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  1. To honour what I noted earlier, this stays at the top of profile history + now a month of silence. Thus 13th of July = new date for posting of music. Concerning the (see two posts above) text above hopefully this is okay, if anyone has any words they wish to exchange just, well you know... Mastery is my exclusivity, it always has been, so I have to stay on course and not leave any counter energy behind. I feel it was always my different ways of processing events, including now too it continually changes and evolves to better ends, that altered both my response to events and my perception of how others processed the emotional causality of things, not being fully cognisant of the world I left behind with hurtful words that were (mutually) exchanged, this in part of course, was not wholly bound to me but the echo still a mirror I could have better learned from. Very simply, my biggest mistake was not realising that my words were actually hurtful or that I had oppositional actions that at least harmed any relationship, it very much became a shadow that created an exchange of invisible corruption. It teaches me that I must ask more questions as a discovery process, that I must listen more earnestly as well. Any opposing world to the one that I exist in now I do not feel checkered by, for at least I know what world exists now, it is the invisibility, the cloak of pending danger due to communication that doesn't encourage openness and working out where vines are tied to rotten things being dragged along that eventually grow into living spirits which perform their dark arts without awareness, where worlds and their circumstances become something we wish to feel checkered by. If there is any residue, I will make peace with it, for now it is the same path I have always been on and looking back, bringing only the good that moves me forward, which is not inclusive of dismissing of any love that was there in the past if I have at all suggested this out of spite or fear, but always including it as a part of the wiser movement forward, with the lessons that bring everything together rather than tear it all apart. I have been unknowingly very selfish with my processing of emotional experiences in my journal, treating it far too much as the experiencer without considering the loved observer, not realising that I had just found another way to tear things apart even further. Even if it was known I was emotionally ignorant, all I did was put it all on display in the wrong ways as I still hadn't learned how to connect with those aspects of myself so it was difficult to step outside of myself and realise the effect it was having. I've never pretended to be supremely emotionally literate, a Rhode Scholar in the Intellectual Fine Arts of Heart as well as all that matters here socially, sure maybe I am now getting there, but I am sorry that the one I love and wanted to keep as a friend had to experience this lack of self-knowledge at the time, that I didn't have the wisdom to keep a private journal ( @modmyth ). Now I am naked, everyone is well aware of my lack of emotional intelligence, not in all ways but enough to make a fool of myself. If I have shame it is not in my level for it will be a place of mastery as all things are, it is simply in any pain that I have caused. I am a man and I am very strong on my purpose, however my lack of wisdom of seeing the effects of this means that seeing the emotional world sometimes of invisible pain that I have created or left behind has been extremely difficult because I am often so inside my own world focused on my own developments, making me solely think strategically and objectively about decisions as opposed to the feeling world around the past and creating vines that tie to a stronger present and future by reconciling the past to rebuild the depth of relationships, however slowly because of that past. As much as I will bring this wisdom to redefine my future actions, to add some humour, to help the emotionally blind, aka me, sometimes is extremely helpful and where I will always aim to treat it with love and the wisdom that I learn from these experiences. Hang me, burn me to the cross, do whatever you need to do to get it out of your system, as long as you're following your truth at its depths what does it matter, maybe I need to be hanged, burned and put to the cross, if I die now it means I still have my dignity as I stay with the truth, whatever you need to do, do it, so that these vines to unforgiving spirits can be cast out, at the very least, after life here has properly been heard in the way it needs to speak through us. Until then, I can do nothing else but align with my spirit, through the solidarity of this greater matter, and commit myself to my own unity in this life that I was designed to treasure, honour and surrender myself to its accomplishment, that's future endpoint only sees where wisdom favoured and where it did not, the Gods of Wisdom, have failed me then in some ways, though in this instance and others, thankfully, have not. By these words I do not consider my recompense complete as such a conclusion would only cause suffering though neither do I feel I haven't moved beyond neutral ground, for whatever else life needs, it will show me. Love. Otherwise the primal side to me has been wounded in me this year and I have hurt people I love because of it as I have been reckless with my sense of protection that I have garnered a sincerely deep level of self awareness about now, I mean I’m not kidding you I've now started generating mathematical formula involved in reverse engineering and patterning my consciousness. For now I have lost the first woman I ever truly loved because of the fears that joined with my sense of protectiveness instead of acting out of the purity of love in its expression. I allowed my distrust because of events that transpired early last year that I can't speak of in this breath turn into overprotectiveness that coveted layers of control, guilt and generalised fear for the possibility that the events could repeat themselves. Instead of allowing those primal instincts towards protection to live out of the balance afforded by love, the relationship was never truly as natural as it should have been since the events, those fears that I thought were doing good only contributed decreased the general love and naturality of the relationship itself. I should have sought counsel regarding the effects that it had on me however instead I allowed those inclinations towards protection grow into stronger primal urges that would turn a relationship that was meant to be one based on us simply being ourselves instead feel like a double life where I was feeling an overwhelming need to protect on the one hand and on the other pretend that I was being myself. This of course would only become worse the more those primal urges would become strengthened, soon I was trying to protect other people more as well and this only became more and more reinforced as time went on until we all witnessed what transpired. All of this was of course done in secret as well and because I didn't know how at the time to create a healthy communication space, any negative was only a compounded one which would fuel resentment on both sides and only create entanglements that couldn't be approached because the underlying essences that gave rise to the conditions were so concealed that there was no intuitive sight on how the dissonances themselves couldn't even be spoken about. For now, all I am left with is my awareness, the primal self and my heart now becoming more and more aligned with my creative mathematical self. A unity of purpose that returns itself to sovereignty and where sovereignty returns itself back to its higher primal self shackled and freed this time more by a higher degree of awareness that orchestrates the theatre by which these deeper more intrinsic aspects of myself are able to take flight more from a space of love. In life, we are forced to start out naive however our surroundings are not forced to give us this wisdom outside of inevitable punishment, to this end, where we find friends who give us this wisdom, such as great philosophers, we should probably listen as I contend to try to as well as wrestle with words to mature in me what should become more mature. So that for the good that we