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  1. Zeno's paradoxes of motion were my favorite ones while I was in my teens. After doing psychedelics, it feels like I am stuck in one, lol
  2. Leo, should I prioritise my happiness or my ambition? I am finding it difficult to synthesize both these goals.
  3. Thank you. This post has given me a lot of clarity.
  4. This was a great read! Somehow found it in the middle of my trip, feels very relatable.
  5. Which class of drugs? Psychedelic? Herbal? Allopathic? Homeopathic?
  6. @impulse9 there is a rule on tig: Rule #4: Avoid posting job offers if you have no gamedev experience. There have been multiple instances in the past of people posting offers for both paid and unpaid work while themselves having no experience making games. These projects generally ended in disaster and wasted colossal amounts of time for those involved. If you've never made a game before, but want to hire people to make a game for you, please do not do that. You will likely waste people's time making something that will never make it onto the market. This is not meant to be discouraging or harsh, it is fact. People who lack experience and leadership lead their teams to their eventual doom. Would you be willing to at least help me post my requirements on that forum? I can pay you hourly for consultation and creation of document. Let me know if you can help me out, as I am from software development background (Ex-Amazon Engineer), but do not have personal experience creating games.
  7. Thanks a lot man. This is really helpful. It will take me this week to actually ingest what you just said, and then probably I can create the GDD, and start hunting the perfect candidate.
  8. How much? Would you be willing to come on a voice call to discuss this?
  9. Logical sense -> Random events -> Probability distribution -> perfect alignment -> Perfect symmetry -> ArdhNareshwar -> Shiva
  10. Infinity can be as large or as small you want it to be. Infinitesimally larger or infinitesimally smaller.
  11. Hi, Someone with experience developing games (I know Leo is one), can you please point me towards how to get access to a group of game engine developers who would be willing to work on a full-time/contract/freelance basis for creating a table-top game? Is there some Discord server for this?
  12. At a very basic level, think of all the people you love in this world. Do you think they will be better off without you?
  13. The problem with prioritizing quantity over quality is that, you might end up losing a lot of high value customers, who might just consider your content to be noise.