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  1. @Javfly33 Yeah that makes sense I didn't think about it like that actually.
  2. @Javfly33 Yeah I've heard that not watching the news can help. However isn't that like hiding from the bad things that are happening in life? Like if I avoid the news it's almost like I'm trying to avoid and hide from the bad things that are happening in this world.
  3. @Leo Gura Yeah it can be poisoning my mind to keep watching the news and media. Isn't the news and media the truth about what is going on in the world though? Like if the world really is tragic and life really is bad doesn't the news highlight and support that with facts everyday by what they report? The news talks about countless murders, accidents, suicides, mass shootings, serial killers and more tragedy's every single day. If I do the best I can to make my own life happy and meaningful, the news still supports the fact that life is a tragedy even when you try to do the best you can. I agree you should make your own life happy and meaningful but the news still shows that life is a tragic affair even when you try to. The news is almost highlighting and supporting with evidence every single day that the world is on fire.
  4. @royce Yeah I feel that it is a good representation of what is happening in the world when you have children honestly. It's like as soon as you have kids you just brought them in a messed up world where nobody cares about them there life and death won't matter much at all. Also, they will have to experience tragedy in this world like everyone else in some way shape and form. This world is so messed up and I feel like that quote is such a good representation of what you are doing when you have children.
  5. @Sabth Sadly it seems like a losing battle the world is already on fire anyway we are all just living through it.
  6. I've been questioning my existence and why I was even born since I have now realized how bad and evil the world is. Their is a quote that I now believe to be so true since I see it everywhere in the world which is "To bear children into this world is like carrying wood to a burning house". The fact that I'm just one person out of 8 billion people and that my existence means nothing. The fact that it doesn't matter if I'm here. People die everyday and the world doesn't stop for them and the same thing will happen with me. Here are some things that have shown me how bad the world is 1. The Parkland Shooter who killed 17 people and who attempted to kill 17 more at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. 2. The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooter who killed 20 first graders and six employees at Sandy Hook Elementary then he killed himself. 3. The News literally talks about all the Tragedies every single day of other people who have died tragically whether that be from a murder, accident, disease or something else. 4. The fact that there are countless murders, rapist, robbers, looters and terrorist in the world and no matter how many individual you lock up it will never stop. 5. The fact that so many people can die young and the world doesn't stop at all it's just another tragedy. For example I saw on the news there were two young kids who went out onto frozen ice near there house. The ice broke and they died as their family members couldn't get to them in time. 6. The fact that there are countless mass shooters and evil people in this world who will kill anyone and not care. I just don't understand why I was born into this evil world.
  7. In this video Leo broke down Trump in spiral dynamics. In 1:21 of the video Leo also stated the fact that Trump doesn't care about anyone not even his own family members. I don't disagree with what Leo is saying. However my question is if politics is suppose to be about public service and serving the people if he doesn't care about anyone but himself then is he in politics just to have power and not actually to be a public servant? Is he running to be President just to have power and not actually be a public servant? What is the reason he is in politics and why is he running for president if he doesn't care about anyone but himself?
  8. @Leo Gura Okay well my skills are in social media and marketing. So I can build a portfolio in social media and marketing by doing small personal projects to add to my portfolio? I can possibly do projects online on sites like canva to add to my portfolio then? Is this what you mean when you are talking about building a portfolio of small personal projects?
  9. @Nemra Is this in responses to what Leo said about building personal projects?
  10. @Nemra No I have currently just been applying for full time positions not internships yet.
  11. @Leo Gura Okay that makes sense. Well how do I actually get a position that way I am able to build a good portfolio of work? Do you mean getting internship? If you don't mean by getting an internship and by getting a regular position I feel like it's difficult because to get a good portfolio of work I have to get a position but I am having a hard time finding a position right now.
  12. I graduated and got my Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Media. It's been about a year and three months since then and I still haven't been able to find a job in my field with my degree. I didn't have any internships while I was in college. I went back to school when I graduated and got a certificate in social media marketing to further my education to try and strengthen my resume. Also, I got a Digital Marketing Certificate online as well to build my resume. I don't know why I can't find a job in my field. I apply everyday on Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor and Handshake for the newest jobs available in my field. I have went on a lot of interviews but I still don't get offered a position. I don't know what to do as I have applied to hundreds of positions in my field and still haven't gotten a job. I was thinking about going back to get a Master's Degree but if I do I will probably get it in a more specialized field since my Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Media is pretty broad. I would like some advice on what I can do to find a job in my field? Should I look at other job websites? What should I change?
  13. I use to go out to bars with one of my friends regularly. We would usually go out on Fridays. However I haven't went out to bars with him in a while and that is because I am nervous about someone trying to start a physical confrontation with me and then I am going to have to really put my hands on someone. When I was going out to these places with my friend there were three different situations that I remember that happened. All three situations had to do with guys who had initiated some type of verbal confrontations with me and if I didn't have the wisdom to just walk away from all the situations with my friend like I did. They would have escalated into real physical fights with all three of these guys. I am also upset to because I feel like in these situations I had just walked away to avoid the confrontations but I didn't really stand up for myself verbally the way I wanted to. However that was only to avoid a physical fight with all three of these people so I didn't get into any legal trouble. All three of these situations had to do with some crazy, psycho dude and If I didn't just walk away like I did they would have escalated into physical fights. What should I do because I want to go out to bars still but I also don't want to get into a physical fight which is what I fear is going to happen.
  14. You're missing my point me not wanting to have children has nothing to do with me not feeling confident in raising them. It has do the fact that the world is so horrible it doesn't matter how much you try to protect and save them they will go through a lot of pain and suffering because that is just how life is. It has nothing to do with me not feeling confident in raising them it has to do with the fact that the world is so bad things like what I mentioned in my original post could happen to them.
  15. That's true but it doesn't change the fact of how reality is. Their is so much suffering and pain that happens. Life is a very tragic thing to experience as everyone will go through something bad in life. No matter your situation that is the truth of life.