put myself into a mindset where I feel helpless. I tell myself that I just "can't control myself" and how I always backslide to where I started. But what if it doesn't have to be like that? What if it's my own decision to backslide and give up, and go back to my old ways? What really stops me from saying "No" and moving forward forever? Nothing, my own limiting beliefs and victim mentality, that's it. I can do it, I can change if I really decide to. I can change right now. I don't have to keep struggling back and forth forever, this is madness. Whatever suffering I escape by giving up is nothing compared to how I suffer by drowning in this swamp I am living in now. Suffering comes from victimhood, uncertainty, and back and forth struggle.
  9. I mean sure, it's probably better. I just remember being into this topic a few years ago (mostly regarding dogs) and there was a youtube channel that I liked that did reviews of pet foods and basically all of them, including "premium" brands were not good. I generally agree. My only concern is that it's really hard to know what is the right diet for your pet. Like you might think that you dog is thriving on whatever diet you give to him and then he will die 5 years earlier than he could have and you will never even know about it. Okay, that's a good point. *Parrot also probably won't survive in the wild unless you live near the Amazon rainforest or something like that, haha. I am not sure about rats. I think pet rats are different from the ones that live in in streets.
  10. @Lila9 my logic is that getting a pet is something that you by choice, nobody makes you. You can't even get accidentally pregnant with a pet like you could with a child. So if this is your own choice, you might as well approach it responsibly and do your best. And I understand that sometimes you feel like you really want to have a pet but might not be able to provide the best conditions for it. I feel like that myself sometimes. I still think that the best decision is to avoid getting one if that's the case. Or get a pet that you are able to take care of. Because it's not like you can only get a cat or a dog. There are also rabbits, hamsters, rats, fish, parrots, etc. Like seriously, if you are vegan, why not get yourself a rabbit? They are cute as hell, you can still play with them and cuddle them, and it's much easier to feed them. Or a parrot. Parrots are really cool, be cause they can be very smart and you can teach them to do all sorts of things. And if you raise them properly they will let you to pet them, rub their head, will sit in your shoulder, etc. Edit: Look at this, this is the cutest thing I've ever seen
  11. Probably still less harmful. Pet food has basically all the same negatives of meat from a grocery store baked into it (antibiotics, animal eating random crap, being kept in horrible conditions, etc.) plus much lower quality standards and all the additional stuff that's added in the production process. I guess you could get some high quality meat and eggs either from smaller local suppliers or some brands that sell that kind of stuff if you really care.
  12. You know, one piece can be really childish at times, have dumb jokes, and annoying fan service, especially in the anime. But then there are also lots of really powerful moments. Some really epic and inspiring, some heartwrenching. As I said, almost in every arc there was something that has made me tear up. I also like how characters in One Piece are really noble in a certain sense and have strong principles/values that they follow and are willing to die for. This was really inspiring for me when I watched it back in the day. Also world building and character designs are really cool and unique in my opinion. Do you mean in the show or in life in general?
  13. @Lila9 most processed pet food is really low quality and causes all sorts of illnesses, including cancer.
  14. Guys, please dont torture your cats. It goes against the principles of veganism to force feed a carnivore animal vegan diet. If it's that important to you, just buy a rabbit instead. Or you can get a rescue cat from a shelter instead. Because it would eat meat until it's death anyway.
  15. @Lila9 wow, you watched One Piece, that's cool ) There hasn't been a single piece of media, whether a movie, tv show, anime, or a book, that has made me cry more than One Piece, lol. I know what you mean. But on the other side, he takes things that actually matter very seriously. It's a really nice dynamic in my opinion.
  16. Каким бы умным ни казался человек, Каким бы славным ни давал он жизнь идеям! Но все же в полном одиночестве во век, Он был и будет шалуном и прохиндяем! This one is actually kind of uplifting and meaningful imo. I like the idea of laughing in the face of hardships, sadness depression ,etc. Robin's flashback from One Piece comes to mind as well. It explores a similar theme Thank you
  17. @Lila9 I am glad you liked it, I was worried you will find it too weird.
  18. @Leo Gura okay, so it's not awakening. But what is it then? Could you explain in simple language what is a distinction between enlightenment and awakening? Is it correct to assume that awakening is like an insight / realization while enlightenment is a certain state of consciousness that you can be at?
  19. Correct? I mean, at least according to you?
  20. Слышишь, мама, голос разных кровей? Видишь, мама, эту буйную спесь? Дай мне, мама, сном забыться скорей. Моя родина здесь.
  21. To be strong and brave To be loving and caring To be truthful and integrous To be deep and meaningful To be noble and beautiful I wish I could live like that.
  22. Imagine being able to rise above all the human dirt and be able to live a noble, meaningful life based on your own principles. Wouldn't that be beautiful?
  23. @Breakingthewall thank you. So it's kind of experiencing vs understanding?
  24. @Yimpa sorry for lashing out. But I just wanted to learn Leo's understanding of what enlightenment means in general.
  25. @Yimpa leave me alone