truly do have in us, protectiveness or otherwise, that it actually gets to contend properly with the bad comparatively speaking so that the good does rise out of it, even if only from the perspective of what we normally assign as proper virtue. If I could go back in time I would have learned to grow from the circumstances that occurred early last year so that I did not live out of mistrust in any sense and instead trusted the one I love to look after themselves where they only sought counsel where they needed it and where they only needed my words where they were needed. If this had of occurred, any obstructiveness of my own protectiveness would have comparatively only been encircling rather than the seeds that turned it into overprotectiveness growing out into the weeds that would only corrupt some of my behaviours further. I turned the one I first fell in love with into an energy as I could not properly look in the mirror regarding what I had created within myself. There is still much for me to reflect on and learn from my experiences since 2020 and I'll continue to diary about them privately, earnestly seeking the deeper wisdom that I know is promised to me by being a creative sentient agent in this universe, to say the least. I want to start sharing deeper writings that have been running through my mind however I will tame myself until July and then I will share every few days the flow that's been coming through me; my growth in integration has now evolved to many more hundreds of words on average, so expect long, long reads. A lot there will as well encompass my learnings and reflections of those described months. More or less, this will be my style of writing as well from now on, that is, writings that get much deeper beneath the surface than I usually do, that are able to speak to and reveal multiple levels of myself simultaneously; before you'll notice often a split between being either too cognitive or another way, as always if you recall this was always about unity and so all I can really expect is that to mature overtime. This is the same too with respect to either being too self absorbed or too any other way including too selfless, so what comes with unity as well of course is an increasing balance of things, in my case, fortification of the wisdom that was promised to me after my primal self climbed too high up the spiritual ladder before it was ready to handle the awareness that was required. As I stated, we all saw what happened there and now I am carried by the foresight of the past. All in all I am pretty happy with life, my partner (infancy of relationship; have been taking things very slowly) and I look forward to where things are going, Awaken The True War is going to be redone now with my chest voice and I will share at least a cover along side it on July 1st, I may perhaps share another original song on July 1st that I thought of today however we'll see how things go. This is my final decision concerning my voice. As usual, a few more surprises to come; so no more brief shares or anything either until then. Right now, there is just space. This all now has a healthy context which feels like truth. (see post just prior, originally posted after this repost/repositioning)
  2. Grammar(not "ly") zoned this: repost + forgot an important remark at the end (by the way not the "most incredible" fan of Grammarly, it's suggestion as an alternative to using the word "greatest") Sky Hero, from ice to smoke to fire (secret analogy embedded here) The ending of false chapters, seeing the beauty of how they unified us at the time and the beginning of the embodiment of the greater heroism that we believe we're now ready for. Are we, as individuals, truly ready for the next stage we're pushing for, wherever and whoever we are? We're born into these empty shells we refer to as our human bodies and it is only through our first glimpse at self recognition do we begin the path of our inward discovery of what greater secrets these skeletons offer about the universe upon which created us. This is the first point by which sentience can learn to become more than its smallest form of awareness of existence and embark upon the courageous journey that makes him or hero a hero in lieu of their capacity to surrender to the growth of their deepest essence through the evolution of form given through the metamorphosis of meaning through introspection and emotional catharsis. When life strikes at the heart of what we have learned to hold as existentially most significant to us the same empty shell that came into this world without a thought outside the inward journey that we took upon ourselves to grow with, the same sentience that took it upon itself to embark on that hero's journey that every great creative travels down in lieu of their higher openness to experience, falls. It is often when we fall where we learn our greatest lessons especially the higher we have climbed up the ladder of our capacities in self awareness and self recognition combined with the power to create. The power to create engenders responsibilities that we often overlook in lieu of the freedom that comes with having the power in the first place and it is only through loss sometimes that we learn the deeper virtue of responsibility that we were still yet to fully embody as an agent created by the universe to experience, learn from and create from this power we know as sentience which affords us the ability to not only create with love but to create at every angle that is opposed to this force that binds the very purpose for why existence continues to exist at all, from some cultural strains of thought. The hero, as we all learn to become through our increasing capacities for personal introspection that we have honed and honed, mastered the edges of in all aspects, crumbles, for we have hit a roadblock in their existential pondering's that we missed because quite often it was the most obvious phenomenon that we overlooked which led to our seeming destruction, however partial to however full in other ways. We can preach and preach and preach about unity, balance, integration and use any other synonym or related word when it comes to the extension of our beings in the natural actualisation that we're meant to undertake as a consequence of following the natural laws of metamorphosis that govern our existence in its death and life, however if we do not take our preaching and turn it inwards to our deepest fears it will be those deepest fears that we are contrastingly so heroic about which will take away what is most loved by us (learn from the experiences of my post just previous/above) for this is the natural law of the universe and how it is meant to be for life is sustained by the fabric of love; no matter how good our intentions are, fear will destroy what we attempt to create even if we're successful in other forms of creation, generations of the future at the very least will crumble those kingdoms however great or small. Fear is born out of the trepidation of loss, death, absence, extraction, extinction and add more synonyms and the hero is first born out of the love to self-recognise who one truly is at their essence, thus it can only be the path of the hero for the individual to face what they're afraid to lose so that they can face those experiences with the love of a hero that is able to ascend beyond the channels and hidden portals that bind them to their self-imprisonment. Life is the opposite to imprisonment, it is continually in flux and it wishes to have its voice heard from the very first moment a chick hatches from its egg in all myriad of bird species and analogously speaking where it is relevant to do so from all animal life to plant life to all life beyond our third dimension and more. It is here, it is existing and it is looking for its own voice and the more it listens through fear the more it continues to hide from what does not truly exist for fear does not covet the real it only covets what we believe to be real that we hold through the illusion, and so, inner crumbling is all that can ensue. Moreover the phenomenon, individual, institution or sentience including our own that we feel that need to hold onto too strongly, because it is life from creativity seeking its own higher creativity it seeks to be heard just as much as you seek to be heard which means its needs will go unsatisfied to the extent