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  1. Oh, that's actually funny, haha. @Rafael Thundercat sorry, I guess I might have misunderstood you <3
  2. I struggle with loneliness and depression, and because of that I am not able to live the life I would like to live. I spend a lot of my days laying in bed and eating junk food, I have a hard time keeping my house clean, I am not able to stick to whatever goals I set for myself, I have no social life. Recently got this idea of getting myself a dog. And here is why I think it would help me deal with my issues: 1) It would support me emotionally, preventing me from getting depressed and feeling lonely 2) Taking care of someone else would motivate me, mobilize me to take action, work on improving my life, etc., etc. For example, I feel like I can tolerate living in a dirty house myself, but there is no way that I would ever allow my dog to live in a dirty house. I would also want to get a better career that is more flexible and pays more, so that I can take care of my dog better. And in general, I think that owning a dog would improve my whole lifestyle and make it much more healthy, grounded, and consistent. On the other hand, I feel like having a dog could hold me back in a lot of ways: - It will make it even harder for me to find time for going out and socializing - I will have less time for everything else, including developing new skills, starting a business, doing spirituality, etc., etc. - Taking care of a dog costs money, and I don't have that much money - Having a dog would make moving places much harder But then you could of course make an argument that I am not able to do any of these things anyway in the mental state I currently am, so it would be better for me to get a dog, which will help me pull myself together, even though on paper, taking care of a dog takes a lot of time and energy. Any thoughts?
  3. @Rafael Thundercat get a hobby and stop posting arrogant comments that don't help anyone.
  4. @Yimpa haha, okay I still want to let my excitement cool down a bit and wait for a few weeks to pass before I make the final decision. But if I end up deciding to get a dog, I will share it here
  5. @Swarnim your point makes sense, but I am not sure if it is true. I am not giving up on myself, just trying to find a solution that works for me. What if the root cause of a problem is me being alone all the time. Getting a dog would address it then. But I don't think that I am going to be doing the bare minimum. I think I might finally start enjoying life. This approach of thinking that I should first prepare myself perfectly before I decide to do something has never worked for me. I would always end up just procrastinating away. On the other hand, jumping right into the thing that I want to do and dealing with challenges as they come has worked well several times in my life.
  6. @Spiritual Warrior i did, it's been coming and going for six months now.
  7. I am not risky for the dog. I would definitely take a good care of it. I know that you didn't mean it but it actually feels kind of insulting, tbh. If I thought that any of that would work, I would be doing that instead. I already have a coach / therapist, I don't feel like those two things are mutually exclusive. Also, I am going to wait until our next session, before I make any decisions, because I want to talk with her about it.
  8. Well, that's the point. I don't think I can take care of myself probably because it's just me. If I had somebody else to keep me company it would be totally different.
  9. Hi @Leo Gura, I see you posting documentaries and stories about aliens on your blog and forum from time to time. Like the last one: I was wondering if there is a megathread for it, with links to blog posts, documentaries, etc?
  10. @OBEler @Leo Gura I see, thanks.
  11. Just use shower / bidet?
  12. I actually did that once, and the knife touched the coils. But it just shorted, and the whole house went out of power. Nothing happened to me. I guess I got lucky, lol
  13. I liked this game as a kid
  14. His status is build on him being to cool to care. He literally told twitter advertisers to fuck off. This should tell you enough.
  15. Why? He can lose another 45 billion and still have enough money to last him for 100 lifetimes. He clearly doesn't care, he is just fooling around. Even if Twitter will be gone, this will have no effect on him personally.
  16. @Lila9 maybe, and hopefully that's true. But how can we trust them and know if what they are saying is true? You've said it yourself that Israel's government is not perfect. What's stopping them from saying "there were terrorists there" every time they fuck up? Like in the case with the ambulance, Israel says there were terrorists in it, people on the ground say that they were just civilians. How do we know who is saying the truth? How would Israel even identify whether there are terrorists or not in the ambulance?
  17. @Lila9 lets say I agree with your premise. Israel is in a tough spot, surrounded by enemies, and has a right to defend itself. The question is, how legitimate are the methods that they are using. Mass bombing specifically. Please see below articles: When people read those types of articles, it makes them question whether Israel actually does any kind of research and tries to target places where terrorists are or if they are just shelling everything randomly as an act of terror. As article about the French institute mentions, its location is a public knowledge precisely to prevent a bomb from being randomly bombed onto it. So how did it happen? Does Israel really check where they are firing before doing it? And it's not like those are very rare cases, those "mistakes" happen regularly from what I understand. So it makes you wonder if those are really mistakes or if it is just Israel's strategy to level Gaza with the ground.
  18. That's what I want to do, but one of my fears os that I want be able to come up with unique, creative, beautiful designs.
  19. Or shoes. I would like to talk to someone to get a broad overview of the whole process, to get some direction.
  20. @Sempiternity wow, that's really cool. What I struggle with is understanding the whole learning path. Like what skills do I need to have and how to learn them. - Do I need to learn how to draw? - Do I need to learn sketchting clothes on paper, or is there a digital spftware where it is done right now? - Do I need to learn 3d modeling in programs like Blender? - Do I need to learn how to sew / knit / chrochet by hand? - What about embroidery? - What about all sorts of fabrics, textiles, and dyes? Where do I learn about them (which are the best for what, how they are made, how they are produced, etc, etc). - What if I want to make shoes, how tf do I learn that? I have beem looking for some courses online but most of them are very unholistic and focus on some one little things, like "how to sew your own set of pants".
  21. Isn't it crazy? There are like 100 active members here and yet we don't seem to be able to have a civilized, respectful discussion here. Is this just human nature? If so, then how can we expect conflicts to stop happening in the real world when we can't even prevent a conflict from happening on an online forum where stakes are much lower. I have been personally guilty of this myself. I would get emotional and start arguing with person I disagree with. Not trying to learn or come to an agreement but trying to prove my point. I am also being disrespectful and overly agressive from time to time. Sometimes I dramatise things too much. Etc, etc. But is it really such a high standard to hold to be respectful of a person you are talking to even if they opinion is different, or even if you thing that they are clearly wrong, or said something dumb? Wouldn't it be cool if everyone here behaved in a mature and respectful way, trying to learn from each other and help each other to grow and get closer to truth? This sounds really inspiring to me to be honest.
  22. I am sorry for being rude to you and making assumptions. I was wrong. Do you mind explaining the way you actually see things?
  23. @Breakingthewall but according to @hundreth there are actual videos of that. It kind of makes sense that super gory videos aren't just available to everyone on youtube. Maybe if you did some mkre research you could find them? @hundreth if you could point out how people can find proof of what the below refers to, that would be helpful in my opinion.