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  1. @Loba what is point of using it if I will lose after quiting?
  2. Also why is that pubic hair grows so thick but not facial hair?
  3. @somegirl here is proper picture of this cutie ? He's damn hot ?
  4. Nope it's one my favourite actors in Bollywood. He is sort of my idol.
  5. @Preety_India crush culture makes me wanna spill my guts out. ? I know what you doing trying to get me to purse ya.... Lol ?
  6. @Preety_India yeah it's really hard u know when someone you feel heavily invested into doesn't return the same. I mean 50% of the love songs are about one sided. I feel like tho I can relate with the songs better now as a positive impact ??
  7. Ok bro. Do you think 5'10 is a tall height? Do women in general find it tall in your circle?
  8. @ValiantSalvatore thanks ? Cheers ?
  9. @ValiantSalvatore I read your post. Honestly being a fine looking guy it really sucks to be a virgin at age 19?. Ok I will try to talk with them if they are staring. I also get scared if a girl looks at me while there are people around me. Once a girl was looking at me as if she is bewildered! As if I am a supersaiyan or something ??. Girlssssssss appppppproach us please ?.
  10. @PurpleTree lets approach culture!
  11. @somegirl honestly speaking ?️ I think if a girl likes someone. Period. And she doesn't not approach the person simply because it is a manly thing and it's convention, it is imo the stupidest thing ever! I don't know if it something egotistical or if girls wanna act like queens that they are no good without getting approached. What is it? Just because it is not common so one wouldn't do it? I think that is silly as hell. Relax girl! I am not bragging ? I not gonna get laid from this
  12. @something_else how tall? I am 5'10
  13. @Preety_India I don't wanna get attached but it just happens... Is it human nature? Don't all of us do that? Probably a fault of God
  14. Ok that brings some clarity But how do I know if they are looking because they are curious or they are drooling on me? I usually feel like their look is kinda seductive so that tells me that they like me.... But I can't say for sure
  15. @NoSelfSelf you are on fleek bruh!?
  16. @Gili Trawangan thank you sweetheart!?
  17. @NoSelfSelf man you stole my words from my mouth!
  18. @Preety_India exactly ????? Too much pain lol ?
  19. hear this track!!!! Mannnnn those who don't like Bollywood songs are fucking duckheads ? especially those who complain about not understanding the language. Try saying the same to kpop fan. This one will make you get you off you fookin seat and dance??
  20. oh yaar! This ma'am
  21. To all ? youngsters like me ?️ I simply wanna say that you should not fall in one sided love.... It's damaging. You can have a crush on someone but you should only take that forward if there is communication from the other side. Lol I hate fantasizing about people and shaping my future with them. ? It's a phase. Just get over it. Don't get attached you fool!
  22. I thought the exact same? She is alone, she is different, she is an empathizer, she is supportive. She turned out to be a bitch ?? My god! That's laughable