you hold onto it too tightly no matter how good your intentions may be, the only way it will feel heard is through your openness, love, freedom and the balance that this affords the natural unity that follows in a relationship between you and the rest of life, life and the rest of you, in absence and wholeness, we cannot be fully whole if we cannot be fully absent and so too we cannot avoid the absence that comes from fear if we do not seek to embody the love that loves absence, which ironically, creates presence. In our journey towards understanding and embodying the greatest heights of being, we will come across obstacles in all shapes and sizes most of which will be invisible to us due to our selective attention though also simply because we've made ourselves ignorant as I did to fundamental aspects within being that are seeking a voice from not just our hearts but also our minds and in their "relationship" as well as "absence", creativity that wants to connect, unity and continue to bloom in the precise same way when we first learned to self-recognise, and then further too, deeper-self recognitions that evolved beyond just simply recognising ourselves in the mirror though too from different aspects of the body like the heart, deeper recesses of the mind and elsewhere including too what some may refer to as "soul". This inward search is chaotic, cathartic and difficult, it comes with many challenges where we have to let go of many things, manage present stabilities as well as take on many new unknowns too in order to move forward into unchartered horizons so that we can embrace the chaos and restore the unknown with the creative order that did not live before in us in the same way that future generations including simply future designs of our own minds and growths of our own hearts. This is why life in the way that we've found ourselves in includes the highest path being that of the hero as life from the moment of our birth is the unknown from our lived experience in these present bodies and knowing it must be our full measure from the perspective of our mastery. The hero encompasses our noblest attributes that upon refined reflection we learn to transform into our own interpretations away from what society may normally associate as the hero as we as the hero have gone into the unknown in relation to what cultures synonyms ultimately entail. In your own movement forward, however much awareness you can bring to yourself and your personal life I wish you only the highest greatness in this respect, then to use your sleep in a way that only promises you the synthesis of those experiences so you're stronger for the next day so that you have an extra fight to break out of the new trails and lessons of your eggshell that we're all born into today with only the strength to grow where life intended from the perspective of further potential we must still utilise with our wisest intent. May the textures, lines, colours, features, spaces, echoes, essences and all other extra-phenomena beyond the norm that make up you continue to morph and change in the way that affords your wisdom, creativity and growth that holds you towards your determined truth and in doing so may you too, have the strength to be a part of changing the right people towards their better ends through your influence and vice versa. When we see ourselves in the mirror, in order to see ourselves truly, we also must see the death of ourselves, life and the shadows that haunts us in order to surrender to the salvation that seeks to speak through us fully while tearing through the shells that seek to imprison us, however subtlety by communicating with subtlety, however fiercely by speaking with our most fierce wills; all together creating with the One, as One Hero, One Will ( @modmyth taught me this : appreciation ), One... True Will. Again, are we, as individuals, truly ready for the next stage we're pushing for, however subtly, wherever and whoever we are, as well as, for whatever we may become into that unknown? Are you ready to take that next step? What do you need? From now on I will only be journalling with completed songs (original and or a cover of a song) after this first snippet of an improv I came up with that I'll be sharing the full version of as a completed song in July. The following song will be about about the fall of a hero, that we all experience in our lives, which encompasses the ascension back up, with melody designed to reflect the collapse and lyrics composed to embody the wisdom we discover from our fall that pulls us back up to our higher grace and purposeful fortitude. https://soundcloud.com/user-909112617/fallen-hero-improv
  3. Starting July. Get a book if you want the basic rundown otherwise you know what I'm like. I'll be teaching entrepreneurship soon as well where I'll be taking a company from scratch and so goes the rest of the basic reasoning process from there. Most of that stuff will be coordinated from my website, playing that by ear based on time schedules, etc trying to consolidate all of my activities as best as possible. I may create a journal here for entrepreneurship because then its a nice little polite gesture towards the site, we'll see how I go though creatively speaking in terms of designs perhaps I may just link entries or share the entries. For everything else we'll see what happens, I won't be posting anymore until July. I've been getting some questions about pain threshold, physical and mental training etc as well, will make sure I share everything as previously disclosed I'd share when the time is right, once again about time of course.
  4. Second hint (of potentially many or no more), Day 2 of training (this as soon as I woke up just now, so no warmup): https://voca.ro/1i2cNmSPY0DP Voice sounds a little different compared to day 1 of training (several months absent), being yesterday of course. This gave me an excuse to share the following, hoping it will spark creative wisdom in others that helps them in some way. Wrote as soon as I woke up, before the dream of the above link: "When you have faith you can have love and when you have love you can follow truth and hwen you can follow truth, to the level of that exclusivity, you can have honour. When you have honour, you have diligence and when you have diligence you have the courage to act. When you have the courage to act you have the courage to dream and when you have the courage to dream you have the courage to instruct and grow your imagination with intelligence to your highest ends, including the bodies. When you've got that, you start your walk on the path to magic (not nonsense magic), where you learn the magic of the minds capacities to convert the immaterial to the material, and when you start doing that, you're creative and when you're creative like this you have the highest faith that aligns you with the god or whatever you want to call it deeper reality, unified reality or whatever it is for you. And when you have that... Oh boy when you have that. That's when you know you're on your way, that's when you know you're mastering your journey on your divine purpose." Nothing fancy, just off the cuff. Otherwise for anyone where you know I have love for you and especially those where you no harm is there, I truly am sorry if my words have ever been daggers to you, it brings me pain knowing that I was responsible for any pain you have experienced. To that end, as I have iterated here previously, I now write to perfect the art of communicating in a way that solely communicates directly with everything in attunement and where I can, to newly add, uplift. I have been out of my own way, thinking I have been instructing wisdom, protection and proper spiritual conduct on many occasions when in reality I was living from the fears of my own shadow, and because of this I created magic that took away from the beauty that I want everyone to experience to its full, I allowed the fantasy that I was away from my own ignorance, create words that generated self-inflicted injuries upon myself, for it is an endless injury to me to know that I have caused pain where such pain is not the instruction of wisdom; to this end, this year has paved the way for many lessons for me in this area of my life, though it is still without a lack of cost, and to this I have my path to repentance in this respect and my path to wiser bravery in others.
