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  1. Pulling off a successful startup doesn't require Hollywood levels of skill or luck. Persistence is key. You don't even have to have an original idea to succeed. In fact, in many cases, all you really need to do is be better than the other guy. I can share my story of how I got my own business off the ground. My story starts back in the early 2000s when the online space wasn't as competitive as it is today. I was one of the early affiliates to join Amazon's program, back when the rates were really good. Was it difficult? Sure. It was hard then, and it's hard now. But hard isn't impossible. Once I've built several strong affiliate sites in niches I was passionate about, I had a falling out with Amazon. In essence, they cut down rates for certain products, thus basically killing one of my main income streams. I diversified into the iGaming industry. It turned out that you could make a killing back then if you made an affiliate website for various casinos. This one isn't mine, but it's a good example of how simple these sites look. It took a while for me to reach the level I was looking for, but I've met my goals. Can you start a successful affiliate business today? You most definitely can. People are starting Amazon affiliates as I'm writing this comment. And guess what? Amazon is just one of the many lucrative affiliate programs out there. You don't need to be a genius programmer to make a successful startup. All you need is a plan.
  2. Great topic. I cant relax. I worry all the time.