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  1. Yeah Ive had some insanely joyful experiences on psychedelic's too, Im talking bout your sober default state bro, you can't be high on DMT 24/7 unfortunately
  2. Lol Im just playing Leo at his own game, look how he communicates with others
  3. But here's what your not understanding: you dont look like your having a good time; your realisations have turned you into a lonely miserable human with no joy Rather be a happy loving accepting Buddhist than a egotistical lonely bitter philosopher? What has your worked brought you besides separation, and division?
  4. Pickup is about as low consciousness as you get lol, its tool is the same with all other rock bottoms, the path brings you to a point where the are no other options but to wake up, Leo is just reverberating his own delusions to you guys and harming you all. There is nothing but harm, selfishness, and suffering in pickup, and if you have a even modicum of consciousness this will be patently obvious The reason why most people do it when young, is because your are in a low conscious state lol, Leo is 36/37 and still stuck in the same baseline state of consciousness as a 21 year old
  5. There is no other path, we label the path 'buddhist' they are just words. Either that are take psychedelic's for peak experiences? Great peak 'God realisation' experience, what does it bring you? suffering and delusion when you sober up... Either Leo renounces his finite egoic self and embraces infinite Love or as you become Nothing (what you call the buddhist path) or you live as a zen devil, the choices are yours
  6. That video is incorrect though, your axis is wrong, and when you refer to Buddhism,. you refer to 20% of Buddhism and talk as though is 100% (you do this type of absolute speech all the time btw) Buddhism covers both sides of your stupid axis lol, it covers the downregulation of conciousness via vipassna, and on the other side it goes to INFINITE conciouss via Jhana, more complete then 5meo -- you just haven't experienced it, and your ignorant, and you foolishly dont know what your talking about
  7. subject and object collapses, your subjective experience is objective absiolute etc etc
  8. Ignore most of the robotic fools who espouse the same rehearsed crap they inherited from Leo. What you are asking is, can a computer become self referential, and assume a pseudo independent identity, then yes, it's inevitable. The human biology is too constraint and selfish, AI/computers will be more selfless, which is ultimately the universe goal Dont conflate conciousness with self referencing seperation
  9. The problem is Leo is inconsistent and equivocating in his communication so you will get confused Essentially the human perspective is just a single lens, so your belief that you have this innate inbuilt inherent objective attraction, isn't ultimate true Everything can be transcend... EVERYTHING including your humanity, and when you do, you realise being a human is a bias, and you want to overcome as much as possible.... ever wonder why monks etc renounce biology? do you see the meta pattern here? (leo himself still hasn't grasped this pattern)
  10. No Buddhism isn't a belief system, its a set of tools to disidentify with the ego, and renounce to God,
  11. This forum never stops amazing me, your post is deluded, ill informed, and just pollutes the discourse
  12. Im not talking about Siddharta, or his moniker the Buddha. Thats like when talking about gravity having high utility; 'if you meet einstein, kill him' The Buddha espoused a model for renunciation, no other model comes close, its almost perfect. This renunciation model, is literally the embodiment of Love
  13. Loving itself is the act of renunciation lol, that's the very mechanism of Love. ego is the negation of Love, the ego's main tool 'I' is the tool of separation and segregation. The more God loves itself, the more the ego dies (i.e. renunciation of ego/separation/segregation/selfishness)
  14. Nobody addressed anything I said in my opening post, are you zombies?