  5. Edited out plans for July. July in short and part, equals math and music. For those that did the whole read earlier know how it’s going, nothing changes same plans shared 1 detail = polished version of Awaken the True War (see end of first post of this journal) to be shared July 1st. Minor but important changes to lyrics. Just stay creative while I’m away. No nonsense on the forum. Keep your true North Star.
  6. This is one last post. A public apology to modmyth. Any negative thought about her that I may have put there, subtract it and put in a positive one. She will always be loved so remember her in a loving way. No body owes anyone anything, there were just toxic loops her and I didn’t have the joint awareness to take ourselves away from and if anything, I should have gifted her so much more in retrospect. That is all. No one ask me about it, neither of us are perfect and we were both being offended asses at the time. But everyone must remember that I met her in 2020 and ever since this period even though I do love the person I am with now, modmyth has always been close to my heart and I largely blame myself for not taking a strong enough step back from journalling to think about how we could still preserve our friendship. Remember her art, remember all of her hundreds of questions, remember all of her book titles and little summaries she used to do, remember her humorous weird gifs she used to do, remember all the little comments she used to make beneath her main comment in the edit section, remember all of her language studies, clothing and exercise journals haha. Remember everything positive about her so that you can always remember how she can then be a positive influence on your life in your memory of her. To the woman where we expressed our love for each other on New Year’s Eve of 2021, so much has happened since then. May you find your peace and love that you so surely deserve as I’ve always wanted you to find, we are both sorry I know that we let this devolve the way it did. May the future be whatever it’s going to be. Love. That’s all folks!
  7. INTRODUCTORY POST #1 of X: FIRSTLY on ENDORSEMENT: TRIGGER WARNING Do not at all attempt this if you’re in recovery of anything by strong degree. Even though I personally endorse this action for this purpose given its nature, it would be of course totally irresponsible to suggest it to someone that I’ve never communicated with about it. SECONDLY on CONSTANCY: Read this over and over until you truly get it and so it consistently primes your “intelligence” to operate to an increasingly more sophisticated level. You’re going to misread, misinterpret and battle up against potential projections, denials and a myriad of other difficulties until it clicks not only intellectually but emotionally where it feels right and intuitively where to the point you’re able to make sense of it to the point of grounded competence where you’re starting to be interestingly creative with the information in a way that self informs and genuinely grows your personal wisdom, at the very least. THIRDLY: Why Consciousness Congruence? Alright, so I have noticed a pattern with many people on the forum now as it concerns noticing their difficulties with ego congruence or rather as I have termed it, Consciousness Congruence. As such, little did I know that my consciousness went to work to come up with a long term solution here for people and well here it is, the path to Consciousness Congruence. The following is specifically made for those that frequently find themselves being incongruent with who they really are underneath, reality itself and therefore the goodness, truth and love that is most inherent to the structure of a human being to the extent that there is Energetic Congruence. In this first post I will not be talking much about Energetic Consciousness however the energetic transformational process that results from this work is a mirror back to the action of Consciousness Congruence. This… is very, very difficult work however it will provide healing and growth in this area for a person. Its for this reason and others that if you decide to pursue this work you’ll likely undergo various forms of doubts because you’re playing with the filters of experience which mess with your confidence with respect to how you regularly process information, thus this information is only fit for the truly open minded. I will detail the technique after I am satisfied with all of its mechanics and the sun of its application along with recommended training time per day. For now, here is some of the theory. As stated this is extremely difficult work that is only for the truly invested person who is sincerely interested in living a prosperous life built on truth and wisdom grounded in their own sovereignty and self-insightful action. Skip this journal right now and never return to it again if you feel that you have ultimate ego and or consciousness congruence where you feel in complete alignment between your heart, mind and actions. FOURTHLY, what will happen if you unethically use my work? If I ever find out about it, I don’t even care how I find out that someone else is using the information in this way I’ll assess this with my own intelligence, in short I will just sue your ass for the rest of your life until you write me a heart felt apology demonstrating how you’re making clear steps to change as a human being. I’ll hire private investigator after private investigator referenced from my brothers long list of fellow police officers, I’ll… you get the picture. Because I love to reign down on the parade of fraudsters without doing it to excess as we need less of them in the world, any endorsement of it whatsoever is a celebratory cork flying off a champagne bottle in a hospital ward of child cancer patients in suffering. It’s not on. It’s just not on. I’m coming for you. (And the people you hurt to protect them if that is at all relevant and if there is at all appropriate scrupulous intelligence to that action). FIFTHLY, will this ever become something you have to buy from me or give a donation? You serious bro? GTFO!!! Don’t trust most of those mofo’s and if we are why? How? By what criteria? You mean that you want to trust mofo’s that have studied persuasion techniques for how long to reel you in, to get you to feel the “I think I can trust this person”. Oh man. My father is approaching his late 80’s and he be like right now, “WHAAAAAT?!?!” Putting that aside, I endorse Leo Gura otherwise I wouldn’t be here. If Leo had made something to me it’s probably worth having a look at. So ask yourself, are they on the level of Leo? That’s the minimum measurement. Compare and contrast in these situations with prudent intelligence, don’t just make ‘gut reaction’ based decisions, they’ve likely been studying how to create gut reactions for as long as “All of us at the end of the day still end up in a retirement village by the end of our lives / analogously”. SEXY SIXTHLY, don’t attempt the technique until you’ve understood all of the theory here. This is why I’m not sharing the technique right away as well. If you proceed without understanding this theory and developing your own independent understanding to the point of mastery you not only won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of the technique itself, you simply