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  1. @Flowerfaeiry forget about other person, “you” is a imagination or thought itself.
  2. If if there is no “self” or “seeker” there is no “them”. Walk in the path brother, dont read or watch. Knowledge of “them” comes from the so called “self”. You still have self, knowing the no self and talking from the self. Dont do this to yourself. Seriously. Peace❤️❤️☮️☮️????
  3. Stop lying to yourself brother. It has difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Read these 2 sentences that you shared. If there is no you, there is no such a thing as rape or your house or your sister or your eyes seeing? i suggest you walk in the path. Good luck to you. Much love ?❤️☮️
  4. Stay in the prison alone and getting beat up every day and try to love it. I will see that illusory self. ? however, if you already transcend that illusory self in that level. You are right ? there is no self. ?
  5. Just do it for a month. But love everything, accept everything. And lets see what will happen to your ego ??
  6. For experiencing love. Your true nature can never change. It is still same. Your true nature is like endless sleep, however now is just dreaming. If you ask me how do you know it’s experiencing love, because when you experience love , the feeling tells you the purpose of dream. As when you feel pain, the feeling of pain tells you that you are in pain. It will end, because in this so called duality, every beginning has ends. This is the rule of the so called game.
  7. Love is accepting everything. Therefore there will no devil, concepts vsvs. All will be love, which is the purpose of this so called illusion. Being in love, therefore in heaven.
  8. You are already what you are. Don’t worry. Just dreaming now. Have fun. But sooner or later you will realize what your true nature is. So therefore don’t forget to get ready. and don’t forget with not surrendering you are not having best feeling in this illusion , it is the purpose of dream, love, fullfilness, being in the heaven. Love makes here heaven. Joy, freedom and fulfillment. Living in ego is being in prison, however you are not aware of it. Because you never felt the love therefore heaven.
  9. Definitely! Love is accepting everything, every situation and everyone. Love is the best way to decrease and vanish the ego. Love is the key of surrendering the self, which is the key of to open the door of Truth. Come wherever you are, whatever you are, what you are, who you are, just come. Rumi
  10. If they don’t want of course i womt bother anyone. Additionally, let them be my enemy, all is me. Peace brother!
  11. See suffering. ?no worries. They find me or randomly find them. Even in my family ? additionally everyone needs help just regrets that they dont need, which comes from grounded ego, which makes them suffer.
  12. Love the people or situation that you judge. Judging makes you suffer, creates distinctions. Love is killing the self my friend, which is the path. Why? Because you are selfish. Ego is like an mirror whatever you say about others you are actually telling to yourself. Therefore suffer. However, even if you are selfish it is all love to me. Therefore thinking of i am selfish makes you suffer not me. Try what i am saying. You will be more free.
  13. Of course, there is no need for interpretation. However, loving, helping, respecting others including the bad people firstly can definitely decrease your judgments to others (which is the root of suffering or ego) and for them can be a change. For instance, one of my old friend was just a gossiper, he was just talking bad about others and smiling to them face. However, i directly explained this situation to him and told him that people are doing same thing for you as you are doing. Since that they he has changed. Gossip was the one of the biggest ego’s of him. He does not anymore. And he told me that he feels a lot better, calm and respectful. And he really is. Top of the that he asked why dont you gossiped about me or judged me while i was judging you. And i told him what the path is. He is on this path as us. And he is way helpful and better person now. Jesus was crying for people who is crucifixied him. As god forgive them they dont know what they are doing. Muhammed was saved from the slave that who was being freed by Muhammed before this situation. What do you mean ? Kindness and love can take out snake from it is hole.
  14. Unfortunately my friend, you dont know what love is. Love is not giving people for them love is for you. Because as much as you love of everything, ego gets less and less. You shouldn’t care how it affects the others, you should only care how can you decrease your ego. Only way is love, of course if you are on this path. Additionally, why do you think that 4 prophets has been followed by billion of people? Because of kindness, loving, forgiving and helping so called others as themselves. Because in this so called duality, you are everything and everyone. Love is only way to stop, such as loving the death, loving the job you do, loving the thought you have, loving the good or bad vsvs.