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  1. Music introduction for my speeches so far ---- vocals need a little work but just an improv so far
  2. Just to get mind's ticking over on what my first entry could be on: Love and Death Make a prediction, see if you're right when I've shared it (within the next few hours). Hint: It will be purely in relation to oneself and thus have nothing to do with others / any form of social.
  3. @Jacob Morres You can't "balance external perception" in this way. You're good enough as you are and you've followed your purpose when you reach the potential of that, the latter is when the opposite sex won't care about the former.
  4. @Karl-Heinz Mueller To be clear, I am talking about your experience. Though it is clear you have not had enough if experience is meant to add. Best.
  5. @Karl-Heinz Mueller still ways to go. Experience accounts for nothing really, you can either describe what is or isn’t. Biden had experience after-all, and I think now we’ve “all learned our lesson”, not that we didn’t see it coming.
  6. So this is where I simply write, spontaneously, about love and how it is the most potent force in the known universe (relative to man) when it comes to true self-motivation. You should be able to lift as much as you've ever lifted, run as hard as you've ever ran, think better than you've ever thought, fight better than you've ever fought, write better than you've ever written, create music better than you've ever created it, push yourself harder than you've ever pushed yourself, live better than you've ever lived when you have nothing but the expression of love on your side. "It is in the absence of all falsity, that both love and truth are found as equals in pure symbiotic relationship with each other and at their greatest possible potential. Absolute love is therefore, absolute truth." - lxlichael (sure why not right, quote myself haha <-- SELF-RESPECT ) The amount of falsity that is in most peoples brains about love is more or less infinite in the modern world. This greatly needs correcting in today's society as per previous entries in other journals. [ I will write in this journal at least every second day with at least 800 words for each entry. ] ====================================================== With every entry I will also practice "speeches", so I'll share a 5 min spontaneous voice recording with each entry. 5-10 min for now just because of time sensitivity. Can't wait till mid-way through this/next year (or earlier) though they'll be much longer.
  7. X

    I weigh 93 kg just measured. "1 tubby, tubby. 2 tubby, tubby!" Oh man this film we found so hilarious especially me as a kid growing up. Scene still cracks me up. Reminds me of David Goggins, of whom I don't follow but have learned lessons from most definitely that I've converted into my own understandings. Honestly though I'm really not that bad, but I am overweight as it shows in my face (see other journal). It's just not what you'd classify as "obese" and I get away with it because I have a solid build. (strength training, related) I'll make a major transformation over the next 2-3 months I know it (he even says it in the scene haha 8 weeks) And yeah, don't condone the stuff here "in real life", just in the outcome of acting like that. You should be able to be just as motivated with a loving mindset, using punishment actually weakens (in comparison to full potential) mental toughness, the body, etc compared to if you have the sentience and consciousness or at least can be taught it to remove all the crap from the mind to be able to take on the love mindset as talked about here
  8. I know what to do with this journal now. Each week I will creatively synthesise 5-7 books altogether, meaning there won't be any separation between them, I'll be talking about them all simultaneously with respect to the patterns that I discern between them. Implicit teaching of informational abstract pattern making Every book each week will be greatly different than the other Perhaps no more than 25 questions on each weekly review for who's going to read them anyway. Will do my first here this coming Sunday. And yes, as much as you can intelligently organise the activity into your day, I recommend as much reading about life as possible, this does become a mental toughness exercise as descriptive of X and worldly knowledge is a paramount feature/subset to my work on Universal Being. To read as fast as possible, as reflectively as possible and to extract information as creatively as possible that you then on the spot right there and then apply to your daily life... How much more of a mental toughness / mind expanding exercise can there be? Best.
  9. Reading is going well. In saying that, #Marcus Aurelius is a bit of an amateur though, solid for his time but. Read him if you're a dunce or if you're smart just read him for the pattern analysis to transpose to personal life. Way overrated just shows how far back people are, same with most philosophers (even though he was technically not really a philosopher), typical "putting them on a pedestal" stuff that just holds intellectual insight back. Locke, Nietzche and many others including many other influential thinkers of their time. All in all you've gotta analyse the patterns of the books first and foremost and just take this away in your learning and learn to apply it to your life rather than simply saying "I remember this about this book", "I liked this / didn't like that", there's underlying patterns they're all demonstrating, these patterns are explicit and implicit. This is how we "fix" the world, better patterns leading to better creativity thus better building of a word we call... Better. Patterns are to perception as well, so reading becomes a task that trains your imagination in a way that simultaneously trains your perception when you're prioritising patterns. To be honest I think its better to think more in terms of "this nature" in my sharing than it is to just go from book to book sharing various kinds of insights there. I may share my writings here if it suits me but honestly, I'm more observant about my X journal these days. Personally, focusing more on exceptional fiction to train cognitive empathy and otherwise engineering, physics finance and related as a prioritisation of worldly (from geography to botany to the study of the animal kingdom etc, etc right up to countries, cultures, politics, sociology and more) and universal knowledge first and foremost. We must encapsulate the universe in our minds as best as we can in order to know what to do with it with the sentience/agency we have been given with this consciousness. Every valuable book gives us a new lesson on how to do that or what supports that indirectly/directly.
  10. @Carl-Richard I don't interpret this as a challenge if it is be more direct about it haha. Otherwise deadlifts genuinely are useful, I do them. From martial arts to cliff climbing, various things test and grow the mind in various ways. Running for me is the ultimate diamond I've found so far, though I'm always open-minded. I'm so open minded that I even bypassed the obvious humour and inputted "IQ incrase" + "Deadlifting" into google .
  11. @Husseinisdoingfine In my good experience of lifting weights, running is the far superior task when it comes to building the minds capacities to employ agency over the bodies sympathetic nervous system and general bodily responses. Most bodybuilders would be pussies when it comes to running not to say that all runners aren't either, most probably don't push themselves as much as they should. You must be pushing yourself to the edge (1) as much as possible (2) for as long as possible in order to truly test and grow the mind (literally your brain will grow in certain areas, not just common knowledge now in the right circles neurogenesis in the hippocampus and hippocampal growth). I wish I had started sooner. Respectful recommendation: Do both (or any other combination as many other things outside of both running and weights I just don't know of an activity that would test the mind in this way more than running and I want to be challenged if someone sincerely believes this to be the case) where it is most intelligent for you to do so. Prioritise the building of your mind in the action or any related action therein over anything else (i.e. simply building muscle).
  12. X