won’t be able to understand the complexity of what you’re handling enough to the point of realising that no matter what you just have to keep on trying and trying until you reach the necessary level of mastery. ————————————————— To begin, what is Consciousness Congruence? Consciousness Congruence is the alignment between at least the main core aspects of Conscious and Unconscious Cognition (cognition is “for lack of a better word”). Consciousness Congruence is the degree of Truth in the read and write function of consciousness. Reading here is to Perception within awareness and Writing here is to Creation with awareness. Learn to use these terms as a way of your ongoing directional (I.e. “what is happening right now within me?”) vocabulary that relates to your deeper understanding of the mechanics and through them how the expressions of being become at all possible. To wit, the better vocabulary we generate in relation to who, what, how, why and what we are combined with the repeated use through the feedback loop we have with this experiential living we run through with awareness, the more transformation becomes possible but most importantly the more honest stated transformational potential becomes through the lens of increasing Consciousness Congruence, descriptive of the level of sophistication in communication between: 1. Perception, Thinking and Other (actions within consciousness) 2. Emotions, Thoughts and Other (events within consciousness) 3. Awareness, Sentience and Other (experiences within consciousness) All of these areas and aspects feed into, create and by degrees either align or don’t align with each other within the informational intersection at the centre of awareness where all knowledge and perception of being is made possible. Aka, right now you’re aware of your thoughts, emotions and otherwise inner/outer actions by degrees and you have degrees of certainty and uncertainty in this respect which informs confidence, takes away from it and adds to it to either feed or take away from subsequent unconscious and conscious actions. This awareness then engenders personal insight which informs our alignment or lack of alignment based on feeling and thought. This “informing” is something that we will refer to here as “communication”, an action of consciousness, where degrees of sophistication either align with either and or combination of positive to negative connection between feeling and thought along with all other exclusive energetic categories here that are relevant. We will describe these outcomes from this action of continuous communication as a series of “insights” that are analogous to events which continually inform both conscious and unconscious intelligence which gives rise to intuitive and emotional to more raw computational intelligence that continually returns back to being to inform the aforementioned centrepoint we describe as “awareness”, the point where within our limitations inside the feedback loop between judgement and insight there is the freedom of potential we describe as sentience, aka free will, that offers us choice selection, that is based on pathways that make us achieve more or less consciousness congruence between the various areas within, for and as Being. Being here is the multitude of signals that make up our experience of the present moment through the intelligent versus lack of intelligent communication between and within those signals. TRIGGER WARNING RECAP: if you at all struggle with any fair degree of mental difficulties and you’re still reading even though I’ve told you not to, I don’t want you to have self doubt, I want you to have self compassion and at the end of the day I want you to have self love to the highest end which also shares correspondence with the highest level of self awareness, for without self awareness and truly understanding the nature of being and our lived experience in the context of its evolving networks, how can we truly reflect true self love at its peaks. In this sense no matter what, self love IS your awareness and your awareness IS your self love, together they make up one side of a two sided coin that gives the best correlate in understanding the nature of someone’s sentient experience. This technique is designed in such a way that we accomplish the following practical goals: • improve confidence and self esteem from a truly authentic level, no gimmicks, no pretending or acting, you’re just yourself • improve reflective abilities, including self awareness • improve emotional awareness and general well being including the reflective emotional intelligence that in turn generates wisdom • improves creative independence, a sense of sovereignty and general emotional independence • no longer seeing the outside world as outside, no you now increasingly view it as inside because that’s how it literally is, meaning now a whole lot less projection is going to occur • to have an everpresent experience, feeling and expression of truth, again, EXPRESSION of truth, not it’s absence, distortion or opposite • become more imaginative, aware and creative • more points, just share them with me after enough training has been completed The use of this technique is designed to create a fundamental shift in consciousness where the perception of experiences become much more self centric to the point of comprehending them as inner mirrors that then mirror back and fourth between each other to create the next experience and the single conscious moment we experience at the described formed centrepoint within awareness amidst what is otherwise an information highway that we’re simply watching the traffic of but now, AS. This is designed to create and reach a pathway whereby we’re becoming increasingly more connected with our experience to the point wherein we no longer experience ANY form of dissociation and or fragmentation. Most if not all humans dissociate and fragment to some level and this is because awareness and our general sentient experience is only at all possible at some intersection between order and chaos where chaos is descriptive of noted fragmentation and dissociation. For a brain as sophisticated as ours, trauma for example that hampers the brains ability to establish Truth Signals amidst the noise aka chaos of experience, is the very chaos we feel outside of the order we experience that we know as our conscious awareness that would otherwise also be inclusive to our awareness if we had not suffered stated trauma or if no trauma was present simply where that otherwise extra bandwidth which creates the chaos didn’t come with the extra ordering ability within consciousness so that it could be expressed as a more sophisticated moment within our conscious experience. Upon using this technique an agent is performing the act of attempting to establish a signal between experience and awareness to transform what was otherwise chaotic undifferentiated noise to an ordered previously chaotic signal. Imagine that you’re watching the Powerball (look it up on YouTube it’s an Australian Television lottery show) and every time you’re going into your subconscious mind or simply waiting for a thought to arise, that’s all the numbers jumbling up and down where the chosen number, now take your time to understand this point… where the chosen number is a reflection of the intersection