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  1. I didn't ask for anything and don't worry, I've got it. But thanks for your concern.
  2. Thanks, but I refuse to adopt the mindset of "I need another person to live a healthy and happy life". This is such a defeatist attitude. I am going to cur porn out of my life while single. And I didn't says that I will stop masturbating forever. I am just going to work on building amore healthy relationship with it. I will get a girlfriend when it's time for me to get a girlfriend.
  3. I don't know if it's biological or pshychological, or if it's just a placebo effect, but after I don't watch porn and as a result, don't masturbate for a few days I feel noticably more clearminded, positive, eager to work on my life, etc. The same can be said about something like affirmations, it doesn't mean that they are useless. Maybe if I could separate porn and masturbation completely I would notice the same effects, idk. The issue for me is that in 90% of cases one thing leads to another. Depends on what kind of porn you are watching. As I've mentioned in my original post the kinds of porn I watch have gradually changed over years from the most innocent, vanilla stuff in the beginning to much more extreme things. I am especially bothered when I watch all kind of degrading and humiliating porn. It's really addictive and stimulating because it plays on my insecurities, and I feel like it really messes my mind up. I feel awful mentally after watching it and in my "sober" state am completely turned of by it. I've even tried watching some more "conscious" kind of porn videos, but it's never enough and aways escalates back. So I think that for me the best solution it to cut it out of my life completely. @Leo Gura okay, sorry, I agree that I've overreacted a bit.
  4. @Michael Jackson I am not here to make statements about other people like that. He sounds like a nice person. Like I said if Leo or someone else says that they are watching porn and it's totally fine with it, then fine. You do you, I don't care. But it's not nice to make fun of other people who are struggling with this issue for real, just because you haven't experienced it yourself. @Osaid I agree, some of the nofap guys are really ideological about it. But as you can see above, even when I make a post sharing my personal struggles, I get the "you are just bullshitting yourself" advise. I imagine that if I've made a post about how I am struggling with alcohol and don't seem to be able to have a healthy relationship with it, I wouldn't get this type of response. Or heck, even coffee. If I made a post saying how I am addictted to caffeine and how it messes up my health, I still wouldn't get the "you are just bulshitting yourself, take some responsibility bro" advise.
  5. @NoSelfSelf I wonder if you would say the same if this was a post about alcohol, because technically it applies to it as well. And look how you have completely ignored my main arguments and focused on masturbation instead, even though I've made it clear that I think a complete abstinence is not a healthy solution for most people. It's also funny how you are saying that I should be taking responsiblity isntead of whining about it and yet this is exactly what I am doing, I am taking responsibility and try to find a solution that works for me, and you are criticizing me for it...
  6. @Osaid sorry, what were you saying?
  7. @NoSelfSelf well yeah. But that's not what I am talking about. I made this post because the very fact that someone can have an issue with porn and masturbation is often being ridiculed on this forum. "You quit porn because you think it was ruining your life? Lol, you are just bulshitting yourself. Why don't you also join, haha"
  8. Would you recommend adding it to your food or taking some kind of garlic supplement then?
  9. @Michael569 do you know if it will keep its properties after you fry it a bit? Or do you need to eat it raw?
  10. @BlessedLion cool, I was wondering what's the best way to handle situations like this.
  11. Go wash your dishes
  12. Also, modern stage orange culture of instant gratification and cheapening of sex is so lame to be honest. I would like to live my life in a more idealistic and romantic way.
  13. For example right now. Just focus on working out regularly, eating according to the diet plan and limiting crap like reddit, and porn. Don't worry about programming, don't worry about social skills, don't worry about language, don't worry about toastmasters, don't worry about dating, don't worry about starting a blog or a social media account, don't worry about doing parkour, don't worry about travelling. FOCUS ON ONE THING! Vik, you are always afraid that you are too late, that you need to urgently make up for the wasted time, but it only causes you to waste more time, can't you see that?! You are still relatively young, you still have time, you can afford do things step by step and gradually transform your life into something amazing. You are not missing out, you have plenty of time, everything is fine! Add one building block at a time and you will actually progress faster than ever!
  14. I need patience. I need to stop rushing things. Patience is key. Shortcuts make long delays
  15. @BlessedLion so did you just decide to leave the place once you saw them?
  16. How is this different from you going to a doctor, saying that you feel like crap after eating ordinary food and doctor telling you that you are just bullshitting yourself?
  17. So my team leader is leaving our company and invited everyone for a farewell meeting in a bar next Friday. I am definitely going because she's been an awesome team leader, she's been very supportive and nice to me since I've joined the team and in general we are on a good friendly terms. The issue is that it's literally just bar with drinks. No food at all. And according to the menu there are only: - alcoholic drinks - sugary cocktails with soda and stupid names - non alcoholic beer and wine And I don't want to drink any of that shit... Should I just sit there without ordering anything? Should I bring my own drinks (mushroom tea maybe? XD)? I am introverted and a bit awkward as is, so being the odd one out doesn't help. Also I don't want to look like a snob / mood killer. What is the best way to handle this situation?
  18. @Migue Lonas yeah, I have it. I almost completed it a few times. But every time I came to a point where I needed to start choosing something specific and had no idea what it should be or if I had it felt forces and not real. Maybe this time it would be different though.
  19. @Matt23 thank you. I know it affect me positively, but it's really hard for me to quit porn forever, I alsways keep going back to it. You know, I've just realized that there are things that I genuinely enjoy doing, but the issue is that they are not really fit to be a life purpose. Just something that I do for myself as a hobby. I llike travelling in nature alone, hiking, climbing, doing some parkour, etc. But I don't think those are something I can/want to do as a career. When it comes to creating shit, maybe starting a youtube channel is something that I would enjoy doing. I shoud try.
  20. Yeah, I know. In general I think that I need to start taking more action. Basically I know tha if I worked really hard and was super focused on something I could achieve it. But I doubt that I can be hard-working and disciplined enough, and that I can keep going and not quit.
  21. @Migue Lonas not being 100% clear about what I want, doubting myself, making premature commitments because of social pressure when I should've given them more thought first
  22. @Migue Lonas I am not sure yet. I am tired of making commitments that I keep abandoning. I am still clarifying what I should focus on right now and how I should spend my time. But probably yes. I am not sure how regularly though.
  23. Ha, I went and only drank water with ice and lemon. And it went great First of all, nobody gave a fuck that much. Especially, since I handled the situation with humour. Secondly I wasn't that awkward or closed off / shy at all. I participated in conversations, even initiated some, laughed and had a pretty good time in general. Sure, I wasn't the sould of the company, there were a few moments with uncomfortable silence where I didn't know what to talk about, and one awkward hug when I was leaving, but in general it is a big stepforward for me. I am also really glad and proud of myself for having balls to be myself and do the right thing Thank you for support guys! P.S. my teamleader was amazing. I am so sad that she is leaving.