    Principle 8 - Becoming”completely life affirming” This one definitely has to be expanded upon.... In short though regarding the last few, combined with the principles shared in the last 24 hours or so (its very important to get the synthesis right there) using my "HARDCORE EMPATHY TRAINING" ( SEE MY RELATED JOURNAL HERE SAME TITLE ) and the abilities developed from that, life can now be lived by me from both a grounded first person perspective and from an AERIAL cognitive empathy viewpoint in a way and level of intensity I haven't achieved before... Allowing me to put strategic operative thinking at the forefront of my decision making on a moment to moment basis. Again, these written very quickly, time sensitive, all of these pricniples as noted will all be elaborated on to a higher degree soon enough Involves becoming life affirming in every way relevant to being Every hair on your body Every star in the sky Every critter in the universe Every fur ball in the universe including the hair on our heads Every plant Every sentience Every virus, bacteria and any other form of hazard Every part of your body, every feeling you’ve ever had, every_____ The prior principle is where you make strategic decisions in relation to these things though
  13. X

    PRINCIPLE 7 for this week : Killer instinct for sentience; sentience for killer instinct This is a super misunderstood point in society, "killer instinct". You only need a killer instinct on your awareness, everything else you're forming a relationship with and with some aspects, authority and subsequent judgement over. If your focus becomes any greater than your awareness in this respect, your focus becomes skewed, myopic and rigid. You can't encompass love on yourself just as much as you can't encompass love on anyone else or anything else otherwise; dissonance; separation; dissociation from what's interconnected. The same too then you can't encompass the best possible decision making from the deepest intuition and greatest intelligence relative to your capabilities. You’re making a decision on the universe in every moment. There is zero, absolutely zero separation from the reality of things in terms of how things are. We have all been given a gift, sentience, this sentience is the hub, mission control centre to make wiser, more intelligent and more aware decisions on the nature of the universe relative to our capabilities. Your predator instincts should be directed to support this and your capacity for sentience is there to support the intelligence of your predator instincts. Well I've just told you how it really is then haven't I? We need authors on the universe, not killers. "Killing" should only be necessary displacement, quality control not just with respect to the matter of the universe but with respect to our own ethic regarding our long term orientations in this respect. Hone your killer instinct, grow it, nurture it, direct it towards sentience, direct it towards agency. Become an author of the universe, someone that we need as a decision-maker on humanities potential alternate futures. This is the same authority, authorship that we build with our bodies and the non-negotiable direction we wish to guide them in within our training and mastery of them as noted in the previous principle just two comments above, the comment above a slight expansion of it.
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    Prv comment slightly expanded on: It’s a relationship that you’re creating with your body if you’ve never properly created one before, introduce yourself at the subtlest levels it’ll answer back now it’s up to you to keep this relationship going as well as possible in order for it to want to cooperate with you to go to the level of hardcore toughness, experience of life and levelling up in the mind that you want Extraneous thoughts of the brain are of course inclusive of the body they’re byproduct of the brain this is dualism yes it is and necessarily so as this is simply how it is at an experiential level Building a relationship with a human is no different to building one with your body, if you want to go to levels your body has never been to before, to levels even no human had been to before, instead of beating it to submission you’re going to get along with it a lot better if you know how to relate with it in multiple ways through sense through feeling through mind through being through awareness through… whatever relevant sentiment there is here this isn’t just about ‘toughness’ it’s also about experience this and appreciating it as a modality of life to want to explore and to see and appreciate the rewards that can come from it all of these subtle insights… they’re important
  15. X

    PRINCIPLE 6 for this week no time for cleanup yet work work work Becoming one with your body but seeing the object that it is, through the oneness you have with your awareness that steps into a larger awareness with the universe This allows you to like creating a singularity or a supernova, act from your mind on a part of the universe here being your body to instigate a chemical reaction to get the universe to respond in some desired way, in this case, your body. If you do not create this oneness you will not create the unity however if you don’t create the separation you won’t have the awareness perception and action that allows you to have the thought of creating the necessary action of motivation that you wish to send through to the rest of your body You do this with compassion, forgiveness , love and but ultimately, non-negotiable judgement on the action you’re going to create in the body towards your goal Every time you do this you will develop the awareness that you are not your body but that you look after your body and advance it with love, your body is an example of how you will treat the rest of your advancement with the rest of the known universe This is your place where you learn to create true agency within the body Where you learn to separate the bodies reactions from your own actions and in doing so learning to learn some actions over others vs reinforcing other actions over others The goal is to grow awareness in this respect and in others (to come)