between the conscious power of the mind meeting it’s synthesis point with the available information on the present energy intersectional point of being. Got that? Take your time to understand that point, you’ve got enough time to contemplate all of this before I share the technique. The technique is designed to slowly positively transform action operators (perception, thinking and other), event operators (events, thoughts and other) and experiential operators (awareness, sentience and other), so that the operation of consciousness is performed to an increasingly more sophisticated standard, aka “be more intelligent”, aka in our instance, “create more intelligent communication within being”. Notice how these operators are the mirrors to 1, 2 and 3 above where I describe the lenses of Consciousness Congruence that dominate this framework compared to others. My recommendation is to throw out modern interpretations to consciousness augmentation and try to start from ground zero with respect to to our learning here starting with this preliminary introduction to the most important aspect of being, aka how our being self-communicates back to itself, I.e. inclusive of but not limited to conscious and unconscious self-referentiality, the end point of stated communication being the reflection of our present level of development of consciousness congruence up to this point of lived metamorphosis. Now lastly, to stimulate a final level of interest let’s get into why Consciousness Congruence is even important. If we don’t have it consciousness literally cannot make alive any Sense in Self . Aka you don’t know if you’re being yourself and even if you do you don’t feel completely balanced in that expression relative to you as potential energy in this universe as the universes expression. We have Consciousness Congruence in more spaces and places than others and all the rest of the variety of change and expression that’s possible there, but we CAN put an average aka an intuited level one to ten mathematical metric say on what we believe our level of Consciousness Congruence is and I’m going to share some of the following indicators here. 1. How much do you project onto others about others or just to yourself about others? 2. How much do you project about yourself towards yourself or onto others? 3. How much do you feel the present moment of experience and all the events within consciousness versus dissociate away from? 4. How secure is your attachment style versus how insecure is your attachment style? 5. How good is your perception of time and how much do your actions line up with your goals for the future and learning from past experiences? How about compared to your inability to work with the future and learn from the past? Depending on how you answered these five questions your answers likely paint a very reliable picture with respect to how much Consciousness Congruence there is between your thoughts, emotions and actions, aka a prediction on where you as noted before fall from a 1-10 spectrum. It should be pretty easy for you yourself to fill in the gaps where you can now start to think about those 5 areas more seriously in the context of improving your own understanding where it leads to taking serious action that improves your personal well-being in these areas. To add, it is important to remember that Consciousness Congruence is not a measure of your intelligence, it is a measure of how intelligently information that is available to consciousness communicates across being about itself, however, that is not to say that improving Consciousness Congruence wouldn’t be able to improve the efficiency of pre-existing intelligence and even augment it in certain specialised to perhaps even general ways depending on say the type and intensity of training. Consciousness Congruence will be a measure of how much you’re making best use of your potential within and as being, not how much you’re obsessed with becoming “the most mentally touch guy in the world”, such would of course only be treated as a facet of your own personal development, one extremely key area that if not treated with sophistication may make you too imbalanced just like focusing on any other area at the exclusion of others can make you imbalanced. Lastly, yes this is going to be combined with my Heart Project however now we’re beginning to look at a more complete picture here with respect to understanding how the truth reveals itself within being not only no longer through the expression and the opening of the heart but through the interconnection of the heart with its raw cognitive capabilities and everything in between; descriptive of the intersecting communication highway of information that turns the raw into a true signal and the chaos into a creative ordered one (signal). Our best actualisation ideas I have found from my own path come not from “what’s a great vision” but rather the position that it targets and therefore the position that I recommend focusing on in coming up with your own actualisation ideas. For me this position has always been at the intersection of chaos and order, which means that in every area of actualisation seek to understand the relationships within the invisible to visible chaos and all the relationships within the visible and invisible order. Creative insights that emerge from this synthesis will almost always likely lead to a pathway that truly transforms your life forever, and, reincarnation or not, let’s make this life we live as beautiful as possible. Remember, take this all in slowly, reflectively in a way that solely complements your own creative mental and emotional independence. I’ll give it to you all here on July 1st regarding when I’ll share the technique combined with a follow up with complementary theoretical material. ————————————————- This should give you all PLENTY of time to reflect fully on all of the information here combined with giving you creative connections to test out against the next set of material I create for you all on July 1st. This will also be a great little self experiment for you to test your own adherence to trying to understand and apply the material between now and then as well as prepare yourself for when I share the technique. Upon reflecting on the first moment in which you read this after you receive the technique you’ll be able to use the information there to give you self-insight into your own ability to maintain interest in something where all of the details were not immediately revealed in full in such a way that you can go back and measure yourself against those 5 test questions on. Consciousness Congruence. —————————————————— Okay I’m just trolling concerning POINT FIVE further above with this musical improvisation I did a while back but the direction is fitting. It’s humorous and has a serious tone to it as well of course. This was sung in my head voice not my chest voice by the way which is why it’s octaves higher in both note and timbre. A Certain mood can change the way we use the information within consciousness to communicate with the muscles and areas that produce the sound. I just love the improv haha I think it’s great, it’s just never lost its flavour for me. Sincerely, all the best till July 1st this will be my last public post until then before I reveal the technique as discussed above.
