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  1. And to add to our repertoire, God is also an Absolute Genius
  2. But Leo you need to stop fucking around... Either the goal is to dive into singularity of Love forever [which we have been before] Or try to asymptomatically create a symbiosis here in this universe everything else is bullshit, and your delivery style and teachings are muddled, are we: 1) unifying into a singularity of love, or 2) going to try to create this asymptote of near unity together here in this dreamspace, their are no other questions, conversation or discussions needed its binary as a choice
  3. Interesting I have done ketamine maybe 500-1000 times in the past 15 years but never 5 meo dmt. How does it compare? The thing is, I have had so many crazy insightful experiences on these substances, but I dont draw any metaphysical claims like Leo - but I also don't equivocate like him, so maybe thats the answer
  4. @Mason Riggle I am speaking to Leo - your equivocaiton isnt needed or helpful
  5. @Leo Gura are you saying before you were born, did anything else exist? did the earth exist before Leos birth - why are you so reluctant to make your position explicit
  6. @Leo Gura a fun hypothetical [please be nice, relaxed and kind], do you think in the future, humans could realize Love to the degree, that none of them reproduce, and we have a fully harmonious symbiotic generation - but that's the last
  7. Yeah no idea how anyone could possibly listen to this dude, he's a caricature saying nothing of importance or value, and he's just shouting
  8. It can't be hard to concisely articulate your position? You live in equivocation and opaqueness Who is God? me or you or both? are you talking about my ego perspective, your ego perspective or the transcendental whole that contains us both? Why is it so hard to make explicit the context you are speaking? When you say 'you' 'your' who are what are you referring to at what level?
  9. Your position isn't of cosmopsychism which is what your kinda of inferring. Your position is Leo Gura == God and everyone else is a figment of your mind. You don't recognize your experience as being the same relative as mine and everyone elses; we don't even have an experience.
  10. How does all this not apply to you: You are dreaming Frank Yang to keep yourself asleep You are dreaming wildflower too All of your teachers are imaginary etc etc can you see the ridiculousness of what your saying or even more, the lack of value in it
  11. Nope no dogma, you can and should verify it in your own direct experience. Thats like saying 'psychedelic dogma' lol, either you want to achieve the most profound states of consciousness i.e. Jhana, and do the work to get there, or not, the choice is yours
  12. No I'm not talking about jnanas, Im talking about Jhanas, they are completely different. Jnanas are knowledges that lead to cessation, and Jhanas are states of conciousness more profound then psychedelics, Ive told you this several times but your not listening
  13. There is the duality of unconcious vs concious, there is the duality of here vs there, there is the duality of journey vs destination (merging into infinity), The removal of all dualities, leaves you right here in this moment, not doing, going, saying or trying to merge with anyone anything anywhere, as there is nowhere to go, nothing to merge with lol