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  1. It's less about programming but more about logic and integrations. The thing is though, you can't avoid a mobile app developer and a programmer if you plan on making a piece of software with the automation AI. You can try and mess around on your own first and see where that takes you.
  2. I can't believe work is still following me around even in forums... I worked with start-ups in the SaaS platform and generally speaking, most start-ups have amazing ideas and just lack the proper execution and resources larger corporations and companies have. Most startups are the brainchild of someone who saw a problem and is genuinely striving for a solution that could add value and benefit. Keep these in mind, if you only have profit and money on your mind. With that being said, I've thought of a startup idea recently that I have no plans of pursuing, maybe it can help you out. I've read two articles recently (I'll link them here and here for reference) that are directly anchored towards the idea I have in mind. Note that the market that I have in mind with this idea, are startups themselves. As I've said, the gap that I saw mainly has to do with the lack of systemized procedures in startups. These two articles mainly talk about systemized automation. The first article talks about sales automation specifically. The hardest part with start-ups is usually getting clients. When you're new to the playing field, a lot of people in the market would be skeptical to invest in you hence the reason why it takes more time among every other process. A lot of the bits and pieces of the sales process is done manually though, like email outreach, ad placements, lead generation, and etc–if you're able to scrap up a system that could create an organized flow for this while implementing the concepts of the second article, which talks about a relatively new concept called hyperautomation, you have a good product at hand that can secure you clients right away Hyperautomation involves Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. It's a more sophisticated approach that can lead to better results further down the line. But that's about the gist of it, a startup company that provides an automation system for different business models targeted towards startups... feels like a tongue twister of some sort.
  3. My family and I wake up by 7:00 A.M. As cliche as it sounds, the first thing I do in the morning is turn off my alarm and make my bed. Afterward, I thank my bed for a peaceful rest. My brother and sister-in-law do morning yoga stretches, whereas I whip up our fruit shakes, our breakfast for the day. We do this a little early to have a semblance of peace in the morning because come 8:30 AM, my nephews (toddlers) are awake. I haven't started a meditation routine in the morning, but I plan to! My schedule is currently jam-packed with things, but I'm working on reducing, if not leaving, everything that's been keeping me busy. Nothing too fancy nor too eventful, just a usual morning in our life.
  4. I've been managing and writing content for a drop shipping store (if you don't know what that is, peep this article) over the course of a few months and my interest in it has been waning, slowly and surely. If you read my thread, I have been looking to extend my purpose in life. I've always known that I had a knack for writing and I want to explore this skill. What topics will you be covering? Would you allow me to remain anonymous or write under an alias? Would it be incentivized or something that will just be done habitually? Will you be using a blog or starting a new site? I'm semi-interested, let me know how it pans out.
  5. Is my profile or notifications broken? I'm not getting notified when someone messages me or replies to my thread... Anyway, this was beautifully put. You've managed to capture how I view the essence of life as well–a weird spiral of maybes and what-ifs. No one can really determine the shape nor magnitude of life–it is simply something that is beyond our level of understanding. I do understand that most of my longings are brought by an internal battle and hunger for something more, a notion that the mystery of life always offers something beyond us. Thank you for the dreamboard idea! It's definitely something I'll look into. It'll give me a grasp of how much of my manifestations and daily meditations actually come to life!
  6. This paragraph holds a lot of wisdom that I still can't fully comprehend. Life is so beautiful yet so painful at the same time. Can't stop dreaming and manifesting. Better things, better things.
  7. I could definitely close down the business if I want to, but it just ricochets back to me. Everything that I've been building up is for the sole reason of gaining financial freedom, which hopefully, in turn, will give me mental freedom. To meditate and cultivate thoughts that I know run deep but only surface in shallow levels because of the amount of mental power just lasting a day takes. I'm also aware that I'm...aware. There's this irony and oxymoron of knowledge. When you know that you know something, you begin to question if you actually know it or you only know what your current mind is capable of knowing (idk if I'm making any sense at all ). I'm desperate for change. Desperate to break off these invisible chains society has clasped onto my veins and mind. I know the potential I have is greater than the "I am" right now. I've been manifesting, clinging, and hoping for a miracle to happen. For a path to open. One that would lead me away from everything. Because in theory, it sounds so easy. Leave my family, leave my friends, book a ticket and go somewhere–never to return. But... I can't. Because theories are never a solid basis for truth and reality...they're often an idealized version of what we want to happen. I don't wanna die off a remote island knowing I can still spread so much good to this world.
  8. I know the sheer power of manifestation and I believe it to be true, but things in life just try to block you in so many ways. I just want to escape the 9-5, I just want to purge my mind from all the things society has forcibly implanted ever since I was young.
  9. I've been doing well in the e-commerce side of things for quite some time now. Recently, I tried and took the bait and start my own dropshipping store. I've read dropshipping guides like this to get me started but it's been two months and I'm getting minimal sales. I haven't even broken even yet. I've been in the digital e-commerce space for too long and I'm getting tired of getting sucked into the online space. Over the past few months, I've been questioning a lot of things. The hierarchical concept of politics, the way society works and malfunctions, the real function of the internet not just as a money-making scheme, but a data-mining gig as a whole. I'm not even high or on any drugs, but I feel like I'm spewing out high-person BS haha. I don't know if it's just because I'm close to 0 sales, or it's because my mind has been veering towards the fact that most of us in the labor force are a product of a capitalistic behavior in a society where thoughts like being an employee or earning "security" under big corporations, getting a degree to land a good job and be a worker forever is the way to go–which is why starting your own business or going through your own entrepreneurial venture is mentally draining to the point of depression. I'd love to hear ya'll's thoughts. If I were given the choice, I'd just live on a remote island and have a self-sustaining living set-up where I'm disconnected and deferred from the entire world. But we can't all have nice things.
  10. Right off the bat, I applaud your bravery for being able to admit what you really desire. In this world, it is really hard to escape the capitalist system. The next hard thing to do is to practice the art of letting go. I have also struggled with this before (because I want to control everything) until I reached my breaking point of not finding satisfaction in my life. I explored some philosophical belief systems and stumbled on Taoism and how they practice the art of letting go. Hope the video below gives you a brief introduction of the philosophy. the u
  11. Huh. Well, women right now are becoming more sophisticated and discerning when it comes to relationships. I think they can sense if the guy is just in it for the sex or for relationship. I'm not saying that what you're going for is wrong; it's just that women can really see through the facade we build in front of them.
  12. Well, stress-eating is pretty common in students. The body tends to increase its demands for nutrients as we stress and panic over the academic responsibiilties that we have. Aside from what were already said before, I recommend trying some physical activities to help you cope. Personally, whenever I have a huge deadline coming up, I go for a run before doing those.
  13. From what I've been told, it is dangerous to eat before bed because your body would not be able to properly metabolize what you've eaten, which may lead to complications. It is also related to some superstition that it causes nightmares. From personal experience though, I have not seen any bad effects of doing so. I often doze right after a good dinner or midnight "snack" and I'm still healthy and nightmare-free.