  8. @TheSamir I have very high standards, I have scrutinised my girlfriends history extensively. The damage a bad relationship choice can have on your life is unmistakably heart-wrenching; musically suicidal. This is the case for the woman (you won’t find it difficult to discover a woman on here talking about a broken heart) just as much as it is the case for the man. We must scrutinise our relationship and potential relationship partners as much as possible and to the extent that they’re not comfortable with this, I have always been very forthright and open about discussing my life with my girlfriend for example to whatever feeling and detail, it shows machievellian propensities, or at least it represents as a shadow of “unknown” that means you’re just taking new age brainwashing idea of “leap of faith”. You’ve only got to punch into YouTube the word “breakup” to find a sea of endless carnage’s after people got in their relationship vehicle without any seatbelts and drove it off a cliff from the get go, the life between their midair dance with gravity and the final death on impact being the relationship period. Objectively speaking, it shows that the woman you’re with is prone to making assumptions, she didn’t plan ahead about how it would make you feel if you were going to progress further, she wasn’t scrupulous enough about understanding her own and your intentions. This is a lapse in cognitive empathy. Her inability to appraise the situation accurately from the perspective of your future feelings is a pattern that will continue in the future so if you’re still interested in her you will need to manage this tendency and understand yourself whether this relates more to unfaithful tendencies or just a failure in cognitive empathy. Lastly, that’s great that she brought that up with you so it’s not all down hill, this gives you the perfect opportunity to be prudent by asking about her boyfriend and his propensities in thorough detail to discuss why it did or didn’t work. If he was a “terrible relationship choice” unfortunately you’re going to have to write that down in your diary about her as well with respect to a lapse in decision making. Ask her about arguments she had with her boyfriend and how she went about solving them with him, ask about how the arguments started, so on and so fourth. Both men and women are ill equipped when it comes to maintaining and developing a deep relationship with another human being, in so saying as much you have to get your own paper and pen out then do your homework both on yourself and the other person. Be as honest as possible about all of your mistakes, strengths, weaknesses and implemented solutions. Any lie is a pattern behind that lie that either you or her will repeat in the future and therefore you have to put that in the grey zone, white zone or black zone whether that lie is okay or not. If you’re lying to make yourself seem better than you really are that’s in the black zone, this includes simply trying to make yourself seem more faithful than you really are. So many people are just desperate to be in a relationship “just because” or they’ve become far too attached before adequate screening of the persons history. This is your opportunity now, as well as her opportunity, to be screening every last little detail so that you can make intelligent projections in the future including the space for both healing and growth wherever it applies.
  9. @Preety_India because they don’t take any freaking bullshit that’s why. If you’re not a cocky dominating guy it means you’re either intelligent or you haven’t mastered your intelligence. Most “cocky dominating guys” aren’t the brightest bunch though and the same with guys at the other end of the spectrum. It’s all love but it’s all truth as well, most people can’t handle the latter and they want to take advantage of the former or just take it for granted, got my new mrs here and she’s a peach so far and I try to be on my best behaviour, she’s taught me more tactfulness now, we both admire different qualities we both have and I think that’s really important for both love and truth.
  10. A solutions based thinker that’s good, some people often think purely in terms of an “ideal world”, If I may, to me, it’s important to notice the mind movements when it’s solving problems, similar to how I noticed above in relation to how context can influence what ideas we come up with. In this example, the geographical viewpoint (one country vs many, the kind of country vs the entire globe), the kind of human needs (from survival to spiritual) we focus on, historical, human compatibilities (cooperation) vs dissonances (conflicts like xenophobia, “human phobias as you put it”), prevailing dominance hierarchies of the time and cultural movements, the economic system (if there would be one) and more. Play the game of imagining any number of categories that exist in determining potential answers to this question and notice how the mind is biased in one way as opposed to another. For example if we solely contain our thought process to three categories: 1\ economics 2\ psychology 3\ history Notice how this creates different answers compared to if we concentrate our minds on three other categories, along with further categories within those categories. 1\ spirituality 2\ politics 3\ technology The mind can run wild in all sorts of directions so the more intelligent we are with respect to the categories we choose to direct the mind towards the more we can use filters to aid us rather than hinder us. The same for any thinking process. Or another three: 1\ space travel 2\ underwater human ecosystems 3\ human hybrids And another: 1\ Future foresight 2\ Past wisdom 3\ Other species (I.e. the way they work in cooperation vs competition, among other) The reason why I highlighted the positive of you being solutions based is because many people are easily too idealistic of course, they may purely speak from their hearts, or sometimes they’re too practical where they purely speak from their minds and what has “worked” in the past. Both are necessary, for we must have a heart based approach to understand how our implementations would feel as a human and of course we know why we’d need our minds, to both invent the novel, include the good of the old and everything good in between. It’s important to also define what kind of problem this is by identifying its qualities. For example thinking about what other problems can be thought of that have similar qualities: 1\ long standing 2\ controversial 3\ human centric 4\ lead to wars 5\ socially technological, aka cultural shaping 6\ add to this list Can you think of any other problems that resemble those qualities? What ideas from those problems could be added to solving this questions around collectivism vs individualism? Most people on this forum just love to give their opinion on politics or just any subject more than they do actually like to discuss a topic so this is refreshing, it shows that you’re secure in your ability to take your time thinking about something which is an important quality in the discussion of anything in the avoidance of as you put it, “human phobias” like dogmatism. Very basic questions of course: 1\ what kind of collectivism would we want to move towards vs away from if this is true? Education is also a very interesting topic and you’re aware of course concerning the many controversies surrounding the present paradigms of education. Do you have any ideas about how you may improve the educational system? What categories/filters as I gave the example above might you use to direct your mind to stimulate creative thinking?
  11. Thanks for the question by the way I just originated a new system of communication with my human body based on your question which is why it’s always great to post queries and challenge me in any way. Peace! Any question at all is fine, any observation at all is fine. On that note, if I asked you to create a set of emotional based questions around the main sticking points for you concerning procrastination what you think they would be? I think everyone would love to hear what ideas you have.
  12. Alright so what most people have not been taught which is a relationship I have learned by myself is the fact that “physical punches” are analogous to emotional and therefore cognitive one’s. Try this exercise of when you’re trying to do something vs not do something, I want you to first perhaps practice a physical punch with full or reasonable enough force and associate that mentally in your imagination with an emotional punch towards or away from something you wish to do. One of the reasons for why we haven’t made this connection intuitively is because quite often we do have underlying damage emotionally, secondly we often are so used to just “following our emotions” that it feels awkward to do an “emotional punch” like we would do a physical one. However if you’re in the gym and performing an exercise, that’s precisely what you’re doing. In fact, there is of course a relationship between practice “explosive reps” having an overlap with one’s capacity to perform emotional and cognitive reps. Lets examine your fear though I found this one very interesting indeed, what is it that is making you project into the future? That sounds like anxieties about the future may actually be in part what’s producing some of the procrastination, what are your intuitions here? Secondly, what is your relationship to the future compared to the past? What does it feel like if you sit back in the feelings of when you last procrastinated? Does your mind want to escape the reindeer? If you simply control your breathing while travelling back in time to those moments what do you lean? Otherwise for me, I have always sought out the root cause of anything within me whenever I wanted to create a change and white often this is what leads me to generating my own systems and theories about the nature of my own being and how it operates with respect to these existential difficulties. Lastly, action vs inaction for me has always been the preoccupation of determining the right contrast of influences and then the formulation of the right perspectives on those, as that is always the predicate to action, that is, “thought/emotion state” is to “action state from the emotion/thought”. Bare in mind that I’m not talking about “will power here” far from it, it’s about pushing and pulling on our emotional muscles just as we do our physical body so that we can get rigidity and flexibility where we want to make the right decisions where we want in this case as it pertains to action. Ask any questions you need to.
