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  1. I am in the process of trying to figure out what my life purpose is. I want to have a life purpose that I believe in so much and that I am passionate about that I will bleed and even die for it. I watched Leo's video called "Cause & Purpose- What are you willing to bleed for?" which gave me some useful information to find a purpose like this. I would still like some additional advice on how I can figure this out. Also, the video below is of UFC fighter Dustin Poirier and I shared this video because he seems to have found a purpose like this. He seems like a person who has found a life purpose that he is willing to bleed and even die for as he even says it the clip below at one point. I linked this clip in my post below because he Is a great example of someone who has the type of life purpose that I want to have.
  2. @Leo Gura thanks for the advice, will do! Also, I made another post and would really appreciate it if you could respond to that one if you have the time.
  3. In Life Advice For Young People Part 1 there is a part in the video at 30:40-36:16 where Leo talks about following your passions and creating a life purpose for yourself. To summarize a little bit of what is said in this part he talks about having something in your life your deeply passionate about multiple things. Also, you wanna hone your passion down to a few things you wanna devote your life to. He talks about creating a career for yourself and beyond that a life purpose for yourself. The life purpose is something that's gonna be the fuel for the rest of your life that explains why your going to work and that somehow ties in with your deepest passions about life. He talked about exploring things and following your passions. I wanted to clarify and make sure I got what he meant when he talked about finding passion for a few things. So we should find a few things that we wanna devote our life to. Our life purpose we choose is the thing that we are the most passionate about. Also, we should have two other things in our life that we are really passionate about that we wanna put time into as well. For example I am thinking it should be like this below. Life purpose- the thing that we are the most passionate about in life. The thing that's gonna be the fuel for the rest of our life that explains why where going to work Two other passions- two things that we are really passionate about as well and that we also wanna devote time to but they aren't our life purpose. I am currently working on figuring out my deepest passions and creating this for myself. I want to make sure I am clear what Leo meant when he talked about this in the video. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. When I came to the realization video games were a waste of my time I stopped playing for four years. However, last year I decided I wanted to start streaming on twitch so I started playing again. However, I found myself not just playing video games when I was streaming but also playing meaningless games that had no benefit and that were just a waste of my time. I stopped streaming and playing altogether because I felt like I was wasting to much time playing meaningless games that I wasn't even streaming sometimes. It's been a year since I have stopped playing. However, I am afraid I will fall back into the trap of playing video games again and wasting my precious free time. How can I make sure that I will never fall back into the trap of wasting my time playing?
  5. @BipolarGrowth I'm gonna be honest I'm kind of confused how this relates to my question?
  6. I am on the journey right now of finding my life purpose. I would like to know what the difference is between a career and a life purpose. When I do find the thing that I want to be my life purpose I want to know what is the difference between just having it be my career and having it be my life purpose. I am wondering what defines and makes something be your life purpose vs just having a career. What are the things that clearly define something as being your life purpose.
  7. The first two were fantastic but I would love to get more information in another video of the series.
  8. I watched the two life advice for young people videos that you have made and they were extremely helpful as I was able to gain a lot of great information. I would love it if you made a part 3 to the series. I would like the video to give more information about how to live life.
  9. I am trying to build my dream life and I already know two things should be included in that like my life purpose and a great relationship. However, I am trying to figure out what other things should be included if a person is trying to build their dream life? What other aspects of a person's life or material things should a person focus on in they are trying to build their dream life? I recently saw a story about Justin Bieber who built his dream car which was a Custom Futuristic Rolls Royce. I am wondering if material things like this should be focused on to build my dream life? Also, what other aspects of a person's life should someone focus on to build their dream life?