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  1. It doesn't take much effort though, does it? And potentially can scale into healthier feet, knees, back, and general posture as you get old. So why not? It's kind of similar to you buying stainless steel pans for cooking and setting up a water filter.
  2. @TheAlchemist thanks for sharing )
  3. I agree with it. Kind of counterituitively, thicker barefoot sole makes walking less comfortable. I actually ordered a pair of used vivo from revivo website so I aam curious jow they arr going to feel. I don't plan to use them for walking though, I specifically wanted to get a pair of used shoes which I could wear guilt free while hiking, running in rain and mud, etc. And I think that for running, especially on the ground, it should be less of an issue. What model / brand do you like the most?
  4. @FourCrossedWands cool, let us know how they feel
  5. @Lila9 it's actually not bad, I like it )
  6. @Michael569 those are all barefoot shoes:
  7. Mine have 4mm soles and they feel super thin and flexible, yet I am not afraid of them getting cut through by something like gravel or glass. And I live in a neighbourhood with a bunch of alcoholics and broken bottles lying around. Edit: Have you ever had your outer rubber pierced by anything and that object getting to the foam part of a shoe? I have never experienced this even in normal shoes. I don't think that's true. Of course you can do that if you want to. But here you tend to do it naturally because it becomes fun and enjoyable. You want to feel each step. I have noticed myself wanting to experience different surfaces and trying to step on a patch of grass, or gravel, or to walk on a curb because it feels great. Every time I twisted my ankles was before I would randomly put more lateral pressure on the outer side of a shoe walhen taking a step and that high sole would kind of twist under itself. There are barefoot shoes with high ankle support and soles designed for hiking and trail running. You can tell that I am pretty biased as well I just enjoy them so much, haha. But sure, everyone has their own tastes.
  8. I wouldn't worry about any sharp objects (unless you are literally stepping on a nail at a straight angle). The rubber sole is still tough enough to handle glass more easily. Also, bringing more awareness to each step is literally the point. Regarding ankle dislocations, it's actually easier to twist your anke when you stand on a 2cm high platform than when you are barefoot. This would happen to me very regularly in normal shoes. Seriously, go and try it for yourself, you will probably notice that it's really hard to accidentally twist your ankle when you are standing with your bare feet on the ground.
  9. @FourCrossedWands not all barefoot shoes are equal. I've had some Polish brand barefoot shoes for about half a year now, and they didn't feel that nice (still better than ordinary shoes in my opinion though). Last week I have got a pair of wildling shoes, tanuki model, and I am just in love. Words can't describe how amazing it feels to walk in them, lol. They are extremely light, tactile, and hug my upper foot in a snug, but very comfortable and cozy way. @Leo Gura I am not sure about vibrams (as far as I am aware, they are mostly known for their five finger models), or what this court case was about, but it does make sense that standard modrern shoes are not that healthy for your feet. Most of them are elevated at the heel, which is bad for your posture. A toe box is cramped, and a thick sole definitely doesn't engage as many muscles as a barefoot one. Also personally, I don't need any studies, I just know that my feet feel so amazing compared to everything I've worn in the past so I think I am never going back. Simple walking has turned into an exciting, pleasurable activity for me.
  10. That's awesome )
  11. Hi, how are you feeling?
  12. @Schizophonia it's nice. The glasses were ruining it.
  13. @Schizophonia imo, your profile pic is badly chosen...
  14. What it has to do with that topic is that I swear, at this point I know what your and some other guys' posts are going to be about before even clicking on them. Isn't it interesting how you are pulled towards those specific kinds of articles and views on diet, those specific views on masculinity, dating, politics, personal development, sexuality, etc.? Do you really not see how those are all linked? But of course you are not biased at all... What a shameless gaslighting, lol.
  15. @blankisomeone read One Piece
  16. @Michael569 but who cares about that? Reading actual studies doesn't matter, what matters is that you can't be a Top G / Alpha Male / Andrew Tate's Acolyte while being vegan. Once that agenda is set, you simply need to nitpick whatever facts fit the best to prove that drinking 10 raw eggs for breakfast is the superior diet option.
  17. @ElenaO <3
  18. @ElenaO I am so sorry. Please, don't think that this is your fault or that you have failed your husband. First of all, this isn't true because there are things in life that we can't control that much and people should accept that. Secondly, your worth is not defined by your ability to give birth. You are a person, not a baby factory. Also, your husband should be already really grateful for you giving him a son and spending so much time and effort looking after him.
  19. @Lila9 dating in the 19th century be like: Sorry, couldn't hold myself back
  20. @Hardkill @Lila9 it's not like Cleopatra did cold approach though... I think women still behave in the same way as they did, they just do it in their own way. Which is more subtle than being explicitly sexual or making a first move (unless they are a stripper or pornstar, etc., as in the example above). I don't see why would anything change significantly with time if those things are supposed to be wired deep inside of us. Also, what you probably imagine is a bunch of girls fighting for some noble born prince, trying to get his attention. Which wpuld be the equivalent of girls chasing male celebrities nowadays. There were no hoards of girls trying to seduce some peasant boy, lol. Which was like the 99% of the population. And if you read some old books about common people lives, the dating dynamics were pretty much the same as they are now, with the guy making the first move (excluding arranged marriage situations). So, all that is to say: I don't think that things are much different today .
  21. Oh no, I am late. Happy birthday ))))
  22. I was wandering whaat is the best way to approach this question with my management/hr. We are each others backups and do literally the same tasks. We even share the same mailbox. The only reason his salary is currently higher is become he started 6 months later than me and his starting pay was higher due to the inflation. I feel like it should have balanced out with raises. An important note is that we are not allowed to discuss our wages so I want to approach this topic without referring directly to him.
  23. @something_else the guy is literally my backup. When he came here, I was the one who taught him everything. And I still have lower salary than him.
  24. But that's the funny thing. I have 6 months more experience than him. But because he started later, starting wages were higher because the company needed to stay competitive due to inflation. According to their system, if I applied to the same position right now, as a total noob, I would get a higher salary simply because of the market changes.
  25. I see, that's really cool. Great ) Yeah, I've decided to handwrite personal journals and use obsidian for ordinary notes. Maybe I will scan and add handwritten stuff there as well later.