  13. Good. Notice the minds tendencies to reference other peoples works when it is resourcing for answers, notice how if you were a part of a different community, say a political forum, that you may have been influenced to think of a political paradigm or a particular political thinker from the falsities of Nietzsche to the falsities of Marx instead of spiral dynamics (or just secretly thought it haha). What do you think we could implement in society to help people move up the spiral to the extent that stated model is a good one to refer to? Yeah good, what kind of individualism do you think works best vs what collectivism do you think is best? How about for what’s worse for both? In your opinion what is the biggest contributor to human suffering from a collectivist standpoint and an individualistic standpoint?
  14. Have I perfected the “Tim” online look or something?? Haha it’s cool yeah I get it. For me my biggest power is first and foremost a prioritising of my emotional and mental development which then affects the positive decision making around body and everything else. So, I am highly individualistic, I believe this gives me a greater advantage however I don’t put myself on a pedestal in the sense that I believe all people should be working towards originality and in doing so, originality is the cornerstone out of “sheep ville” or antville or let’s just choose any herd structure right but interesting now that you mention it, I feel that in a very small way, the whole “these people are sheep” is apt because they’ve been conditioned out of their natural social dominance and hierarchical thinking as it concerns their conceptions of reality and how they form them, wolves for example and just where there is any kind of leadership based system, most prominent among land mammals by the way, interestingly both ocean and flight mammals being in a fluid environmental movement space has a big impact here (less of a leadership system). We awaken our individualistic origin the more spiritual we become believe which simultaneously can ironically make us from the outside looking in collectivistic in a sheep way. Hence for you, this is how I would head. Genuinely if this is your struggle man I invite you to be as intellectually combative towards me as possible if it positively emotionally benefits you in return. I’d be more than happy to be a sparring partner there for literally anyone if in anyway they need someone or something to keep them on their toes in a way that is beneficial to their development. Peace. Creatively speaking, what alternative cultural realities do you think could be created to change up things there do you think?
  15. @Knowledge Hoarder Objectively, it’s my OP that you need to stay away from maybe 99% of people from the perspective of who you’re influenced by, this is something I’ve only just recently properly integrated. 1% is still a lot of people on the planet, approximately 80 million in fact. Now calculate how many of those people you would like to be friends with, maybe a thousand when it comes to truly “making the cut”, however in my natural disposition I’m not at all discriminatory outside of my use of time these days. Imagine a billion robots were just programmed by casual internet use, Netflix, YouTube popularity picks, Hollywood and mainstream culture. Are these your first pick for becoming as spiritually advanced as possible as a being? Do you judge a robot? It’s a no for both questions from my OP, however for the latter that’s a judgement call from the perspective of there’s zero need for emotional discrimination, love the entire universe. Let’s take an imaginary example, “Tim” works in a grocery store full time 5 days a week and he is often stressed out when coming home so all he can do when he’s back is grab a can of coke, flip on Netflix to tune out from the numbing boredom he experiences everyday on his shift and focus on some short term pleasure so he can forget about having to start tomorrows day. Is this Tims fault that he doesn’t have awareness to do something else? Lets say Tim is a reddit guy talking about some random meme in an overly simplified way like “red pill” is it Tim’s fault when he only has energy to say something like “fuck them bitches” after he’s been exhausted all day and he gets rejected by the girl he likes at work because she likes the new guy “Paul” simply because he’s new? How many handicaps to Tim’s life do we have to add before we tap Tim on the shoulder and say, “it’s alright mate, enjoy your Netflix, “fuck them bitches” short handed linguistics on reddit and Coca Cola.”? He doesn’t know about this forum, secondly there ARE a lot of Tim’s/analogous here on the forum that modify their behaviour simply because they’re on this forum. How is it going to be for the Tim’s that make it here when all they hear about is how shit they are for being Tim’s? The intelligent thing to do in one sense is always to of course move to a higher level of sophistication for how we remedy our perception in the context of social contrast, influence and then how we mediate our own behaviour based on those variables. I like Tim. We have to give Tim a chance otherwise let’s say his environmental choices never change because forums like these become inaccessible to him because they either aren’t popular enough or he’s made to feel like he isn’t capable of growing here. We don’t have to be friends with Tim but we can still love him as much as any other being in the universe because Tim’s getting up in the morning and he’s going to be reminded first thing perhaps about how the girl rejects him at work that he now has to do a shift with everyday, moreover perhaps Tim after being influenced by such a forum, with a stroke of luck, doesn’t get rejected by her in the future as a consequence of being influenced here through both spirituality and healthier views on women. Lastly, this point needs to be remembered “All Tim’s” in the world are leaders in some certain social situation or context no matter how you look at it, perhaps not always in fact almost certainly not, it is our responsibility to endorse only how we can encourage greater leadership from the ground up no matter how weak someone’s abilities are because they’ll be going out there in the world again influencing people, perhaps this time, to switch from Coca Cola and Netflix to insert an infinite number of alternatives. So as it concerns “losers”, from an objective standpoint I completely agree, however let me forward this message to you, by what metric do we establish losers from non losers? What if our metric is an echo chamber what remedies do we have to escape this? How do we help “the Tim’s” quit work to pursue their best passions in life? (If this is feasible)